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  1. Crypto paid me well too ......this hodl to hodl is cultish in practice. Cheers to a bull run!!
  2. Yeah okay how many have called lower? I will reiterate this is not the bottom it will go lower still!!
  3. Willing to bet SBI is a non event money can be made shorting just like it can going long. The worst thing that happened to Crypto was regulation and futures from a short term perspective. Both killed and will continue to kill any chance of gains the space is used too.
  4. Mr.Thoraeus I'm quoting someone ask who said BTC will drop to $4000-$4500 why would you hodl if you truly though your investment was going to drop another 25-50%? He said taxes! Yes, I'm in 50% cash, I think the market goes lower. Every penny at this price is 2.5%!!
  5. Yes, but if you followed my posts you would see I sold at .59, bought at .501, sold at .56 bought at .487, sold 50% @ .491 Im long on XRP but not blind why hodl when the market is clearly going to drop unless your tax liability is truly that great or your stack that huge.
  6. If you dont think it was a bubble that is fine I firmly believe it was. Enjoy the hodl as this will continue to drop (this=cryptospace) for the foreseeable future. Better off in cash and at least increase ypur position. Ive only said that a million times.......but I suppose that is FUD too
  7. A huge reason why crypto has such a uphill battle to ever be legitimate. Does your Fidelity account get hacked? Does your stock get stolen? Do you fear losing your retirement? No, Nope, Never!
  8. We can all find what we want by Googling I believe investment is waning and you believe it is increasing I guess we will see.
  9. If you did get in that early that your tax liability is far greater than a 25-50% of your current investment than kudos. That is rare!
  10. I already touched upon the new hedged funds opening money is entering the space at a slower rate than 2017 or beginning of 2018 things have "cooled off" but that is fine if you believe the market is ready for take off again rocket .gif away.
  11. I'm not adding anything because I believe the market goes lower I don't think the bottom has been found.
  12. You are singling out coins. It was easy to see the market excitement last year, individual coin runs while others did not, and a growing expansion EVERYWHERE. You do not see that now. There are no individual coin runs, there is shrinkage in many areas, more exchanges than ever (profits traders), but interest has waned even in the ultra hot Asian countries (sans Japan). 9 crypto hedge funds closed, 10% more funds expected to close by EOY, this isn't the MUST GET IN space it was last year.
  13. If you really believe the market is going to take another 25-50% scalp which would cause you to lose similar amounts percentage wise in your XRP holdings! Why would you post the statement below? Is it pride or do you not really believe the market will fall? You could easily flip and increase your Zerps I'm confused by your logic here. It is like saying "I know the stock will go down, but I'm going to hold anyway and wait it out just because" why wouldn't you flip if you believe the above post?
  14. It has already come in and much of it has left! There is no guarantee the market rises again this is a unique time definitely uncharted territory.
  15. Not on onboard this train post retail bubble busting bear markets don't go away easily. I see no catalyst to cause a rise in the market.
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