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  1. Lol. Playing that card now? you’re the guy who’s working on top secret projects with Ripple who doesn’t understand the basic requirements for liquidity. You’ve got nothing. Run along now.
  2. Dude... we were talking back and forth with each other until I tore your liquidity argument apart, and then you bailed. I don’t need an answer from you anymore. You’ve got nothing. Go play your insider card with some gullible noobs.
  3. I was talking directly to you when you bailed. I don’t feel the need to bring up that conversation again. You’ve answered it plenty.
  4. You tell us, your face is basically a giant sphere You started off saying your friends work at exchanges and a few days later, changed the story to you are working on projects You pulled a disappearing act when the holes in your theory were exposed and questions were asked, came back again a few days later hoping no one will remember that You shared nothing of value in there other than talking about micropayments Sorry bro, whatever you're selling was not bought
  5. IBM uses the Stellar Protocol. Not XLM.
  6. There is no game. You claim that the market will NEVER match last year's numbers. You have no real data to prove it, selectively quoting what you want doesn't change that. The market HAS fundamentally changed and that's not in your favor. Institutional grade custody, trading and investment are all just months away from happening or is happening as we speak. One last time. Provide evidence for your statement or backpedal out of this.
  7. No, I am stating actual historic trend. as evidence You are stating an opinion. There is a fundamental difference. Provide evidence or backpedal out of this.
  8. Historical data is on my side. Your opinion is on yours. This market went to record highs after the Mt. Gox Disaster, China ban and several other incidents. Once again, evidence. Not opinion. Have any?
  9. And that somehow solidifies your argument that there will not be another crazy bull run? Once again, evidence
  10. You are no different from anyone else who has said the same in the previous bear markets Don't believe me? Google is your friend
  11. Bookmarking this thread for later Hope the experts are still here by then
  12. This is basically one of the reasons why Multi Hop and pathfinding were implemented, plus the seamless ability to use XRP to settle in xCurrent V4. Use banks in XRP friendly nations as hubs and let anyone on Ripplenet settle with XRP.
  13. Every self important troll is apparently an XRP whale. Profile checks out. Welcome back, DB_Cooper.
  14. Back in the good old days you peddled your wares under a different username and it was as terrible then as it is now.
  15. Right after that, he said Banks will offer crypto custody next year. Put 2 and 2 together.
  16. Haven’t read this whole thread yet but I see the same old FUD. Institutions buying from Ripple is a GOOD thing. This means the XRP locked up in Hedge funds etc come straight from Ripple, not by shorting the market to hell as it happens with BTC (XRP dropping with BTC is an unfortunate side effect of that). When xRapid runs 100%, the real time buys and sells happen in the open market. No ways around it.
  17. He can't sell any more than he is allowed to sell per day, no matter how much he receives.
  18. Using local rails is a lot faster and more efficient than international wires. Moreover, as a large customer, MercuryFX may have a credit relationship with Bittrex (IOUs that are settled in a day or two)
  19. Welcome, Tobi. Kommst du aus Deutschland? We would be happy to invite you once you have 25 posts on the forum. Just send us a PM after that and we'll send you an invite.
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