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  1. And that somehow solidifies your argument that there will not be another crazy bull run? Once again, evidence
  2. You are no different from anyone else who has said the same in the previous bear markets Don't believe me? Google is your friend
  3. Quorum and GPI do not do instant settlements
  4. Bookmarking this thread for later Hope the experts are still here by then
  5. This is basically one of the reasons why Multi Hop and pathfinding were implemented, plus the seamless ability to use XRP to settle in xCurrent V4. Use banks in XRP friendly nations as hubs and let anyone on Ripplenet settle with XRP.
  6. Every self important troll is apparently an XRP whale. Profile checks out. Welcome back, DB_Cooper.
  7. Back in the good old days you peddled your wares under a different username and it was as terrible then as it is now.
  8. Right after that, he said Banks will offer crypto custody next year. Put 2 and 2 together.
  9. Haven’t read this whole thread yet but I see the same old FUD. Institutions buying from Ripple is a GOOD thing. This means the XRP locked up in Hedge funds etc come straight from Ripple, not by shorting the market to hell as it happens with BTC (XRP dropping with BTC is an unfortunate side effect of that). When xRapid runs 100%, the real time buys and sells happen in the open market. No ways around it.
  10. He can't sell any more than he is allowed to sell per day, no matter how much he receives.
  11. LilBender

    RippleNet and xRapid

    Using local rails is a lot faster and more efficient than international wires. Moreover, as a large customer, MercuryFX may have a credit relationship with Bittrex (IOUs that are settled in a day or two)
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    Hello Everybody

    Mehr oder weniger
  13. LilBender

    Hello Everybody

    Welcome, Tobi. Kommst du aus Deutschland? We would be happy to invite you once you have 25 posts on the forum. Just send us a PM after that and we'll send you an invite.
  14. We granted his wish because we are a generous bunch.
  15. We even celebrate LADA! POSITIVITAAAAAAHHH!!!
  16. My medicine is Chianti, would be odd to drink it in a coffee mug, but why not! Thanks!
  17. Nono, you read it wrong. He said "Bye Felicia" to you. And he can, because he wields the power of the BANHAMMAR. Is the cocporn cold yet?
  18. Now look what you did, Chewie. He'll have to eat his popcorn all by himself.
  19. Them grapes be too sour, for they be too high for me to reach
  20. Don’t be salty because you are not invited to play with the cool kids.
  21. LilBender

    Bitbank ranked top for XRP volume???

    Many Korean exchanges didn't have KYC last year and a lot of Japanese traders used them. The regulations are stricter now and those traders use domestic exchanges.