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  1. Please share why you think this, or is it an attempt to keep to hype train going.
  2. And subsuquently declined by 85%. People here dont want pumps and dumps.
  3. There's a high chance it will be delayed, as they've done before. Particularly when they've been so vague about when they expect to go live. "Summer" is an extremely vage time frame, especially when you announce it 1 month befor summer starts.
  4. Every news release, update, etc that was anticipated to influence the price postively has failed to have any impact. And there has been lots... XRP is currently down over 82% since its ATH. Of the top 20 coins, only NEM is fairing worse at 84%. So since the bull market, we are no 19 of the top 20 coins in terms of recovery. And this is at a time when Ripple are supposedly making huge progress. That means either we are severly undervalued, or their is something fishy going on. I dont believe its because of "an irrational market". I think it's time Ripple address this and release information on recent partnerships etc. The very fact that they are witholding this information, while knowing it can influence price, is why many have sold off their xrp, and where the "centralized" arguments come from.
  5. At least I have a smile on my leprechaun face. You look pretty miserable
  6. Maybe that was the case when the company was called Ripple Labs, and it has only ever been 'unique' in the fact that it is usually a disappontment. The company is called Ripple and a higher level of professionalism is expected, given what they are trying to achieve.
  7. Agreed. Another PR disaster for Ripple, when the entertainment at their event invites the audience to take drugs with him. And Brad Garlinghouse abdicating all responsibility by saying it wasn't him who chose Snoop Dog. Definitely not the type of organization a central bank or any other bank would want to be dealing with.
  8. Hopefully it'll have a better influence on price than 1.0.0 had.
  9. Has anyone seen any pics yet of last night's party of the actual xrp community and not Ripple emplyees? From what I have seen so far it seems to have been more like a staff christmas party than a party hosted for the xrp community. Any ideas on numbers that attended etc?
  10. And you could benefit greatly by learning about fundamental analysis, it gives you far more info than a 5 min, 4 hr or daily chart. You're the angriest person I've seen on the internet in quiet a while! You mind me asking if you're involved with the INCEL movement? I only found out about them the other day, and you really do fit the bill. Maybe you should lauch your own INCEL coin, you could use the 5min chart to give TA lessons.
  11. I certainly can discredit you, as can everyone else here. Particularly when you post "your imaginary yearly chart which doesn't exist". If it doesnt exist, how could you post it? Are you some sort of magician? Year on year, xrp is up, can you deny that?
  12. Do you really use a 5 min chart to base your investment decisions on? No wonder you're salty.
  13. Who the hell uses a 5min chart in crypto?? Why dont you include the yearly chart aswell? Oh yeah, because it doesnt fit your narrative.
  14. Im not dividing anything, I'm using the unit that both ledgers use. Neither recognise bitcoin or xrp, but only satoshis and drops.
  15. There was speculation before the price run up in December that a group of Bitcoin whales were surpressing the price of xrp as it was the crypto they felt most threatened by. I remember reading their strategy was to keep the price supressed for as long as possible so they could buy up as much cheap xrp as they could, before letting the price loose. It really does feel like this is still continuing, you'ld think that most who are invested in xrp wouldnt be selling now so it makes sense that someone is suppresing the price. The only way to beat them is to not sell your xrp. They have been manipulating the markets for long enough, and the sooner the sum of individual investors outweigh their strengths the better. In fact it was more than speculation, if I remember correctly it was a whale who stated that himself anonymously.
  16. And people will be buying too, for every seller there is a buyer. The price rose to $3.00 based on a rumour about coinbase, Since then there has been huge progress.
  17. It could happen that the dmand massively outweighs the supply, and we run up to a high figure far sooner than you can sell. The benfit of where we are now is that crypto is widely known as opposed to the early days of bitcoin. Stranger thngs have happened. If we do run up to a large figure sometime in the near future, it might happen in a very short space of time.
  18. $500+ is definitely possible. A $500 xrp is the same as a $0.0005 drop. If 1 satoshi was worth $0.0005, 1 bitcoin would be worth €50,000. Doesnt seem so ridiculous now...
  19. Thought it might be nice to dedicate a thread for those of us who get frustrated, apprehensive, and downright mad at the lack of significant price action, especially with all the postive news released over the last couple of months. At times it feels like xrp is a lottery, it does nothing for a long long time, then boom, price can explode over a very short time for no significant reason. Nobody knows when this might happen again, so until it does, feel free to vent your fury here. By the way, while most people think Bearableguy123's prediciton is absurd and wont happen, interesting to note that to get from today's price of $0.73 to $589 by EOY, price needs to compound at a rate of approx 2.86% a day. It doesnt seem such a ridiculous number when you look at it this way.
  20. If you are concerned the world might be destroyed, why do you want xrp to succeed? So you can get rich by other people's misfortune? Thats a pretty bleak outlook you have.
  21. Now that @peebo38 has become the designated voice on the forum from Ripple, can we expect to hear from @miguel , @JoelKatz and all the others again? They used to post here quite frequently last year and before, but we've heard next to nothing from them so far this year. To be honest, their lack of communication had me worried Ripple were trying to distance themselves from xrp for a while. Is this a strategic managment of how Ripple staff communicate with xrp investors? I'd imagine they have been warned to be very careful what they say, if nothing at all, especially after someone is trying to sue them. Either way, I miss the old days when there would be a great buzz about a thread that @JoelKatz was involved in. Even if it was to discuss who's gonna win Eurovision or the upcoming World Cup!
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