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  1. Gonna blow over and XRP is gonna take up the slack in an otherwise bloated offerings. just think about percentage gain.
  2. I clicked on the link that said thong pics. It was legit. 👍
  3. I got a hot $50 burning a hole in my pocket.
  4. Chewie, Thanks for asking. I looked very carefully at XRP before I bought. Considering the fundementals of the entire enterprise (Ripple), the competition, and the overall potential of crypto as a game changer on the financial landscape; I am Still extremely bullish. I have a split perspective. From the outside looking in: I see that crypto in general is still dark voodoo to the average investor. For a long time the process of aquiring it was obscure. Uphold and its ilk are making entry (buying) into the market much more straightforward, and I dont think we have felt the full impact of that improvement yet. The SEC security question, was a turn off to many potential new investors (warranted or not) , and now we seem to have answered that question, and cleared the fud plug on that issue. From the inside looking forward: I see Bakkt and Fidelity, etc. engagement with crypto as an undeniably positive signal. I dont think the unwashed hoards of normie investors are even following these announcments, and certainly not digesting all the news that we are privy to in the Zerpening. As for XRP, its direct integration with banks, imho, will launch it far beyond other coins in this space. The ignorance of buttcoin maximalists in regards to the power of the worldwide banking institutions amazes me. I actually respect the vision of a decentralized coin, but at some point, when the petuli and clouds of kush bud fade into the summer breeze, its time to face reality and adapt pragmatically. Final thought: What is your chance , dollar per dollar, of buying a winning lottery ticket in comparison with the potential of XRP? I put my chances at 50% I will take those odds on a million + all day long! Good luck Zerp Brothers.
  5. Truth is I dont have a dog in that fight. Just wasnt real fond of the attitude displayed. But, since you asked;
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