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  1. @karlos, I have a serious question. Is copy and pasting the text of the article not allowed? Is this for DMCA rules. I didnt even think about that part. I apologize as I just thought the article and interview was very informative. I understand now why we can only provide the link. Cheers
  2. I dont have date for when the interview took place but the article date is August 14th and we know that Dilip Rao was in Shanghai on July 8th and 9th
  3. http://www.thecorporatetreasurer.com/Article/ripple-is-making-waves-but-will-it-become-a-tsunami/438916 This article is from CorporateTreasurer.com but due to having to register, I thought I would just paste the article text. I will leave it up to @karlos to decide if it stays. It has some very interesting quotes from Ripple employees. The text of article is below- <snip>
  4. This is a great idea. As I often am trying to guage the sentiment and emotions of traders/investors to help with me with my trades. This type of tool will only add to that. What further steps need to be taken to achieve this tool?
  5. Thanks CG!! Yes, it was a pleasure to talk with Teddy. He reassured me that he wouldnt write just a fluff piece and focus on just the gains of coins but write an article that shared both positives of crypto and negatives. I think he did a great job by outlining the risks and highlighting the real world use cases. If we want mainstream, I think it is important to try to protect the new investors as much as possible. Regulations will be less stringent if the masses arent demolished in the beginning. Great PR for Ripple and a very well done piece by all the contributors.Hope all is well with you
  6. Great article and Teddy Wayne did a superb job. He outlined both the positives and negatives of Crypto and gave a very unbiased view. I was glad to have participated for this article and am glad he highlighted Ripple as having real world use case. He did a great job. This was Teddy Wayne's email to me making me aware that the article went live and letting me know that it will hopefully be going to the print edition. At long last, the article is up: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/03/style/what-is-cryptocurrency.html It won't be in print this weekend, I'm told, but I imagine it will be soon. Thanks again for your quotes. Best, Teddy
  7. Buy bitcoin on coinbase with credit card, send bitcoin to your account on kraken and then buy xrp with your bitcoin.
  8. 5 years. In 1989 it took a complex system to write and send an email. It also took 3 days for that email to arrive. The internet wasnt adopted yet and in a quick 25 years, a person can now complete that process with the swipe of their finger on their phone..that is considered exponential growth. Now take that same process and think of virtual currency, where it started and where it is today, will it take 25 years? No, because the internet is already here and used, its just missing its third part..it has things, it has information/data..now it just needs value...Money completes the triangle and with the internet creates expontential growth. The ILP is positioning itself to become the hub/the internet of money..the protocol that allows all blockchains, networks, ledgers (private or public) to connect..the Internet of Value is born...5 years and then the real boom hits
  9. After doing some research, it seems Corda is built perfectly to work with Ripple. Read this and let me know what you think? Am I missing something https://medium.com/chain-cloud-company-blog/a-first-look-at-r3-corda-released-yesterday-7a62a298c43f
  10. Coindesk is running a state of blockchain survey 2017. There is some great questions and also Ripple related questions. Check it out and complete the survey. Ripple also tweeted about it. http://www.coindesk.com/state-of-blockchain-survey-the-future-of-bitcoin-ethereum-and-icos/
  11. I just read your post and communication on reddit. Quick question? In the beginning of the post, some people speculated about a Ripple/R3 partnership and then you and ryan started to talk about Codius and the need for Ripple to either bring back Codius or develop a smart contract system for Ripple. My question is this, If Ripple and R3 were actually talking about partnership and how the SBI shareholders report outlined SBI plan and seemed to focus on Ripple and R3, why wouldnt Ripple just adopt Corda to handle the smart contracts, considering R3 and Corda and Ripple were mentioned so much in the SBI report?
  12. I saw that but I also try to give the newbies the benefit of the doubt. We need them as much as they need us. A lot of new people coming in with an agenda. Either getting worried about XRP or hoping to spread enough FUD to drive the price down so they can buy in lower. Cheers
  13. Excuse me...this is a regulated and compliant website. We cant just have anyone declare what the qoute of the day is. How do I know Hodor read every single post and zerpchat statement today? If we just allow any one person to declare "Quote of the Day" we will embark on complete and utter chaos. The governing body needs to stop this at once, for if we go down this lawless chaotic path, we shall never return. Ps...its a great quote. I enjoyed it very much
  14. Im not so sure you completely understand Ripple, Xrp or ILP, but you are definitely entitled to your opinion. Ripple software is already implemented and commercial roll out expected in Japan this year. SBI building the infrastructure and almost ready to launch the first bank backed virtual currency exchange, in which SBI will focus on XRP to build liquidity in regional areas, as SBI looks to become regional liquidity provider, with future expansion of SBI Max to build global liquidity and position SBI into Global liquidity provider. Bank of England acknowledging Blockchain and DLT have limitations in their ability for real time settlement, but also acknowledge that Ripple and ILP tested with success and one of the points to look further into is the lack of liquidity, which hopefully will be addressed. When it comes to fundamentals, proof of concept,piloting,testing phases, implementation, real use case and commercial adoption, ETH isnt even in the same ballpark. Also, knowing that sometime this year or early next year, that xrp has been used in cross border payments and its announced, well overcoming ETHs marketcap wont be a worry, as ETH isn't even close to real world use, except if you consider ICO's, which also showed ETHs limitations. Cheers
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