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  1. Mods_are_tyrants

    Who bought XRP at $3.84?

    People have been buying all year (HODLERS) thinking they are buying a dip.
  2. If Tether crumbles goodnight Irene then this bear market will become Grizzly.
  3. Mods_are_tyrants

    Bithumb hacked this morning

    How does it increase in price then? I think it breaks 5900 before it sees 8000.
  4. Mods_are_tyrants

    Bithumb hacked this morning

    The problem is it is another HACK how can institutions come to the space when (hacker bob) can come and steal your money. This doesn't happen in traditional investing! Just another black eye for the cutting edge crypto market. I don't see how the market doesn't fall after this.
  5. Mods_are_tyrants

    Bithumb hacked this morning

    If true I'm sure the dip will continue once news continues to spread...…...as it usually does.
  6. Where do you see that? Project much? That would be the hodl mentality buy, buy, buy, buy and never position trade, flip, of dca. I posted last week when I flipped last week .595 to .505, but HODL.
  7. Mods_are_tyrants

    Why no more Major Partnership Announcements until 200?

    Beating my dead horse, but they don't have to announce a single thing and we should see the increase in trading volume if xRapid at some point.
  8. I would spend time going through your post line item by line item, but you and I are similar. YOU just admitted being a position trader NOT A HODL'er, so that is fine by me. We may have different techniques and anytime you want to talk commodities or biotechs I'm all ears (45yrs+ been trading a long time myself as well). I just wanted to hear you say TRADER :) I fully understand what you are doing. Good job making $$$$.
  9. Like that makes any differnce on a falling or stagnant price. (But sounds cool)
  10. If a weak market is a sign to buy more than go for it I prefer to be in cash at the sign of weakness. We all would have been much better off to "NOT" follow that mindset and just chill instead of trying to catch the endless bottom (even if some of us have done okay).
  11. I wanted to post last night how horrible the market is it was like 900 million BTC and 3.5 billion ALT coin volume if that doesn't scream "not interested" I don't know what does. The retail volume is just horrid...…….wouldn't take much to see BTC break 5900.
  12. Mods_are_tyrants

    Bitcoin is useless and dirty according to BIS

    I did not like how that article read! Very much felt like the theme was a lumping of crypto together like one big great, but flawed, and not capable technology. Clearly one that is incapable of being a global payment provider. Not encouraging
  13. If I felt like debating I would. The post is dream wishing "basal 3 compliant" its a grading system that means diddly dink in the real world. Relevant how to real world applications of XRP usage? There is no credit crunch that ship sailed years ago maybe in 10-15 years we can talk about that again. WU isnt going anywhere 500k locations how else does the money get in your hand? The infrastructure they built is the perk. Until all banks can send money to all banks in minutes easily and they have banks in remote locations (just like WU) I dont see the threat many years away Amazon is a horrible analogy. We just wait and see if Brad is right will banks sign or not he said they were EoY 2018. Let's see if he will be right!!
  14. Mods_are_tyrants

    The Long HODL

    Only on paper.
  15. Mods_are_tyrants

    We are all Doooomed

    You for rockets and me for depressing posts about lack of volume lack of interest in the crypto market.