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  1. well, on the daily stuff does not really look all that positive. we're above the very rough rend line, but that does not say much jet. you guess is as good as mine
  2. so, how do you short crypto? i dont see any call or put options on any coins... what service are you using to do this?
  3. Like I already posted in an other market cap thread: It's amazing how ridiculous a market cap number is. It does NOT represent at all how much money is in that coin! if there's 1000 ABC-coins and 999 of them was sold for $1 and a single one was last sold for $1000 then the market cap of the ABC-coin is $1'000'000 although the money that went into the ABC-Coin is only $1999.
  4. RE: Bearableguy is Alex Cobbs Dad: in this post on rippled he aggressively defends this cobb-kid how only a father would... https://www.reddit.com/r/Rippled/comments/8blty2/fud_busters_bearable_posted_in_tronix_and_deleted/dx9he8k/
  5. we suddenly notice the little period between the $ and 5. IT WAS $0.58 ALL ALONG. maybe he's more spot on than you think...
  6. I am sure there are tons of people working at ripple that do not fully understand the technical side of blockchain, ledgers and stuff. They have different tasks, and BG123 seems to be one that has a bigger picture, and not tech infos. The programmers probably dont know a lot about how world finance works, do they? (they do not need to)
  7. did not dig deep, just read that article from April 9th where he references the castle image
  8. this riddle and the supposed solution on the Philosophy of Metrics website is pretty sophisticated. This guy seems to know his **** and i cant imagine that he would make a blatant mistake. on the other hand, it must have took him ages to come up with all these clues in that single castle image
  9. every bank/FI holds an account of XRP? If one runs out of XRP they exchange Fiat to XRP with an other bank at the fixed price or from Ripple (the XRP central bank so to speak) In the end. even if its Exchange traded, most XRP is gonna be held by Banks, and not HODLers. Which ends up pretty much like the first scenario i mentioned. Except there's an exchange in between and not bank to bank direct transfer
  10. I dont understand how this confirms he is no ripple insider. He's talking about TRON here, isn't he?
  11. There is a lot of speculation about the future price and also a lot of statements how a higher price is good for transactions, as it uses less XRP to transfer large sums. This all makes sense. BUT: If only financial institutions and banks are the target audience for XRP, why not make it a fixed price from the beginning? Say $1000 per XRP? This would eliminate any volatility issues and make everything predictable. What is the reason to throw XRP out onto the open market? (other than make the founders filthy rich eventually) The trading between small fish like us does not do anything towards the true purpose of XRPs existence, does it?
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