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  1. My medicine is Chianti, would be odd to drink it in a coffee mug, but why not! Thanks!
  2. Nono, you read it wrong. He said "Bye Felicia" to you. And he can, because he wields the power of the BANHAMMAR. Is the cocporn cold yet?
  3. Now look what you did, Chewie. He'll have to eat his popcorn all by himself.
  4. Many Korean exchanges didn't have KYC last year and a lot of Japanese traders used them. The regulations are stricter now and those traders use domestic exchanges.
  5. What Corda and other private blockchains do is different from what XRPL does. They can and will coexist.
  6. I don’t remember you ever being invited to join it, so nice way of confirming you’re a double account.
  7. Ok, my conservative estimate says we will break the previous ATH within 12 months. If I fail, I will sing you an apology like an 8 bit Nintendo
  8. This thread, like many others in this forum are good examples of why there are so few crypto millionaires.
  9. If we go above $3 in less than 6.7 years, will you offer a public apology?
  10. Did you predict XRP’s 33600% rise last year? Or Verge’s 1000000% one?
  11. What real use case drove any crypto on parabolic rises over the past decade?
  12. Once again, you show a complete lack of understanding of what Market Capitalization is. It is not “Real wealth”. It CAN be generated in the billions. It bears no reflection on the actual money invested. If I printed 10 Bendercoins and sold one to you for a billion, the market cap of Bendercoin is suddenly 10 billion. If I sold a second one to your buddy zerptime for 2 billion, the market cap instantly doubles to 20 billion, but there is only 3 billion actually invested in the system. Go back and read 2 year old discussions on how XRP can never be $1 because “The market cap would be too high”. Then understand the folly of your ways. Fortunately, people who have real money and make decisions understand this. That’s all that matters.
  13. Plenty has happened in terms of XRP and the ledger this year. Far more progress compared to most other Digital Assets. Focusing on the price alone shows that you’re in it for a quick buck and when that didn’t happen, you and your ilk are taking it out on everyone else. Does anyone here have a handy list of all the trolls and doomsday pundits? I want to call each and every single one of them out in a thread when the price finally reflects the potential (And utility)of XRP. I highly doubt any of them will show up to answer though.
  14. I’m sorry, I require a certain amount of intelligence and commitment from the counter party to continue serious debates.
  15. The demand is not there “Right now”. We haven’t even seen the top of the iceberg when it comes to the use cases and potential of XRP. If you disagree with that statement, we have nothing to discuss until you DYOR
  16. Have you ever worked in a real company? Do you know what projections are?
  17. There is hypothetical and there’s projected. If you think the demand for XRP in the future is purely hypothetical, you shouldn’t have bothered to create a new account and blessed us with your presence here.
  18. The people who bring up the supply argument while ignoring demand have no understanding of anything .
  19. I am answering solely about the “Supply” topic.
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