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    seamus2050 reacted to Tehol_Beddict in OneZero and it's many ties to Ripple/xrp/crypto   
    OneZero may be the largest bridge between crypto and financial institutions.
    Aside from the symbol for it's liquidity hub looking oddly like Ripple's logo (and one of XRP's 3 current logos?) and a transaction map that looks oddly like Ripple's node topology map... There are some interesting things to note.

    Yesterday, Broctagon Prime announced their a Crypto Liquidity Partnership Between Broctagon Prime and OneZero Financial. This included XRP:

    Before we dive into some more connections, what is OneZero? It's a liquidity hub that connects the liquidity providers below over the six major protocols/connectors listed (basically protocols that already much of financial world is already connected to:

    They also have these companies as ecosystem partners (there's some overlap):

    This includes liquidity providers like Integral, which already list XRP:
    Which is a major liquidity provider and pricing provider to Banks:

    and LMAX which already lists xrp:

    and Alpha and CFH clearing, both owned by PayTech which reported some unexplained exposure to crypto in a recent earnings release. 

    The article mentions Ripple but I assume their speculation is as good as mine:



    and GMO which already lists... XRP (and is opening up in the UK in addition to Japan):

    And ADS Securities which has a platform called OREX that... already lists XRP:

    and Doo Tech which trades crypto (can't find site):

    and exchanges that don't say what they do or have limited info:

    and Swissquote which lists XRP:

    and Traders Securities which has a company called Nextop that has this thingy:

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    seamus2050 reacted to PunishmentOfLuxury in Analysis of Ripple's XRP sales   
    Terrific analysis - many thanks!
    Temporarily halting sales when the price was looking vulnerable to a further plunge - how is that not price manipulation by Ripple? I'm sad to have to say that, having defended Ripple against the charge of manipulation on many occasions, but if it walks like a duck ...
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