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  1. Resuming this thread in light of the last days news about banks going live with new platforms, FI partnerships and other stuff that presumably exclude Ripple. Do you think on due time, the Runs on Ripple will be part of almost all those news?
  2. Ripping off...and possibly just rushing to make things quicker. But quicker doesn't mean they're doing them better.
  3. And this: Is this a sort of "go-live" announcements? They are trying (possibly managing) to beat xRapid go live date...
  4. JpS

    Someone from Italy?

    Un pò in ritardo...ma sono italiano anche io! Civitanova Marche, ma vivo a Londra. Ciao a tutti!
  5. Fair enough, makes sense! Anyway, for the moment I just sit back and relax...making assumptions over assumptions just stresses me out! Let's see how it goes!
  6. I mean partnerships like Ripple with SBI for example. Can you buy something like that?
  7. Buy partnerships? How can you "buy" a partnership if you don't add long term value?
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