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  1. XRP $589... If, and only if this is some big game, it can be... Blink of an eye, big tests of xRapid, there are some powers that I have seen in hallways that can move mountains, what is for them 100B € if thay have benefits from that, read power. As always, the media will brighten it fine I work in HNB, I'm in XRP... but not highly ranked, working on analyzes and geopolitics... Ripple is not welcome in are central bank (HNB) for now... we have our internal problems with Swiss francs and converions and big lawsuits against all banks... so this is taboo topic until we are pressed by EU. Read Germany!!! 99% have no idea about Ripple or XRP and are working in central bank, and 80% know about bitcoin but they do not even want to touch it (40y+)
  2. Yes, and no.... We have no idea what's going on... This is just a geopolitical look at things by the end of the year... from one side, no wonder we have waited so long for the SEC decision, if the situation is true, it can be bad, but the US will leave its ace in the sleeve for some time. but on other side, it can be good, oil market is big, SBI will cover all positions for China, OPEC, India, S Koria...
  3. Let's sum up: the situation until November can still be more or less changed to this or the other side. However, it is now seen that the US administration will hardly be able to completely block the export of Iranian oil and that many large importers will try to find alternative ways how to pay for oil, sure, xRapid. Some analysts already predict that Iranian oil exports from the current 2.2 million barrels will drop to 1.3 million barrels a day, which is a big reduction but not the one that Trump wanted. It is important to point out that there is still no formula that would replace more than 2 million barrels of Iranian oil per day on the world oil market (if the blockade was complete). Saudi Arabia alone is unable to do so, because of political reasons (the OPEC attitude whose statute is opposed to external pressures in the formation of prices and output, as well as the recent OPEC + agreement supported by Iran, just about a partial daily increase in oil production since the end of this year), as well as due to technical inability. China buys large quantities of XRP in last weeks??! stocks for new corridors
  4. Yes, this part... profit... "but also the US industry and large capital (who, in his beloved homeland, had unduly closed down jobs and transferred them to Mexico, profited at a low and almost insignificant price of work, and finished goods returned to the US under favorable conditions and sold them to the US market as domestic, of course at prices as if they were produced in the United States)" I'm not from US, so have no idea, but from my view this is big thing and for some profit is only thing that is important... also, just because the US loses the role of the only global player... I think that the United States will ultimately accept the role of the "first among the equal", which neither China nor Russia want to argue, as the United States is still a positive leader in the world and the only country that actually is already entering phase of the fifth technological revolution. To risk not accepting such status and insisting on global dominance of the full spectrum and at all cost, with the consequent, highly probable loss of American lifestyle and the values on which it is based, by the Washington establishment would be irresponsible and unmanageable, above all by itself. Because this generation of the human race, as well as all the foregoing, relies on and uses the positive and negative experiences of the former. also This is to be accompanied by the increase in world oil sales in the Chinese currency, Yuan, through the opening of the first Chinese International Oil Exchange in Shanghai in March. The Chinese government is just intending to expand the influence of the yuan in world trade, weaken the impact of "petrodolars," but also bypassing US sanctions related to the export of Iranian oil that comes into force in November this year. xRapid in October / November Because of the rapidly deteriorating relations between Washington and Peking, no one was particularly surprised at the news that China had announced that despite the US threats of sanctions related to the Iranian energy sector (coming into effect at the beginning of November), they would continue to buy Iranian oil. Bloomberg called this decision "with a serious blow" of Trump's efforts to lower Iran's oil exports to zero. Namely, China is one of the world's five largest importers of Iranian oil, with Japan, India, South Korea and the European Union.
