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  1. Any bank that puts it into production would have spent >$200k internal costs getting to that point. There is no way they are going to waste all that time and money and then use it for only 10k per month! They will a production corridor that has enough volume to make it worth their while, or not bother at all.
  2. I think the reason they don't mention Ripple is simple- because it is just back-end service. When two companies announce a new technology or service, they don't go into detail of saying which ISP they use, or which cloud provider will host the software because this all happens in the background and doesn't add any value to their product launch message. Potentially, this could be one reason Ripple have stopped making partnership announcements. i.e. ripple products are being used, but they don't get a share of the publicity because they didn't contribute to the product, just provided a back end service.
  3. The ATO class cryptocurrencies as an asset or property- not a security. Source: https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Gen/Tax-treatment-of-crypto-currencies-in-Australia---specifically-bitcoin/:
  4. Jackie Chiles - "Where'd you get that balm anyway?" Cosmo Kramer - "The Maestro" Jackie Chiles - "the WHO????"
  5. You sent about 10 people the PM so might as well post it here now it cant be any more "divisive" than any other topic.
  6. I always see mention of IBM partnering with Stellar, but the Ripple/Accenture relationship is underplayed. Accenture's Financial Consulting and Technology Consulting business is just as big as IBM and with just as many banking and FI clients!
  7. I think a lot of this discussion is missing the point. In the past some XRP detractors have said " XRP can never be valued at more than $X, because there are far too many (100BN)" I believe that OP is trying to say that when you consider Drops/Satoshi instead, there are not "far too many". Therefore, XRP can easily rise to some much higher valuation. Its not that a drop is ever able to be "worth more", just a perception issue.
  8. Very positive statement from Navin Gupta - head of Ripple India speaking today at Seamless Middle East 2018
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