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  1. Please don't fall for this. The email gives a link to a coindesk address. and is very professional job. The trick is the "i" in coindesk not being an "i" rather an "í" Its scary how good these scams are becoming...
  2. Yes agree POW is a terrible waste of energy. Whenever I raise this in other forums the responses are vitriolic. The way I see it is that even if one uses renewables it's still a waste. I have some coins on the Ethereum Blockchain which I bought without doing sensible research, never owned BTC and will dump for a loss if Casper does not arrive soon.
  3. I would check enter your wallet address in an online XRP explorer to check. Has your wallet address changed?
  4. I doubt this is the reason for the pump. Usual media trying to link events up to suit their business model. The pump is pure industry wide speculative trading in my view. Just enjoy the charts and sit back.
  5. Cryptomonster worked well for me. I've used lbx.com but they haven't got a stable system and their small withdrawal limits are irritating.
  6. Yes it is interesting. Lets see if it holds up.
  7. I'm afraid not, the bitstamp account will be a shared wallet.
  8. @Maros81 use the Private key as indicated in the screen shot.
  9. @Annevanzwol thanks for the update regarding getting the private key. I remember struggling with that part and trying all sorts of combinations. Regarding moving your ALV..hmm not something I have tried. I'm leaving mine on my ledger for now. They are worth hardly anything at the moment. This post could help however
  10. Hi Gary, please see the latest update to step 18. You can thank @Annevanzwol
  11. Yep good idea..you can never be too careful. It's like the wild west out there
  12. Yeah I can't see why not Bodytexture. All you are doing is interacting with the ledger, where your wallet is stored is irrelevant.
  13. These are my notes for acquiring ALV coins if you have a wallet that was active before March 27 inclusive. See https://allvor.org/get-alv/ They are based on the notes from Thanks Zock.. I've posted them as there isn't much information on the internet about how to do this so hopefully will be useful to some. Note I don't have a "cold computer" which in an ideal world you would have and any of the steps where I say to disconnect from the Internet you would do on a cold computer as per Zocks notes. Follow these steps at your own risk!!! They are taken from memory.
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