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  1. 12 hours ago, jag216 said:

    Cory Johnson indicated market makers exist on both side of the transaction (into and out of xrp), absorbing much of the risk and apparently profiting handsomely. This is already in action.

    That podcast interview was very helpful in building an understanding of how xRapid and xrp actually work in practice.

    Couldn't find the thread for it, here's the audio link:



    Thank you! Global average is above 500 basis points. Ripple knocked it down to 40 basis points! At least to Mexico...

    That same calculation of $10 million would only cost $40,000 vs $500,000 traditional. Exceptional!

  2. On 3/18/2018 at 2:21 AM, GiddyUp said:


    When asked about volatility of XRP, Garlinghouse also set the record straight, explaining that SWIFT is much more volatile in several ways. Besides the days it takes to settle a “SWIFT” remittance, SWIFT’s published error rate is 6 percent.

    Also, since xRapid can settle in three seconds, the “volatility” of XRP is not really a consideration, since value fluctuations in three seconds’ time would not be able to disrupt the value of the transaction.


    I have some reservations concerning the volatility issue. I understand it is a few seconds of volatility but that can translate to $.02. In a payment of $10 million those $.02 calculate to $400,000 lost due to volatility at current xrp price. My question is how much would it cost to transfer $10 million through SWIFT? This is where exchanges or the like help to stabilize xrp prices so that price doesn't change as much but I would like to know how these exchanges tune their system to consistently make a profit and how they will do that with XRP?

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