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  1. (Except Bitcoin Bitcoin)
  2. I’ll allow it, presidential human fleshbag!
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    Charts - How To's

    P.s. I am NOT your father
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    Charts - How To's

    You love me now. Wait till we meet in the next episode, @Rey
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    Charts - How To's

    You sir, win all of the internetz for today. All of it.
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    That fibonacci carbonara is way too undercooked to make a head and shoulders formation. It needs to be nice and bendy!
  7. A decentralized exchange (DEX) basically means there is no single server that holds a log of all transactions. It is recorded on a distributed ledger and in the case of the XRP ledger, validated by consensus. One benefit is that server hackings will be next to impossible. XRP being the native DA of the XRP ledger allows for the fastest and cheapest transactions on it. But technically, any asset can be used as a base coin. One can't just flip a switch and convert a normal exchange to a DEX, it has to be built around a distributed ledger. Binance is building one, but I have no idea which ledger they are using as a a base.
  8. People can send XRP to exchanges faster and cheaper than they can BTC or ETH. Higher usage of XRP as a base asset helps build its liquidity as well.
  9. The XRP ledger has its own decentralized exchange that can transfer any other digital asset or even commodities . Bitstamp runs on the XRP ledger and the now dead Mr. Ripple/ Mr. Exchange did too. THere is currently at least one company that trades precious metals on the XRP ledger. xRapid is a closed source, proprietary product built by Ripple that uses the XRP ledger for a specific use case. For the use case you have mentioned, xRapid is not necessary.
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    The TRROOONNNN-thread!