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  1. Very few C level execs handle their own social media profiles It's almost always thrown to a social media agency who has a loose content calendar populated by some lowly paid intern. I would be surprised if Kitao even knew the name of the agency
  2. His exact quote was that when SBI VC launches, they will be the no1 exchange in Japan in the blink of an eye. Nothing to do with XRP Anyone who has done enough research on SBI VC will know by now that the infrastructure they have put together is impressive
  3. whoever managing his social media account retweeted some random article Why is this urban legend refusing to die?
  4. Wanna come back to the Zerpening, @GuessWho?
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    Zerpening Club

    We just spared you the trouble of wading through 100 pages of GIFs every time there’s a 10c rise Although, we may let you back in if you change your name to UranusRaker
  6. Don’t think that matters as long as you can buy no? plus, Bitstamp has an NY bitlicense. They are as legit as it comes
  7. The team has made it very clear several times is that Codius is a low priority for them Especially with Corda now offering industry leading smart contracts, there is very little incentive for there to be native level smart contract capabilities for the XRPL
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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay thanks for this post, along with David's quote about "xRapid not being aimed at banks", it got me thinking further about another question: xRapid is a great product, but my personal opinion is that it still has too many steps for a bank to use XRP. it works well within the use case of NBFIs though. Your description of the original use case for gateways is very enlightening. I understand that it is financially and logistically and from a regulatory perspective very difficult for Ripple to maintain these gateways. But what if banks take responsibility of their own gateways and do their bridging directly on the XRPL DEX? We know xCurrent can now settle with XRP, so could this be a possible workflow in the future? Thanks again in advance.
  9. LilBender

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Picture of text is not without source it is part of a twitter conversation by DS. The time stamp is there, you may go verify the entire conversation yourself If you cannot be respectful, please refrain from answering me Besides, the question was for Bob, not you
  10. LilBender

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay might as well ask you directly the original theory about the "Hidden ledger" before it was distorted by the Twitterverse. The hypothesis we had was that: - It is possible to create a private, permissioned instance of the XRPL between entities that are known to each other (Maybe call it Trustline Plus?) - It is possible to send real XRP to this private chain from a wallet on the public XRPL. I suppose this will be counted as one payment Tx on the public ledger - Once inside the private ledger, the entities operating it can do Tx with real XRP however they want, with their own rules (Say, zero XRP burnt as fee as there is no risk of spam). These Tx will not be recorded on the public ledger - The entities operating this private ledger can price the XRP in it at whatever value they want to make it liquid enough for their use case. $5. $50 or even the infamous $589 - Whenever XRP is sent out of the private chain, it will end up on a wallet on the public ledger. This will count as one payment tx This approach reduces the strain on the public ledger, gives privacy to sensitive transactions and allows the parties involved to set a price that makes the asset as liquid as they want. Now the million dollar question(s) to you would be, - Is this technically possible? - If yes, is anyone possibly doing this as we speak? Thank you very much in advance!
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    Hi! I'm Bob

    I would, if I knew how to count
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