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  1. Up the clacker, wow! 😳 New wallet update... dark storage.
  2. It's okay, trying to help out. 🧐
  3. Yakuni

    6 Months, 10 transactions.

    With one of his 3 personalities anyway. 😏
  4. Before anyone bothers clicking on this, be aware that it’s a 6 hour video that starts downloading immediately. 👎🏼 Goodbye data, goodbye 👋🏼
  5. The truth is out there.
  6. Yakuni

    $100 Per XRP

    Ok big fella I apologise for name calling. Was not necessary or appropriate or even accurate so is now fully retracted. Having a beer and buying more zerps, so here's to one big happy family and a bright future for all 🍻 Cheers.
  7. Facebook wasn’t first either. It only got to where it was by being better than MySpace, despite their massive head start in users. MySpace was vulnerable for many reasons and so is bitcoin. The network and user base isn’t fully established yet, being not even close to widespread adoption, not to mention all of the internal division and forks. Your second paragraph is basically an argument against bitcoin. Yes one is rare and hard to get and the other is numerous and cheap, and this is directly reflected in their prices but how is this fact going to influence their respective futures? Which one can actually be used? Which one will be mass adopted? I agree with your last paragraph, they’re not in direct competition. If bitcoin can survive on its own merits then I’m all for it. I just can’t see it staying at number 1 when it has a hungry hound like xrp hot on its heels.
  8. No offence but take your politics somewhere else before you get the thread shutdown.
  9. @Loki Those videos aren’t from bearableguy123. Some kind of imposter. Just checking you’re aware.
  10. No one will touch it because it's a dirty bankers coin!
  11. Well it’s PoC is unique compared to the PoW and PoS of the others. This gives it the unique combination of speed, low cost and scalability, where the others are forced to compromise on one. It’s also uniquely positioned itself in the market in terms of working with banks and FI’s rather than being ideologically opposed to them. Also unique in it’s wide variety of use cases and it’s ever expanding potential markets. And lastly the fact that it is condescendingly referred to as ‘not even a real crypto currency’ also points to it’s uniqueness in my opinion, albeit as a strength not a weakness. You’re right about Ripples comments. But I find it probable that Brad is just being diplomatic at this stage. I think secretly they want to be number 1 and fully believe it will happen eventually.
  12. This is because the penny hasn't dropped yet, so to speak. XRP is an incredibly unique asset which remains almost entirely unrealised. Unfortunately the bitcoin community are mostly blinded by their own prejudices and refuse to stay open minded, hence all the 'centralised, not even a crypto' views. Yes xrp will fall with bitcoin in the short to medium term, but the difference is that xrps potential will remain unscathed and eventually, when Ripples game plan further unfolds, the penny will start to drop, the smart money will start to come in and the Phoenix will start to rise from the ashes. ...either that or we all burn in misery. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. Funny thing is most of us aren't aware of it yet!
  14. To be expected I guess when the subject is a mystical clown bear whom we know nothing about, yet whose crazy riddles we cling to in vain hope, thinking that they may somehow be an important key to the future of our, as yet unrealised, but highly expected, exorbitant wealth. 🤣