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  1. Every month, when her aunt flo visits her, Galgitron feels the incessant need to tell everyone what they already know; albeit with the condescending, dismissive tone we all know and love from her
  2. Lol, keep saying that to yourself if it makes you feel better The moderation logs say otherwise
  3. You must have mistaken our chicken for some garden variety pheasant @RegalChicken is still very much holding and has increased his stack in the past few days You haven't seen him in forever because we hang out in the Zerpening and trolls and whiny little schmidts are not welcome there Go find some new material to troll with
  4. "Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency Bitmain periodically sells to fund its operations"* *Fact that is never reported by FUDdesk
  5. Every FUDdesk writer gets a printed handout of XRP bashing points, hand prepared by Ryan Selkis himself
  6. No matter how many times one reminds them of the FinCEN settlement, some genius will always bring up the "BUT IT COULD BE A SECURITAH" argument...
  7. You don't have access to their private books to say that with authority Sales of XRP is only one source of funding for Ripple. Licensing their software suit is another, rounds of VC funding yet another People always seem to forget that Ripple already has settlement with FinCEN, who have A-OKd the current channels of XRP sales and distribution that Ripple are following
  8. I rolled my TRX into VET, not because I don’t think TRX doesn’t have potential, but because I see more upside with VET
  9. Lol your fee is waived. Welcome to the dark side
  10. I got paid nothing to shill XRP But I got paid 589 XRP to keep your a$$ out of the Zerpening
  11. Fantastic work as always, @JannaOneTrick I too have made similar conclusions about the future direction of XRP after reading the Q2 report, as well as some thoughts on what happened in the past (More specifically, the September pump). You can see it here:
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