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  1. Just bought 50% XLM based on this sound trading advice. Now I have someone to blame when this goes south. This is on you TROOTE!! ** I kid, I kid. Fingers crossed you're right though
  2. Is the zerpening still a thing? I was in years ago and I haven't been able to find it since I've been back. Get me in there!
  3. Sounds like a lot of effort to get to your keys. I keep my keys in a bowl by the door so I can grab them before I drive anywhere. I keep my xrp on a nano, in a safe, in an underground vault, guarded by a three headed dog.. That's how convinced I am.
  4. Thanks for the advice, whilst I am working on reducing my debt. Crypto (done correctly with an appropriate amount of research and calculation) sure is a good way to speed the process!
  5. As a 27 year old with what seems like insurmountable debt. As some background, I have a large mortgage, car loan etc.Although I'm lucky enough to work in a secure industry that pays very well. I'm not generating wealth and still struggling to save money. It's posts like these that make me glad I got into cryptocurrency. I took a gamble which paid off in small amounts. I first bought XRP in July 2017 after a few months of research. I was ridiculed and told that I was wasting my money. In December I was everyone's best friend. I had an endless stream of people asking me for advice. Some of whic
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