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  1. 8 hours ago, Sporticus said:

    Ripple funds its operations from the sale of tokens it controls.

    You don't have access to their private books to say that with authority

    Sales of XRP is only one source of funding for Ripple. Licensing their software suit is another, rounds of VC funding yet another

    People always seem to forget that Ripple already has settlement with FinCEN, who have A-OKd the current channels of XRP sales and distribution that Ripple are following


  2. TRX

    23 minutes ago, Sheldon said:

    @LilBender @dr_ed  Hello. Still in Trrrrrrrrooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?


    I'm probably missing some news, but I haven't heard of tron in recent months.

    I still have my bags but thinking about converting some in VET. If I has my TRX in an exchange probably some had already been converted to VET already LOL lucky or not, they are in my nano ledger.


    I rolled my TRX into VET, not because I don’t think TRX doesn’t have potential, but because I see more upside with VET

  3. 1 minute ago, Finesse said:

    I can do 1 XRP. I have to clean it up, Frame it and put it back out for sale and make a profit.


    your fee is waived. Welcome to the dark side 

  4. 16 hours ago, Moonraker said:

    How much do Ripple pay the likes of you for creating multiple accounts on this forum and spreading hopium and FOMO?

    I got paid nothing to shill XRP

    But I got paid 589 XRP to keep your a$$ out of the Zerpening

  5. 4 minutes ago, Anton said:

    No i like the tech but i will not agree with 8 dollars for each account. 
    Can i ask you why you are okey with this?

    And don't give that ********.. its to avoid spam on the network.. 
    We where creating account for 15 cent too... without the ''network'' being spammed. 

    We both know.. XRP has flaws !! My question is.. why are you avoid them? 
    Are you an XRP dev? 

    One final answer to you. I will add bullet points so that it's easier for you to read:


    1. Is the supposed high wallet fee a hinderance to XRP's success as you claim in the thread title?

      No. Because:

      - The wallet fee can be revised if needed
      - The target audience for XRP are Financial Institutions, who do not care whether the one time cost for activating their wallet is a few cents or a few thousand dollars

    2. Is this a "Flaw"?

      No. Because.

      - As a B2B oriented DA, the supposedly high cost of entry for a retail investor does not matter for the adoption cycle
      - Retail sentiment does not matter to Ripple or any other stakeholder. In fact, they are actively trying to dampen retail enthusiasm

    3. Is anyone profiting from the reserve XRP?


      As many have answered with supporting documentation, the reserve XRP stay in the wallet created and does not go to any validator or any other party other than the wallet owner. If you claim otherwise, I would like to see it substantiated with a Tx number that shows the reserve 20 XRP has moved from a wallet you own to a third party address


    Run along now.

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