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  1. Send all your zerps to me and I will send fiats to the same wallet
  2. This has a distinct lack of robot or garlic bread
  3. Yes Press the start button on your XRP, choose "Shutdown" from menu and don't do anything until you see this message on the screen
  4. I will cherish all the conversations I have had with him and the time we worked together on XRP United. RIP @P3T3RIS
  5. Wizard is unavailable Try asking the smurf chasing fairy
  6. I know someone who would buy 70899 of them, but he's kind of a ghost these days
  7. No Get back to the fields, serf
  8. Lord XRP does not cater to the wishes of peasants
  9. I work for XRP First name X Last name RP
  10. I am going to counter this XRP chat network spam with some quality GIF content
  11. One final answer to you. I will add bullet points so that it's easier for you to read: Is the supposed high wallet fee a hinderance to XRP's success as you claim in the thread title? No. Because: - The wallet fee can be revised if needed - The target audience for XRP are Financial Institutions, who do not care whether the one time cost for activating their wallet is a few cents or a few thousand dollars Is this a "Flaw"? No. Because. - As a B2B oriented DA, the supposedly high cost of entry for a retail investor does not matter for the adoption cycle - Retail sentiment does not matter to Ripple or any other stakeholder. In fact, they are actively trying to dampen retail enthusiasm Is anyone profiting from the reserve XRP? No. As many have answered with supporting documentation, the reserve XRP stay in the wallet created and does not go to any validator or any other party other than the wallet owner. If you claim otherwise, I would like to see it substantiated with a Tx number that shows the reserve 20 XRP has moved from a wallet you own to a third party address Run along now.
  12. This spambot bores me Can someone rug him so that this nonsense can end? I have no powers here (Yet)
  13. It means that a financial institution looking to save millions of dollars with RippleNet couldn't care less if a wallet activation costs a few cents or a few thousand dollars
  14. XRP is meant for institutional use What it costs a speculator to create a wallet is not their concern
  15. I answered you in a post above The 20 XRP reserve is used to reduce network spam, it doesn't go to anyone, it stays in the wallet you made The reason XRP wallets can have tags is also to reduce network spam
  16. The 20XRP reserve is for reducing network spam, it doesn't go to anyone, it stays in the wallet
  17. It used to cost 50 XRP to activate a wallet, this was later revised to 20 XRP It can be revised further up on down if needed and the new rule will have to be approved through consensus, just like every rule that governs the XRPL In any case, XRP is aimed at institutions who couldn't care less about spending a few hundred or thousands to activate a wallet. You and me are speculators and not the target audience
  18. That's not how it reads, it says access to those two (And does not exclude any other) TAS is a documented RippleNet integrator and the TAS gateway allows access to SWIFT, Sia and RippleNet
  19. From personal experience, transfer within south east asia is not too complicated The THBEUR part is on RippleNet, we all know how fast and cheap this is Also from personal experience, SGDEUR on SWIFT is neither fast, nor cheap
  20. SCB is the first Multi-Hop partner to be announced, there are surely more to come Even if it's a sub-regional rail, doing an IDRTHB transaction and then using Multi-Hop to do a THBEUR transaction will be cheaper and faster than doing an IDREUR transaction using SWIFT (Which in reality is an IDRSGD regional rail and an SGDEUR SWIFT transaction)
  21. This is why I said they can leverage on a Multi Hop partner
  22. Actually, those are the primary customers of Ripple If a small community bank only does a handful of transactions, they still need to be a paid up member of SWIFT (With implementationa nd licensing fee) AND pay through the nose to the correspondence banks. However, if they have a local rail to a RippleNet member, they can utilize MultiHop and if their transactions scale up, become a RippleNet member themselves I foresee a lot of tiny South East Asian banks leveraging exactly this with Siam Commercial Bank in the near future
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