  5. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-wants-europe-to-form-a-counterweight-to-us/a-45168108 From this article, "That's why it is indispensable that we strengthen European autonomy by creating payment channels that are independent of the United States, a European Monetary Fund and an independent SWIFT system," Maas wrote. (German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas) That this is not only "talk", week ago Peter Altmaier, German politician serving as Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy almost said the same thing... What We have here is IMF and EU WILL move from SWIFT because of US.... Why? It's a bit long observation, but after the text it will be all clearer - follow the connections and why Ripple is sure winner - EU, SAP, Malta, IMF, growth of turkish XRP volume, MEXICO, Marjan Delatinne in Germany... Iran and other Arab countries, China+Germany (new trade agreement weighing 100B dollars) and the indispensable Japan and Singapur For Germany, as well as for other export states, Mexico is a springboard trade in the United States, which, the Washington administration faces with a truly monstrous trade deficit, is trying to silence it still balancing at the boundary of an open trade war. Thanks to the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which created the free trade zone between the signatories of Mexico, the USA and Canada, Mexico was positioned as the starting point for all the major exporters in the United States, especially Japan and China, to Germany and its EU partners, with very dubious benefits for the Mexican economy itself. Mexican position in NAFTI, which secured duty-free exports to the US, has been severely exploited by not only European and Asian exporters in the United States but also the US industry and large capital (who, in his beloved homeland, had unduly closed down jobs and transferred them to Mexico, profited at a low and almost insignificant price of work, and finished goods returned to the US under favorable conditions and sold them to the US market as domestic, of course at prices as if they were produced in the United States) The same recipe was treated by all the other major exporters in the United States who concentrated on their production facilities, most of them the most common final product assembly, in Mexico In six years, from 2010 to the end of 2015, in the trade balance of Germany and the US, partly due to this Mexican export connection, a downturn in which a quarter of a billion euros was overtaken in German hands, and especially because of the rough as underlined by Trump's trade consultant Peter Navarro. This was also confirmed by the Bundesbank in its recent analysis, as well as by the German "Ifo" institute in custody. Even for half of the US trade deficit, it is only the responsibility of importing German goods. German exports to the US of 65.5 billion euros in 2010 reached 114 billion euros in 2015. At the same time, Germany's trade surplus to the United States grew from EUR 20.5 billion in 2010 to nearly EUR 54.5 billion in 2015, which is the highest surplus compared to that accrued through trade with any other country. The 225-billion-dollar ejection from the United States to Germany in just six years had already provoked Washington's response earlier, so President Obama repeatedly asked Berlin for taking measures against the high trade surplus of mutual trade in favor of Germany, which is German politics he persistently ignored it. But the new US president has already stated that he will not suffer the three-way billions of US $ from Germany. It immediately opened the threat to Mexico and China, which also accrued a high trade surplus with the United States, introducing criminal penalties for all goods imported from these countries by 20 percent, and now the new US administration has also announced for Germany and The European Union.With regard to Mexico, through which it passed a large part of German and European exports to the United States, after signing and entering into force of the NAFTA 1994 contract, its exports to the United States nominally increased from $ 40 billion in 1993 to almost $ 300 billion in 2014. At the same time, the United States from the surplus of the foreign trade balance with Mexico in 1993 amounted to $ 1.7 billion in the same period to foreign trade deficit of nearly $ 54 billion. Exports to the USA were literally overwhelmed by Mexico, dominated by the automotive industry led by American companies and immediately by German manufacturers. The de facto Germany has turned Mexico into its merchant fort on the American soil, using the privileges of Mexican membership in NAFTA. Therefore, at the expense of the new US policy under President Trump, who is obviously interested in economic progress on the US soil and national interests rather than globalization with the installation of drifting economies in developing countries at the expense of the United States, has also found Mexico as nominally one of the largest importers in the United States, and in fact, most of all, just as the transmission of large trading powers from Asia and Europe led by Japan, China and Germany. Germany and Mexico, as prominent US deficit producers, have come together to strike the new US trade policy and the threat of an open trade war with the United States, and have also started coordinating their activities along the lines of common interests. On the other hand, Mexico finds new partners and strengthens relations with the old strategic allies. As part of these new alternatives, Foreign Minister Videgaray has opened formal negotiations to launch trade agreements with Brazil and Argentina and is trying to modernize the existing Free Trade Agreement with the EU. Negotiations on this pact worth $ 57 billion are accelerating, so on February 1, Mexican and European officials have managed to align their attitudes on modeling change agreements. In all this, Mexican politics leaves no doubt that Berlin will play an exclusive role. At the perplexing intersections of transatlantic alliances in the focus of the struggle for control of the European component of the Euro-Atlantic military and political integration between the United States and the United Kingdom, on the one hand, and Germany and its allies, on the other hand, it is more than obviously slowing down the trade war so far. Its dynamics is accelerating as the Anglo-American bloc realizes that German politics have at least so far succeeded in stabilizing the zone of its domination within the EU and suppressing the forces of national sovereignty of the weaker member states and by forcefully engulfing EU members around Germany and the core of the most powerful member states. The EU policy led by German politics gradually moves from defensive to active action and takes an offensive approach to the external projection of its geoeconomic and geopolitical interests. The United States and the United Kingdom react to the attempts of continental isolation and closing down directions of German and European interests towards the Middle East and Asia. The question is how coincidental that after the visit of British Prime Minister Theresa May, the demonstration of common strategic interests and the negotiation of extensive military industrial co-operation, Turkey's Erdogan went into a political-diplomatic offensive towards the European Union spotted with seldom blurred expressions of dissatisfaction. While the Ukrainian crisis closes the road to the East, Turkey and the Syrian and Iraqi war complex close the way to Blic in the east and Asia, German politics is not the first time in history to play the Latin American map again. Against the Anglo-American strategic isolation of Germany, which has been seen every time in history when it has strengthened the level of threat to their global power, Berlin sees, among other things, the consolidation of its geo-economic positions in Latin America as a direct impact on the bases of the rejected, but certainly forever active American Geo-Starring Monroe's doctrines contained in the "America - Americans" or translated into the language of reality - America under the dominion of the United States without interfering with European and Asian powers. Strengthening the German, and thus the European positions on the American continent, in the Latin American yard of the US, primarily conceived for German export and trade needs are now being transformed into geopolitical weapons. Thus distant Mexico, as the center of German influence in that part of North America at the gateway of the United States as well as throughout Latin America, has found bizarre geopolitical lines on the first line of the Great War to control something that does not have a direct connection - control of the European component of transatlantic relations the alliance of Europe with the United States and their mutual trade war... All these are the facts that push "the new fast system", and that is exactly why in Mexico first!
