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  1. Came across this through the twittersphere. Seems like it’ll be August 8th.
  2. It will only take one verdict from the suit and it can be applied to any future accusations that XRP is a security.
  3. TBH there is no conspiracy. There’s 2 ongoing lawsuits going on and it would be premature and irresponsible for the SEC to make an official statement on what XRP should be classified as before the court ruling. It’s not that the SEC won’t make the final decision, they CAN’T make the final decision. Let’s just sit and wait this out guys. No need to say it’s messing up the markets, the whales are messing up the market. Stay strong HODLERS!
  4. Looks like a deal has been solidified in Asia. The continent the handshake is over is Asia.
  5. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/06/08/huge-bitcoin-whale-with-94000-btc-transfers-crypto-onto-an-exchange-rattling-nerves/
  6. Both India and Japan’s SEC stated XRP aren’t securities the past couple of days. The US SEC is having a meeting tomorrow on bitcoin/digital assets. This must be connected to that big whale that transferred 94K BTC to an exchange. What do you guys think?
  7. I tried snooping around for the page to place he advanced ordered. Mind linking the page on here ? Thanks so much !
  8. TBH anything under $1 should be a great opportunity to buy. The fact that it dropped to low .60s is a godsend. #vaccumulate
  9. Bump. So I am attending the XRP Event Tuesday. Nervous and excited at the same time. Hopefully the release some news that nigtht! I’ll keep y’all updated
  10. No worries. I can Definitely handle it lol
  11. Thanks for the warm welcomes!
  12. Err0r

    NYC meetup

    Bump. We should have an official NYC meetup
  13. Just want to introduce myself. Been a big fan of Ripple and what they are trying to accomplish. I find myself consistently researching, going through interviews, buying at dollar cost average, etc. I try to explain my friends and coworkers about the company and even provided links. Nobody is interested at all . So I’m taking it to the forums. Hope to help as many people out. And if anyone has ideas to help me spread the word locally, I am all ears. Financial sovereignty is upon us. Support the movement!
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