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  1. When the network goes live we will be able to read more about it. I'm sure.
  2. That's exactly the case! I know some who do it that way. Buy slowly now, sell just before the snapshot. And made a good cut in the process.
  3. @Seulite In the video it looks very simple. I'm already looking forward to the start.
  4. I do not find it. Can you show me the way? link
  5. @Seoulite, explained very well. Level1 and Level2, you can get there. And level 3, you get there with time. You just have to read about it. And the professionals will definitely bring examples here. I'm sure.
  6. Helium coin mining is an interesting thing. It's always worth taking a look. 12-20 weeks delivery time is very long. But you can use the time to read up on helium coin mining. (https://www.helium.com) Bobcat Miner 300, cost (only) $ 429! If you want to make it a little cheaper at the beginning, you should look at this. NBR-0022 - HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner - 868MHz (EU865, RU864, IN865), Nebra! This hotspot miner is for Europe and costs as much as 300 euros. Here is a link where you can look for your place of residence and see how many hotspots are already there. https://explorer.helium.com/coverage#2.2/39.83/-65.58 2 friends and I want to build a ring in our town. We still have to wait for our hotspot miner to be delivered. I can't say more at the moment.
  7. Even KLAUS MARTIN LÖBER speaks about ripples. Who is Martin Löber: Klaus Martin Löber is Head of Supervision of the European Central Bank. In this role, he is responsible for the supervision of financial market infrastructures (payment systems, central securities depositories and central counterparties) as well as payment instruments and systems (such as card payment systems, credit transfers, direct debits or e-money systems). His remit includes the ECB's activities in EU and global regulatory policy, with a focus on the security and efficiency of payments and market infrastructures, including risk management and cyber resilience. https://xrprightnow.com/european-central-bank-speaking-on-new-forms-of-cross-currency-settlement-ripplenet/ Just like @richxrp wrote. Bridge currency like XRP that have set up corridors between different countries supported by cryptocurrency exchanges within each country.
  8. I intend to convert 50% to FXRP. I read a lot here and can understand a lot. And I'm also very excited about the start of the network. The way I see it so far, flare is going to be a big deal. I already know that I will no longer have XRP after the exchange. I have FXRP for that. And then, if I can earn passive income with FXRP, that's fine with me. And I would also like to say thank you to all of you who write here diligently. It is a great help to understand a lot.
  9. No, I haven't sold any XRP. And I'm not going to sell for the next 2 to 3 years either.
  10. Hello @ Slugger! I wouldn't sell. You invested at a high price. Remember, right now you only have book losses. Only when you sell are there real losses. When the SEC filed the lawsuit against Rippel, the first ones pronounced XRP dead. Has not occurred! The first exchanges stopped trading with XRP. The price has gone up! For now, let the lawsuit with the SEC be off the table. After that, you can still consider selling XRP. In the near future, Flare's network will start. XRP should also get a boost. And if I got that right, you can earn passive income even with XRP. https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/141-topics/
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