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  1. I thought I had a decent amount for someone who missed when XRP was pennies but just check it today and notice I dropped. This is the first time I have when down on the list since Mar 18 and I have been buying every month. I guess its good news that adoption is happening.
  2. I sent an email and I can purchase $2000 worth a day. If you make a lot more than me maybe they will give you an even higher amount.
  3. You purchase xrp at the price listed when you say buy. It does take a week until you can transfer or sell but if your holding that really doesn’t matter. 1.4% fee but price locked in instantly. I love uphold.
  4. I know, its a little early as theirs no chance I start selling at these prices. Just curios.
  5. I found the rates but with continued buying of coins not sure if that messes up the chart at all or after a year I can sell the coins I bought in that month an avoid the higher rate.
  6. Sorry about that almost forgot Im a US citizen. The real tricky part is I am moving to Germany in 4 months but not looking to be a german resident. Think im really going to have to CPA up at that point.
  7. So I started buying XRP in April and kept it up until now. I know after a year you the capital gains tax goes way down but my question is say I want to sell XRP come May of the next year. Can I sell the portion of XPR I bought in April and avoid larger tax rate? I know its after a year just not sure how they would track how much I bought and when and were. Thanks
  8. Hopefully your kid gets a scholarship and you dont have to spend any zerps. Double win.
  9. So im military stationed in a different country than my wife lives in doing as much as I can. Family issues have put us in this situation and I am already sending as much as I can afford in my attempt to fund 2 households. Please dont judge when you have no idea what my situation is, pretty ignorant to kick a man when hes down.
  10. Top 10% is between 1-10, I didnt specify which one of thoughs I am just that its in the top 10%. I appriciate everyone worried about my amount of zerps but this post was about informing your signicant other about your purchases.
  11. So I have an ok amount of XRP, in the top 10% but I have not said a word to her about crypto or the money I have invested in it. Im hoping that in 2 or three years I can let her know we are multi millionaires and she cant quit her job she hates so much. I think it would be one of the greatest surprises I could give her is the freedom to live and do something she wants to do regardless of how much she or I made. I know she wouldnt be mad at me for it I just want it to be all at once so she doesnt sit and watch it like I do. Anyone else hoping to surprise there spouse one day?
  12. I dont think you understand, you have no idea how much XRP some people own and what there goals are. I dont need to be a billionaire so I really dont care. I would be debtless and very well off at $500. Everyone is from different walks of life, hold various amounts of xrp, and do not need to be billionaires.
  13. Hold for what. Cash it out I’m done.
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