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  1. Great now I have a cryptocrush on Monica to go along with all my xrp fomo. 🙋🏼‍♂️❤️
  2. @corak have you kept the chart from page 1 updated by any chance? Would be interesting to see.
  3. You didn’t get the rebranding memo? XRP isn’t a crypto anymore... it’s a digital asset ? The fomo is going to be insane.
  4. This article appeared in today's Australian Financial Review newspaper... https://www.afr.com/technology/airwallex-in-the-money-with-108m-raise-20180626-h11wca Airwallex is mentioned on ripples Website here... https://ripple.com/ripple_press/ripples-blockchain-network-now-100-strong/ Plus there have been rumours surrounding Tencent and Ripple for months. I know that neither Ripple nor XRP are explicitly mentioned so am trying not to get too hyped, but this sounds spot on to me! Exactly their usecase and the connections are already there. Thoughts? The countdown is on people... ??
  5. If it moons tomorrow and I become a millionaire I'll know I'm still just as dumb as I was yesterday. The geniuses are the guys and girls making it all work. ??
  6. Where the hell did this quote come from? I never posted that.
  7. Good to see over 92% not selling until moon. A lot of us are bloodied but unbowed. The XRP army is strong!
  8. Nice one Hodor, thanks. You say the majority of your crypto holdings are xrp, if you don’t mind sharing, what else have you got stashed away?
  9. Except they know that it’s the hodlers who will be in the least need of help. ?
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