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  1. not having trouble with that but I bought a 1000 worth of XRP yesterday morning @ .36 and its still an open order, Can anybody tell me whether or not it will fill ,it was bought on binance
  2. I would agree with the whitepaper hypothesis . Makes sense ripple partners want to save money but not necessarily pass it on the the avearge consumer. Ripple is a backend tool just like Swift
  3. Can't find it on his twitter page. There was a comment where someone asked when moon? Joel Katz responded next Friday@5pm which is August 31st. I tried to show a friend but it appears the photo and comments have been removed
  4. Annnnd it's live Annnnd the price falls, more manipulation
  5. I don't really know what to expect, I just wanna see xrapid go live and that can't happen without proper liquidity and corridors operational
  6. I've got patience ,just tired of getting jerked off with phony dates
  7. I've been holding for years, patience I've got
  8. Her we go again ,Bittrex supposed to launch today ,nothing so far , by my count this is the 4th exchange this summer to give a launch date and not launch. I've logged in several times no USD/XRP pairing WTF
  9. When Bearableguy123 signed off he said to watch the 20th of August .Might be nothing but Bittrex USD/XRP pair is supposed to launch so far every exchange launch date this summer hasn't happened. It's all part of the setup. NASDAQ postponed SBI postponed and volume remove from XRP charts. Add to that the silence coming from Ripple along with the bloody market.
  10. Everyone just relax and realize that these strings are being pulled by the people that run the world. Larson and the bunch are just doing what they are told to do. Relax ,.believe in your investment and let this dog and pony show play out . We are gonna be rolling in dough soon enough. Watch the 20th
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