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  1. I did not understand the question. What do you mean exactly? what a tag
  2. we try to push Ripple / XRP 24/7 on youtube and make it known! But we need the community! Please post this stream to your friends and trading platforms etc and subscribe to the channel! We work hard to get better and better and to improve our content! for improvement suggestions we are always ready to change things Best regards, your XRP News Team
  3. Ripple Upcoming Event? - D.LIVE Asia in Hong Kong Ripple / XRP Stefan Thomas - Live 24/7
  4. BREAKING NEWS ! Circulating Supply 39.122.794.968 XRP Just a few minutes ago, just over 112 million XRPs were thrown into the market. AND THE PRICE IS STILL INCREASING! 24/7 STREAM!! HERE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN1Kdnty9S8 #xrpthestandard #XRP #Ripple
  5. Hello people, thank you for the valuable tips and recommendations! we try to implement all the information! You can post here suggestions for improvement! We thank you already! Your XRPNews Team;)
  6. we are open for everything =) can you give a normal url? Unfortunately htlm is not. with OBS =) would add it if you can get me a URL link;)
  7. is in the video description / discreetly;)
  8. Hello guys! this is our Youtube Channel! 24/7 Live Stream check it out
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