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  1. True, we need some positive news that changes the sentiment and also short term chances of higher adoption by various parties. This will lure retail investors back in. it is all speculation at the moment, but hope has taken away from us... well, from many. I however keep buying - poor me!
  2. Fair points Staigara. Time will tell what is true and what is not. I read, I dream, I doubt, I believe and I fear. Guess it is not weird to lack some confidence so now and then. For sure a bullrun any day soon will be helpful to our XRPChat overall health :-)
  3. Funny, this exactly tells my story too. It leans to an addiction and I might became blind... but somehow there is still a strong belief it might actually end up very positive. Our chances, gosh I dont know. Hopefully above 50%. And if that resonates with a 5X - 10X gain then the risk is justified for me.
  4. Hi Hoder, you write: "My take? I've seen his ability to field tough questions before, but this particular interview was beyond those previous occasions, and I was very impressed at times by his ability to weave in alternating themes and charming politeness, while simultaneously providing blunt answers where appropriate." FYI: I am very impressed by your ability to continiously deliver such a structured and well written content! Round of applause
  5. Nice guy on Twitter mentioned ""Not the XRP we are talking about, they are talking about Extended Resource Planning."
  6. Nice post, nice graphics! You have my blessing for such ending.
  7. Thank the Sir first, now let me enjoy reading please Probably, certainly, awesome Hodor. G'job ------ 12 minutes later --> Can confirm it was a damn nice read as usual! thnx
  8. Ridiculous how XRP could not rise with their neighbors but still just as easily collapse. Is confidence lacking?
  9. Interesting, and could be related. But I think - just like 1000s of others - I FOMOd in on the speculation something was going to happen. If everyone wants to have in a short term of period more XRP and thereby set higher prices on each new buy order it will rise quickly. Difficult to figure out what have been the real pushers / catalysators. Nonetheless I hope you are right and this will be continued by these parties :-)
  10. Some here got stocks in Ledger the company :-)
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