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  1. Will definitely try to join! -- Arnhem, Netherlands
  2. The significance and importance of SBI is huge. You should not compare SBI to the largest banks on the globe. But you should compare it to what currently is involved in Crypto and particular XRP. Then SBI could potentially be the game changer in the phase we are. That if consider their numbers, but also the signal to the world if such bank consortium steps in. I am looking forward!
  3. at least they can now more easily swap to something with great potential
  4. Thanks @DreXRP. Nice information. Also this part I really like "we have designed, tested and are imple´╗┐menting both xCurrent and xRapid in record time" . That could become really good marketing and the client a key reference in the coming period. Looking forward to the next steps on their roadmap.
  5. Rather funny indeed. But the article is not too bad to be honest. It is OK Fortune is a bit skeptical at this stage. Time will proof otherwise. I think we could provide them better facts/arguments how it actually works. But we should definitely not make every post negative. That will only intensify the ''aggressive xrp community army'. Would be best we keep just enthusiastic and promotors on a positive way. Note: I am not saying any of you make every post negative
  6. Just out of curiosity; what does it matter? I do agree it is cool and deserved to be above ETH. And the target is definitely to be the no1 digital asset/crypto currency. But whether it needs to be reflected via a MarketCap... I prefer to see the rise on the unit price instead .
  7. Disagree. Clear breakout of real huge use cases by XRP is around the corner, if it isnt happening already. That is up to your own perception. HODL-on is best strategy for the next 12months I would say. Cashing out between events is risky. Just my view on this.
  8. If the US orders Swift to leave Iran out of their chain. Then what is the risk of Ripple to jump into it and might never get any further US support? In other words, maybe Ripple will not start up anything there rapidly in these times... unless if it is already configured and ready to run. But still I doubt whether it is a good move on such occassion.
  9. Indeed, it is clear there is no true love yet between the two. But we are also not sure if XLM was really allowed to be added. They mentioned that they intended (seeking possibilities) to add it, but they didnt yet. Guess XLM and XRP were similar uncertain at that time of writing. But it seems US is about to get a bit more loose regarding their non-security position. And I am pretty sure that Coinbase will use their opportunity to add these top coins (including XRP) whenever possible. They will follow the $$$
  10. Well, they have played that game before... they can transfer to XRP upfront and have the advantage as first mover (/inside info). Anyway, dont think it is necessary to look at it that negative. Their hands were tight due to uncertain/unclear regulations. This was the key topic in Yesterday's meeting between Regulators and various Crypto parties. They will launch as soon as possible, and indeed only for their own business model. Which we embrace for our own benefits.
  11. Invitation would be appreciated. Having fun following all the crazy predictions while we all have honestly no clue.
  12. I think I have been buying since beginning december 2017 on daily and week bases, small to average batches. Funny thing is that hardly any of those are in black at the moment. But most funny of it all is the amount of convindence I have that all of them will be great purchases on the long run. the fact that I DCAd me lower each week might soon be a blessing, as I would never, really neverrrrr, have bought this awesome stack otherwise HODL my friends!
  13. Haha, makes the two of us. It is terrible and sad, but I still think some people are playing with selling and getting better opportunities. But the price at these levels can increase rather quick as soon as we get a real positive announcement involving XRP. Which we eventualy expect, right? *lights a candle
  14. Dont worry, it let go already some of the gains. Nice to be accommodated with the usual habits again
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