  6. Nice one, Alex... Just some points here, Coinbase was ready with XRP going live last 8 months, YT video, maybe real? SBI was one that had some problems with going live, or not??? and thay "stoped" CB... maybe that was idea, they have now new 500+ to work on big run. Also, xrp base in last 1-2 weeks is part of this plan... EU is ready, Canada, East (Singapur, SK, Japan) Australia, UAE... not sure about S America, but US will be with CB. Maybe SBI last test of VC and forex now Low start Price is for sure Ready! Banks need min. 100+ to work with XRP... 200+ banks All this FUD is crazy and for sure part of the end-game and low price for all top10 criptos... this big change in world was set for 2018 a long time ago... Just my dream... or not
  7. Ghana is maybe The One that will first open-up as central bank, BoG... https://www.bog.gov.gh/public-notices/3597-payment-systems-oversight-annual-report-2017 Page 16... 3.19 Termination of Inward Remittances into Mobile Money Wallets Banks have partnered with Mobile Money Operators, Fintechs and Money Transfer Operators to terminate inward remittances directly into mobile money wallets of recipients. Some of these partnerships include Barclays Bank and Earthport Plc United Kingdom (UK), United Bank of Africa (UBA) and Western Union, Zenith Bank and Western Union, Stanbic Bank, Vodafone Cash and Homesend. These partnerships are to promote safe, reliable and convenient means for customers to receive money from abroad to meet the pressing financial obligations. Also, Moneygram is in Ghana (twitter, last weeks) And a lot of talk about mobile money... Mojaloop... for sure...
  8. https://steemit.com/investing/@intellivestor/why-i-expect-a-significant-upwards-correction-in-the-cryptocurrency-markets-soon I found an interesting text about where volume has actually disappeard and that it is back but not recorded on exchanges. Yes, example and research are on BTC, but I think it's also reflects on XRP as it is OTC/P2P... We are talking about Chinese and African markets and famos Institutional money, volume and price are actually 10 to 50% bigger... 1. Can it be the same for XRP? 2. Can this be a standard way for institutions to actually trade?
  9. Yes, have this card last 5-6months and it works just perfectly for me... Min. Buy-in for cripto is 10€ and if You sell it, money is back on main balance (only balance!)
  10. Hi... I have a question... Connecting dots ... If WU is going live on this date (16-18th) with xRapid... price of stocks will need to hit 21$ minimum on 18th (now it's 18.88$) Maybe this is why there will be some news on Monday or so... older news but possible why are they in need for boost... price is down a lot from Feb and I think They didn't expect this... https://m.nasdaq.com/article/first-week-of-april-20th-options-trading-for-western-union-wu-cm924522 Regards!
  11. ha, ha... right... Not sure why are We talking about stocks. Im only in xrp Yes... this is so connected now that FOMO will for sure set price of XRP to "xx $" but also price of WU stock is important to WU as company and this will set a big price up for sure... something like this was also regarding MG and American Express 5-10% up on news... and they NEED it... Ok... will start new topic there... thanks! Maybe will get info from someone with more exp on stockes
  12. Hi all from Croatia... Not sure if this was here, but is there any connection to 16.04.18' and 18.04.18' regarding WU... If WU is going live on this date (16-18th) with xRapid... price of stocks will need to hit 21$ minimum on 18th (now it's 18.88$) Maybe this is why there will be some news on Monday... older news but possible why are they in need for boost... https://m.nasdaq.com/article/first-week-of-april-20th-options-trading-for-western-union-wu-cm924522 Also... maybe info regarding MG, my mom is working on MG transactions here, something like WM place but offers also MG transactions ("Tisak" / "Konzum") and thay have it about 4-5 months now, transaction time from HRK to EUR - So from Croatia to Germany under 1min without any problems... PS... there is no About or Help on screen so can't see version of softwere they have there... but I will try to send pic of screen station next week, maybe someone can see something more Regards!
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