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  1. pwrhungry

    Does anyone else not tell there significant other?

    Hopefully your kid gets a scholarship and you dont have to spend any zerps. Double win.
  2. pwrhungry

    Does anyone else not tell there significant other?

    So im military stationed in a different country than my wife lives in doing as much as I can. Family issues have put us in this situation and I am already sending as much as I can afford in my attempt to fund 2 households. Please dont judge when you have no idea what my situation is, pretty ignorant to kick a man when hes down.
  3. pwrhungry

    Does anyone else not tell there significant other?

    Top 10% is between 1-10, I didnt specify which one of thoughs I am just that its in the top 10%. I appriciate everyone worried about my amount of zerps but this post was about informing your signicant other about your purchases.
  4. pwrhungry

    Does anyone else not tell there significant other?

    My wife already won the lotto, she got me 😃
  5. So I have an ok amount of XRP, in the top 10% but I have not said a word to her about crypto or the money I have invested in it. Im hoping that in 2 or three years I can let her know we are multi millionaires and she cant quit her job she hates so much. I think it would be one of the greatest surprises I could give her is the freedom to live and do something she wants to do regardless of how much she or I made. I know she wouldnt be mad at me for it I just want it to be all at once so she doesnt sit and watch it like I do. Anyone else hoping to surprise there spouse one day?
  6. pwrhungry

    WWYD If We Hit The Moon

    I dont think you understand, you have no idea how much XRP some people own and what there goals are. I dont need to be a billionaire so I really dont care. I would be debtless and very well off at $500. Everyone is from different walks of life, hold various amounts of xrp, and do not need to be billionaires.
  7. pwrhungry

    WWYD If We Hit The Moon

    Hold for what. Cash it out I’m done.
  8. pwrhungry

    WWYD If We Hit The Moon

    $500+ cash out and me and the wife never work again.
  9. pwrhungry


    So i bought 100 xrp using my bank account to try it out before buying a larger amount. I did this 2 days ago but what worries me is that even though it does show my 100 xrp my bank account does not show a transaction pending. I messaged uphold and they said something about the weekend and holiday but I always see the transactions. Anyone else experience this?
  10. So for us uneducated souls what am I looks at? I see three different charts with red and green but they all look different. If I had to guess it looks like it could go up, down, or stay the same, 😂 If anyone could provide a simple explanation it would be greatly appriciated.
  11. Hello all, I understand how to purchase but how do I transfer my XRP to my ledger nano S on Uphold. I didnt see a youtube video yet and since there are no do-overs I really dont want to mess this up. So excited to be done with coinbase.
  12. Im always nervous about the stupid way we have to buy XRP but now I know why so many do not even try. I bought $550 ETH on coinbase, used the copy and paste feature on binance to send it there. I checked the first 2 digits and last 2 like I have for many transactions before then the email I receive from coinbase tells me that I haven't previously used this address. I review the address and some info in the middle is different, wtf just happened and is there anything I can do. I cant figure out how most the address is the same with info in the middle jacked up (thinking I accidently clicked on an address that wasn't etherium). I feel sick to my stomach, is there anything I can possibly do to fix this?
  13. pwrhungry

    A Snoop Dogg Discussion

    Now this racist POS is calling Kayne white because apparently being white is a bad thing. Why is Such a seemingly good/smart company paying for this loser to represent it. Its not to late, eat the loss and pay a DJ. Snoop, who once shot President Donald Trump in the head in a music video, obviously isn't feeling Kanye's political views." That’s mighty white of u Kanye. !***** if u don’t snap out of it," Snoop wrote adding: "Get out part 2." crackhead snoop story
  14. pwrhungry

    Are members here still buying ?

    I invest every chance I can but very new to the game, less then 2 months. My goal is 10k shares and HODL. I dont make alot and will not go into debt to buy. I know I know i shoulda coulda woulda. My brother told me about XRP, did research and solidly beleive this is the next google/amazon. Hope and can retire in 5 years but we will see.