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  1. Until there is no crash in market and recession for which all banking people trying , there would no progress on crypto as all will be blamed on Trump. but fake Recession propaganda will be failed and gold/Silver market are under control of Govt.
  2. Has govt. Taken control over XRP price like GOLD?
  3. is it good news or bad news?, plz confirm
  4. Cross checked and confirmed, This platform is not what should supposed to be, its a cover-up and keep people sleeping, Alarming bell was when ripple invited Clinton in SWELL. first i also was believer of XRP but now got the point. $ ending soon, no more Banking system and cabal. Gold standard soon within years and useless cross border shouting without regularity.
  5. the people who believe Trump will soon declare something great in favor of XRP, please don't be fooled.
  6. Then why its price was stagnant at .30$ and it increased to .43$. It is totally Manipulation of market. you can ask any body.
  7. Should everybody and every Youtuber starts shouting that XRP price will never rise and cross 1$. This may pressurize to Ripple increase its price ,
  8. very interesting. close watch till 1st june.
  9. Next couple of Weeks are very interesting. Price prediction 10$
  10. Are we waiting to regulation? Are we waiting for any global Event? Are we waiting to Stock market/Economy to crash? As stock market get down, we see Green in crypto. Is there is any political big event planned linked to XRP. ( any thought).
  11. please refer to this article https://theccpress.com/cory-johnson-ripple-has-been-in-regular-discussions-with-the-trump-administration/
  12. Yes Benchmark, But wanted to know about his views on this & wanted to correlate political events with success of this Projects. What i feel with previous Corry comments that they were in touch with trump administration on Ripple was fake /false flag.
  13. Hi Everyone, I want to ask Mr. Bob that can Ripple the company ask any republican high profile leader to take stage like Bill Clinton took in swell conference publicly.
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