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  1. Gonna blow over and XRP is gonna take up the slack in an otherwise bloated offerings. just think about percentage gain.
  2. I clicked on the link that said thong pics. It was legit. 👍
  3. I got a hot $50 burning a hole in my pocket.
  4. Chewie, Thanks for asking. I looked very carefully at XRP before I bought. Considering the fundementals of the entire enterprise (Ripple), the competition, and the overall potential of crypto as a game changer on the financial landscape; I am Still extremely bullish. I have a split perspective. From the outside looking in: I see that crypto in general is still dark voodoo to the average investor. For a long time the process of aquiring it was obscure. Uphold and its ilk are making entry (buying) into the market much more straightforward, and I dont think we have felt the fu
  5. Truth is I dont have a dog in that fight. Just wasnt real fond of the attitude displayed. But, since you asked;
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