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  1. Not butting in, adding in. It's why these forums exist, I think. I like to think of "argument" in the classical sense: discussions that may disagree on the many angles of an issue in order to add understanding along the way. A little Van Halen goes a long way: go ahead and jump (in)!
  2. Re: employment numbers. Like market cap, employee numbers can be very misleading. Except as a means to ensure strategic and baseline objectives via core functions, employee metrics are misleading indicators of value. My first gut reaction to the comment of 300 employees for Ripple vs. ten employees for Stellar was this: how many staff does IBM's partnership with Stellar assign to the strategies intended to move from pilot to implementation? How many more business development FTEs can immediately be incentivized to actuate implementation should it be the direction that the partnership decides is best for both? Adding AI, Watson, global infrastructure, high level HR and high-end knowledge workers can be "snap of the fingers" ready for Stellar. General theory I've worked from re: business growth that comes from these questions: why own balance sheet when you can contract it? Strong reasons exist for employees but strong reasons for not assuming that workforce equals value also exists. One of the largest "non-profit" parts of businesses I've owned has been employees. One of the riskiest options is offering the keys to the kingdom to contracted alliances and partnerships. I've been burned with both. I've been rewarded by both.
  3. That's it. I may see if I can do something sometime soon (after my vacation), other than an amateurish mock-up of the model. Visualizations seem more accepted than words these days.
  4. This said, it makes the comparative analysis between the two more compelling. Once a comparison "table" has been drafted (here?), another quality measuring tool would be magic quadrant ranking charts. Extending the cross-border market to all cryptos could identify all these players; addressing time-to-completion players in the space could also begin swaying "eyeballs"; finally, identifying the decentralization models could also encourage analysis at the levels necessary for crypto to invite traditionalist investing to consider this space from metrics it knows. After all, the ***** envy approach of market cap is so adolescent. Metrics adopted from gamer mentalities do little to make the space valuable.
  5. Do you think there'd be any way to create a "quality of account" metric? As a parallel, the number of users on this chat site has grown dramatically from 2017. I leave it to the readers to decide with there's been an equivalent, better or worse measure of quality due to sheer numbers. For me, the quantity here dilutes the value of this site. The quantity of circulating and/or total supply of each token also opens up debate about a quality metric. Same with respect to this metric?
  6. At least these four: California, New York, Montana, or Washington.
  7. For some reason, I thought that Coinbase Pro was only for institutional investors etc. Institutional investors are directed to Coinbase Prime.
  8. Here's my favorite sentence. Motley explains the months of May through December: "Ripple's price then proceeded to retreat somewhat, mainly trading in the $0.18-$0.30 range until December..." The lessons of trading, swinging, hodling, folding, selling and learning hide in plain sight of this sentence. If you're one of the "next 5000" who've gotten on this site since mid '17, read, read, read (and study) topics and post of that time period. Incredible angst, agony, trust, curiosity and solid analysis. It's an encyclopedia of crypto investing. Worth more than the TA you'll throw away in the next thirty days. It's not how much I start with , not even how much I end with. Value comes from enjoying whatever it is I have. XRPChat has a lot. Woof. Enjoy the Year of the Dog. Happy New Year.
  9. Banyan Vines is a great networking operating system. With beards back in vogue, it will be hard to tell if the grandfathers who've waiting for this legitimate contender in the networking space to be adopted by major companies like Cisco, Huawei, Aruba, Ericsson and Nokia will be smiling or wincing. Rip Van Winkle beliefs too often don't wake up the world.
  10. I suggest a different angle to the question: rather than transactionally, ask what the demand curve will be institutionally. For "enabling assets" in crypto like XRP, acceptance (at this point in time) depends on institutional acceptance based on security, effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. What creates institutional acceptance? And so we have The Great Debate.
  11. 40 days left for the promised Ripple escrow of a significant amount of company held XRP. By end of 2017, they've said. Most crypto market cap summaries value XRP as one of these: "3rd highest" "4th highest" "top 10 crypto currency". Take away 60 plus% of the circulating supply, moving into the 300M range, down from 1 billion and the market cap drops significantly. I have a sense that this is "told you so" and "dump the garbage" territory for XRP...if one does not understand the underlying technology of the asset. And most don't. Do you have the sense that even though the longer term value is enhanced by restricting how XRP becomes available to the buying public that this event creates a significant risk of downward pressure for the token? I do. How much? I'm curious about "the intelligence" of the contributors to this site to get a better picture of how much XRP may be affected.
  12. In the background, I thought I heard the dual band modem band playing. ...I am tone deaf, though.
  13. Curious why. For noobs in the U.S., seems a path of least resistance for intro to Crypto. What's recommended as other solid on-boarding options for people, non- technicals, who want to get their feet wet in this space? Thanks.
  14. I appreciate the philosophical debate point you're making, @Eric123. It's one that will continue, will grow, will be fought about in banking circles (again....affecting XRP, yes?), in governmental regulatory chambers (again...affecting XRP, yes?) and in the public eye (again, affecting XRP, yes?). The fact that people with money and emotions will believe those with more understanding of "the money game" does not discount that XRP pricing and market penetration will, in all likelihood, be affected by these people. My question isn't about philosophy of monetary exchange; it's about the fact that bitcoin, and by extension XRP, are part of the equation. "When does it affect XRP" is what I'm trying to become smarter about. Regardless of which side we each fall into re: the philosophy of traded BTC futures in traditional exchanges, we each stand to make or lose real money by how it affects XRP. Yes?
  15. By the end of the year, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) announced yesterday that it will introduce Bitcoin Futures contracts to their customers. CME Group handles more than $1 Quadrillion worth of trading volumes per year. The fact that they will now introduce these contracts implies an FI legitimacy of regulatory oversight to crypto assets. This introduction will also boost the liquidity of the whole (?) crypto market by opening the market to many more interested players. In my opinion, the players include the good, the bad and the ugly: FI's legacy modeling may now begin to impact how markets move to a much greater degree. When do you think this will spin out to benefit XRP?
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