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  1. My bot license is restricted to Binance. I could have paid more for more exchange options but I'm stuck now with Binance, which is my preferred trading exchange. Bots work great in a bull market, but need lots of attention in a bear market as it is easy to get bagged up. Depending on the bot you use, there are lot's of different buy/sell/bag busting options available. The addition of an XRP base pair, ideally with other FX/Stocks to trade against on Binance is what I'm really hoping/waiting for....someday I hope.
  2. I have the same issue. My bot trades on Binance. I don't trust either BTC or USDT as base pairs so my bot is sitting idle for now. I also don't want to be stuck in either of these for the next XRP bull run (or BTC/USDT collapse). I am patiently waiting for a XRP base pair on Binance before I startup my Bot again. Not ideal, but that's my thoughts on the matter.
  3. PwC is the auditor. The deposits will be insured. All exchanges (I hope) have learned to keep most of the crypto in a cold wallet. What can go wrong?
  4. This is interesting given there will be much more incentive to hold XRP (crypto) and not sell in the future. Let's say your crypto becomes worth a million, you don't want to sell as the prospects of it continuing to appreciate are significant, so you hold and earn 5%/year on $1M instead ($50k interest income). Nice passive income. This will create a lot more hodlers and put pressure on supply/demand.....
  5. My guess....earn interest on your crypto held in Uphold. XRP included.
  6. Who know's what immediate impact xRapid going live will have on order books, but doesn't hurt to put a small portion of your stack on Bittrex with a sell order of, I don't know, say $589. Just in case of a quick price spike before everyone piles on sell orders!
  7. A number of old threads from last year discuss a possible VEEM/Ripple partnership. It would make sense to combine a number of business payment options (including RippleNet) in a product offering to businesses. This appears to be what VEEM is doing.
  8. I've learned the hard way to HODL the zerps. If you want to short it - use Bitfinex/Bitmex (use with caution) and then put your profit into more zerps.
  9. I am a CPA and hear about client remittance issues and see the impact of ridiculous merchant fees on small business daily. Xero is a leading global cloud accounting software (over 1 million business users) that allows 3rd party integration for settlement of accounts receivable and accounts payable? I am hoping to hear from a developer whether it would be possible to directly integrate the XRP Ledger as a payment option in Xero. Here is a link to the Xero API payment integration: https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api-guides/payment-services-integration-with-xero
  10. If you look at the 2016 annual report (2017 not published yet), it gives a description and breakdown of "Settlement assets". Nothing to do with holding XRP. Will need to wait for 2017 annual report to see if there is any update to them disclosing that they are holding digital assets.
  11. I am really surprised this DEX exchange is not getting more attention. I think it is a big deal. Binance is moving to a DEX and this DEX built on the XRPL that is pro-regulation could be a blueprint of where Binance is going. Combine with Malta being pro-blockchain...DEX/ILP/XRP FTW.
  12. This tweet was shared by BG123. Supposedly it is another reference to the hand in the castle pic....
  13. By the way...I'm not a newbie. Been lurking since last December.
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