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  1. Fairplay, stack your zerps high right now my friend. Be well
  2. Lol I feel that this was probably written late night with a satarical undertone, but regardless I think that is hilarious and quite honestly I think the "**** Coin Paper" is fantastic.
  3. You're absolutely right mate, we do need more separation in this respect and also to educate people new to the community. I've updated this now. Thanks for your feedback it's much appreciated.
  4. Hey Guys, Got a whole bunch of XRP community T-Shirts available over at King Kong Crypto. Would be great to get some feedback on the unique designs too. Much love to XRP community already, especially to the Youtubers, Instagram influencers and blogs that have featured our designs already, you guys are amazing. Here's the link to the crypto merchandise store. https://kingkongcrypto.com/ Free Shipping Worldwide too Below are some XRP T-Shirt examples: Thanks for your time folks
  5. Hahaha. You get the odd grump, most people here are pretty down to earth it's a sweet community. I think we most definitely do it, get the lurkers in haha.
  6. Don't think anything dedicated but there is a few of us lurking. You could start a kiwi club haha yea ill put an "ad" for my business and start my own thread in the same breath, I think that'll really kick the hive with some of these guys
  7. Good sht, me too. is there a kiwi crypto community on here?
  8. Thanks! I do appreciate the feedback
  9. Well not really man, my name here is my real name too which is more than most people can say. I've just quit my full-time job to dedicate all my time to cypto investing, trading, and this is just one way for me to support that. The designs on the site are almost all my own, and I'm continuing to engage a more humorous connection with people who are just learning about crypto. People are enjoying my designs, buying, and supporting the store. What you may find bulls**t is actually real s**t. It's kinda sad you don't really see that but I guess haters are always going to be just that. Peace
  10. You a kiwi Ryan? Yea man, born and raised
  11. I feel you, wait to XRP is over $1 again
  12. Its all yours my dude, I'll leave the 50% off up for the weekend
  13. Thanks for the support man, hope you enjoy
  14. Thanks man, working on some more payment methods in the near future, just on the waiting list for bitcoin payment at least, thanks for the support though, just want to get some more of my designs out there
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