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  1. @Hodor, that's a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm from Germany, otherwise I would absolutely support the cause. Because I see tremendous potential in blockchain technology. I wish you much success. Greetings hen111
  2. I came to Rippel by accident. A work colleague told me during the break of IOTA. After that, I informed myself on the internet for a week. Among other things, I have read a lot about ripple. And the more I read about Rippel, the more I was convinced that Rippel prevails. That's how I came to Rippel.
  3. Gottfried Leibbrandt wird im Juni von Swift, dem grenzüberschreitenden Zahlungssystem, zurücktreten, nachdem er sieben Jahre lang ein Schlüsselelement der globalen wirtschaftlichen Infrastruktur durch Krisen vom Hacken bis hin zu Sanktionen gegen iranische Banken geführt hatte.
  4. Why should not we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? With everything included. Jesus Christ also got gifts for the birth. And for that time they were very valuable (gold, frankincense and myrrh). Like every one of us, we go to church today at 6 pm. Afterwards we distribute a warm meal to the homeless and give you a present. We show you our respect. And this has been a tradition for many years. In these senses, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Greetings from the Old Continent.
  5. I'm not worried. I am positive. Everything under 0.30 was a price for me to buy. Now I lean back and geniuses. Let's see where we are in a year.
  6. Why should I entrust Mark Zuckerberg with my payment transactions? If I have ripple.
  7. Everything big has started small! But this is not so small. It's the proof that it works. And the amount they send does not matter at all. And it was only one of those who wrote so far that he took part in the pilot project. There will certainly be some more.
  8. An example of Mercury FXs ! For Mercury FX’s part of the pilot, the London-based foreign exchange sent one donation of approximately $100 per day for seven days to a non-profit in Mexico called Mision Mexico that teaches children how to swim using surfing lessons. Instead of the donation going through the traditional correspondent banking system, the value was transmitted almost instantly via XRP and converted to Mexican pesos when it reached its destination. “I figured for us to use the XRP network to do that was to kill two birds with one stone,” said Constance, whose subsidiary Ethical Currencies is a Mision Mexico partner. "If anything had gone wrong it wouldn't have mattered terribly as we’d have just sent an extra donation to charity." https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelcastillo/2018/05/10/ripple-reveals-results-of-first-pilots-using-xrp-cryptocurrency/#743bfff9662d
  9. That's pretty good news. And savings of 40-70% on foreign exchange rates for the participating platforms. Who can say no to this. Another step in the right direction. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32084/ripple-claims-success-in-first-pilot-trials-of-xrp-for-cross-border-payments/payments
  10. While multiple news outlets pointed to a meeting between the SEC and CFTC this week, in a call with TheStreet, the SEC's Public Affairs Office denied that a meeting between the two agencies would take place. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/bitcoin/cryptocurrencies-will-be-regulated-but-by-whom-14581547
  11. For XRP, however, it is a major step toward becoming a mainstream digital asset ! https://themerkle.com/indian-exchange-koinex-lists-xrp-pairs-for-all-supported-currencies/
  12. Pending SBI Holdings Crypto Exchange To Spearhead Moon Landing For Ripple (XRP) ! https://ethereumworldnews.com/pending-sbi-holdings-crypto-exchange-to-spearhead-moon-landing-for-ripple-xrp/
  13. @AlexCobbwas faster https://ethereumworldnews.com/ripple-xrp-listed-also-on-the-zero-cost-cryptocurrency-trading-exchange-koinex/
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