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  1. Is QFS killing block chain?
  2. oh, inviting Clinton on swell was not political, and by the way people are idiot if they think without political reason any thing related to Ripple would be success, new world order with one global currency is political motive. do u get it. DEM/soros/rothschild are failing. Trump will end FED by gold standard in his next term, Regulations are in control of totally by politicians ,
  3. Now when David will resign, Resistance is falling. Ripple failing , impeachment hoax over, arrest soon, IG report coming out. DEM house soon to be collapse.
  4. Hello Ripple, a humble request to you, Please make XRP price to below 10C or 5C.
  5. XRP_to_20dollars , you keep dreaming till next 15 Years. Me idiot ok, you are *******.
  6. This is true, ripple already doing inside trading.
  7. Every body here waiting for profit and increase in price, cannot fool people their self by saying they love utility. Hey ripple if you r reading then be assured you are failed project, Globalism and one world currency has been failed by Trump. People who say WH is working with Ripple are Idiots. Recession is not going to happen. Market crash would be only after 2020 when Trump win again but will be healthy crash to have gold standard,
  8. If nothing happen by this Year, ripple would be failed project & already posturing itself as joke.
  9. Until there is no crash in market and recession for which all banking people trying , there would no progress on crypto as all will be blamed on Trump. but fake Recession propaganda will be failed and gold/Silver market are under control of Govt.
  10. Has govt. Taken control over XRP price like GOLD?
  11. is it good news or bad news?, plz confirm
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