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  1. Thanks for understanding my purpose here. We greatly appreciate everyone's support for our mission. If I engaged in the forums all day, I would sacrifice building the Ripple business - I'm assuming the smart, level-headed people in here can understand that.
  2. Why don't you DM me with your info please? There has been a hold up, but we haven't forgotten. Thanks.
  3. Happy to help and I wish you luck with your venture! Keep the community updated on how it goes, any resources you find useful, etc!
  4. I appreciate the whole community a lot, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful as I learn. I'm not sure what you are asking for in terms of 'appreciation or confirmation' but we do really appreciate everyone who supports our mission to remove friction from global payments. Keep in mind as well that there are many different online communities, all with the same request, that I engage more. I'm balancing engaging with all the different online forums and will always do so when there are good questions that I can provide answers to. I also like to come on and share the community engagement opportunities we have, like last weeks AMA. If you want more from me, you might be misunderstanding the purpose of my job here, which is Head of Community for Ripple. I don't pretend to represent the broader XRP ecosystem, which this forum is devoted to. There are tons of great conversations going on and you all don't need me to chime in because you have each other. I will again ask that anyone with a legit question kindly repost and I'll be happy to answer it directly.
  5. This is a great question, thank you. This spring we launched Xpring with this exact idea in mind. You can learn more about it here: http://xpring.co/ The whole idea is to support ventures building on the XRP ledger and to grow the ecosystem. If you have a business idea, submit it there. Otherwise, the XRP Ledger developer portal just got an overhaul (easier to navigate and more straight forward documentation) and also has information for people who want to 'get their hands dirty' using the XRP ledger, but may not have a full fledged business use case just yet. https://developers.ripple.com/
  6. We are working on our use case of removing friction from global payments through our enterprise software and we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for our mission. We know that a better world is out there, where value can move as easily as information moves today, and we are working hard to make that future a reality ASAP. When we have communications, we announce them broadly through our Twitter account, Insights, and through media coverage. We will continue to do that so we can inform the largest audience possible when we have important updates. Everyone is always really understanding, and we appreciate this a lot.
  7. Thank you, I reserve my engagement for when it's valuable to the community, when I can help organize meet ups or communicate some of the great community engagement opportunities we have, like the AMA last week.
  8. Thanks for your questions. I have passed those on to the team and David.
  9. Haha, love some Ozzie - thanks for the great gif!
  10. Thank you for your nice compliment. We are all working hard and appreciate the support of the community. I have passed your question to David. While he won't be able to address every question, he will cover the most frequently asked ones, and the most timely.
  11. Everyone, I now realize this is a joke - why can't I ever understand humor online?! Thanks to Kalarie for proving my point. And I'll ask again - please repost the legit questions I haven't answered.
  12. I will pass along the questions, thank you. David won't have time to answer every question, but will answer the 'most-asked'.
  13. It is a video. I will pass those along and include them in the list of other questions. David won't be able to address everything, but we will make sure to cover the most-asked questions from the community. Both great questions!
  14. And this is the reason I don't come on to answer questions. Where are the legit questions you all have for me that I haven't addressed? I can't find them.
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