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  1. Okay, I've come to the conclusion that the only way I am getting my hands on this XRP again is if I can login to Rippex again. The app is gone from my Mac and I can't find a download anywhere online. You said your windows Rippex desktop wallet still works? Do you have a download for that? I'll install it on another machine, login, send the XRP elsewhere and be done with this. Thanks.
  2. Is it possible for a secret key to belong to 2 accounts?
  3. Oh wow, okay, so I went to Kraken and got the address I sent the XRP to originally, and it's different than the address I have written down... The address I have written down was auto-generated I think... Anyways, when I plug that address into bithomp I see all the money, so know what do I do?
  4. There's only 1 Ripple Address (starting with an r), that's all I've ever had. I'm entering that Rippex address into bithomp and all it's showing me is the nonsense I've done to restore the wallet after Rippex (apparently stole my XRP) shutdown. I'm at a loss.
  5. Also, I have the old backup code from Rippex. I have the backup 12 words from Rippex. I have the transaction IDs from when I sent the original XRP to Rippex from Kracken, if that helps. Thanks, - D
  6. Well, so the new Toast wallet showed up as in-active, so I sent another 25 XRP to it from Binance thinking that would make the rest of the XRP show up. It didn't, all I see in it is 24.75 XRP now. Also, that's all that's in the tracking software you just sent...this sucks. Did I someone delete the old XRP when I sent the 25 XRP from Binance?
  7. Hey guys, I lost my XRP when Rippex shutdown. I opened a Toast account, put in the secret key, address auto-populated, wallet opened and there was no XRP in it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, - D
  8. Guys, I had a Rippex wallet with a good amount of XRP in it. Missed the deadline to transfer it out, went to my Mac and the Rippex App was just a "?" symbol. Downloaded Toast, put in the old Rippex secret key, address auto-populated, create the wallet and there was 0 XRP inside, said it was inactive. So I sent another 25 XRP from another location to the wallet, and that showed up fine, now that's still all that's in there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - D
  9. I also lost my ripple when Rippex shut down. I downloaded the Toast wallet, put in my Rippex secret key and the address autopopulated and the account opened up empty. Any suggestions? Thanks -Derek
  10. So went to my computer this morning and the Rippex Wallet was gone. Had about 800 Ripple in there. Apparently they stopped operations. Got a Toast Wallet, entered in ripple address and secret key and account fired up, but is still not activated. Do I need to send 20 Ripple there to get the account fired up? - Thanks
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