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  1. Amsterdam is a very beautiful city and with a lot of culture! I would be for it too.
  2. Brad Garlinghouse as CEO should not resign! As long as one is not found guilty, one is innocent. Before the SEC lawsuit, nobody would have thought of conducting such a survey. As intended, we stand together in good and bad days. And that's how it should stay.
  3. So wie @nikb geschrieben hat. Du musst dich an Coinbase-Support wenden. Die müssten eigentlich deine XRP wieder zurückziehen können. Ein kleiner Tipp von mir. Wenn du wieder mal etwas verschickst, überprüfe die ersten 3 zahlen und die letzten 3 Zahlen, der Transaktion(Adresse). So mache ich es immer und da ging noch nie was schief.
  4. XRP rallies 30% as Ripple releases new CBDC report This is good news! https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/xrp-rallies-30-as-ripple-releases-new-cbdc-report/
  5. Maybe they couldn't accept the first comparison. Nobody knows anything about it! I hope that there is clarity after the comparison. I myself am positive. Even if everything looks different than good now. As the saying goes: in court and on the high seas you are in God's hands!
  6. Here is the article about it!----Grayscale dumps XRP: Here's where it's putting the cash https://cointelegraph.com/news/grayscale-dumps-xrp-here-s-where-it-s-putting-the-cash
  7. I am also of the opinion that there is a comparison. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/ripple-ceos-of-uphold-and-abra-accuse-sec-of-blunders-settlement-likely/
  8. I haven't sold and I won't sell. My feeling is that things are going well for Ripple. It's just my feeling And as the saying goes: all or nothing!
  9. I think it's starting! The SEC should get XRP! The SEC has done so much harm it should be punished for it, not rewarded.
  10. Why would people move their money that way? It has nothing to do with Ripple. Quite simply, you don't want to give the origin of the money to mush.
  11. I'm not very worried about that. How do you say it in Europe? Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked! The news is not nice, but finally the cards are on the table. Garlinghouse and his crew will fight in court. And I'm sure Ripple will win (XRP is not a security). That is of course my opinion. Or maybe they just have to pay a fine. All good! What I can't understand is, Ripple is such a good and healthy company, why are Ripple so many obstacles put in its way. I shouldn't be surprised if Ripple leaves the US next year. Every other country will be happy to have Ripple settle with you. For m
  12. @Hodor, that's a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm from Germany, otherwise I would absolutely support the cause. Because I see tremendous potential in blockchain technology. I wish you much success. Greetings hen111
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