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  1. If its labeled a security it might drop to .o4 but...would that be short term...meaning banks are still going to use xrp more and more ..so theoretically value would go back up ? If its labeled as not a security...it will mini moon in my opinion
  2. XRP is dropping like a deuce on a sunday morning.... Looks like 3 lawsuits claiming xrp is a security. HOw long until SEC makes a announcement?
  3. XRP will be on Genesis.. Kraken is not the place you want you're xrp on moon day...I learned that the hard way back in January...The site was pretty much down for the entire 3 days xrp took flight. At this point Coibase needs xrp more then xrp needs coinbase...again plenty of coins are+ $5 without the coinbase listing and have plenty of trust XRP is #3 in that group you are referring too.XRP is also the only coin in that same group..that is not on Coinbase.At some point people will take notice xrp must be a pretty damn good investment .That being said..we all know what will hap
  4. We are here for XRP. BG is saying "Hey XRP is going to start being used" This is good news for us. As far as the issue of XRP / security/Coinbase ..Adding XRP to Coinbase would be great but there are plenty of coins with values $5 and above that are not on coinbase.XRP volume is what is needed.
  5. ..yes you can wire 80mil into a chase account....the best way to do it would be with the SBI app.. setup a bank account with SBI..use the app to transfer you're xrp into fiat ..then wire the $80mil to your Shltty chase.account..hypothetically that is.. anything else ?
  6. LOL If you had 80m to dump...I am sure you would not be using this forum for advice. Keep trolling though... im sure someone will bite
  7. UK Mates also might want to try www.CoinEx.com They were originally China based until the Crack downs there..Now they are based in UK. Fees are very low and they also have there own coin, CET, that you can use to pay trading fees.They air drop lots of new coins for free based on how many CET coins you have. When they listed XRP I got 40k free CET based on my XRP balance on the day of the air drop..its worth about $360 right now ! I withdrew all my XRP from www.CoinEx.com and I am HODL the CET as it really is only going to go up in value. Even if you only get on the exchange to buy some CET i
  8. https://ripple.com/dev-blog/rippled-version-1-0-0/ rippled version 1.0.0 May 31, 2018 | Ryan Young Today, after almost 6 years of hard work, Ripple is very pleased to announce the release of rippled version 1.0.0. The rippled v1.0.0 release includes incremental improvements to several previously released features. v1.0.0 also symbolizes the growing maturity of the software and the increased stability of the decentralized, growing network of nodes that are running the software all around the world. Moving forward, rippled will continue to use semantic versioning (MAJOR.MINOR
  9. XRP is everywhere. Currencies direct made the announcement about using XRP "...the use of XRP is a game changer, making payments near-immediate and significantly improving service to our customers.".....not me Currencies Direct website Is the one stating : "Opening overseas bank accounts doesn’t need to be a barrier to cross-border trade.Our multi-currency accounts are a simple and cost-effective solution for scaling your business internationally. With a more efficient process for converting revenue from marketplaces like AMAZON you have greater control over the timing and cost of
  10. Ummmm...what tool will they be using to "deal with the conversion rates when an online seller sells something" ? My 2zerps are on xrp Statement from Direct Currencies : "making payments NEAR-IMMEDIATE* and significantly IMPROVING* service to our customers." if that doesn't sound like they are using xrp then not sure what does.
  11. Really Really Good news for XRP !!! Currencies Direct completes successful pilot of XRP for FX payments Brian Harris, Chief Product Officer at Currencies Direct, said of the move “our trial with XRP was a resounding success. We’re currently assessing our next steps, but the evidence we’ve gathered indicates that the use of XRP is a game changer, making payments near-immediate and significantly improving service to our customers.” “Our goal is to offer the best possible service. We believe that utilising cryptocurrencies in this way - as a transfer of value, rather than as a store
  12. Not sure anyone knew this .. but Kraken Exchange and Coinbase Exchange offices are located at the same adress...Kraken lists XRP...Coinbase does not ...yet? https://twitter.com/BearableGirl123
  13. looks like some online sleuths are finding things in the bearablegirl123 pic posted on twitter.....looks like maybe coinbase..
  14. wonder what the code is...some numbers on the bottom of gumball machine too
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