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  1. Crypto paid me well too ......this hodl to hodl is cultish in practice. Cheers to a bull run!!
  2. Yeah okay how many have called lower? I will reiterate this is not the bottom it will go lower still!!
  3. Willing to bet SBI is a non event money can be made shorting just like it can going long. The worst thing that happened to Crypto was regulation and futures from a short term perspective. Both killed and will continue to kill any chance of gains the space is used too.
  4. Mr.Thoraeus I'm quoting someone ask who said BTC will drop to $4000-$4500 why would you hodl if you truly though your investment was going to drop another 25-50%? He said taxes! Yes, I'm in 50% cash, I think the market goes lower. Every penny at this price is 2.5%!!
  5. Yes, but if you followed my posts you would see I sold at .59, bought at .501, sold at .56 bought at .487, sold 50% @ .491 Im long on XRP but not blind why hodl when the market is clearly going to drop unless your tax liability is truly that great or your stack that huge.
  6. If you dont think it was a bubble that is fine I firmly believe it was. Enjoy the hodl as this will continue to drop (this=cryptospace) for the foreseeable future. Better off in cash and at least increase ypur position. Ive only said that a million times.......but I suppose that is FUD too
  7. A huge reason why crypto has such a uphill battle to ever be legitimate. Does your Fidelity account get hacked? Does your stock get stolen? Do you fear losing your retirement? No, Nope, Never!
  8. We can all find what we want by Googling I believe investment is waning and you believe it is increasing I guess we will see.
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