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  1. I am unable to properly articulate the level of some unknown emotion that @Delectro‘s post has elicited from deep within me. Perhaps this emotion is called dafuq, as others have pointed out? The level of my dafuq is high and slightly unnerving. And yet I am more than mildly intrigued and want more of this dafuq feeling.
  2. That was funny. What do I need to do for $589? I’d consider it, even if left with a bad taste in my mouth (so to speak). as far as Bill Clinton goes - all opinions are valid. But I’m only interested in facts - does this help us moon?
  3. I call FUD. Non-story. He's ensuring his cookie is big AF. That means our cookies will also be AF large.
  4. My wife tells me I have both financial and mental issues and that I should seek help. And only this morning I was in the shower, listening to YouTube XRP videos from last night, and she asked me if I wasn’t bored by only listening to XRP stuff all the time. I gave her my “shore wave”. She asked me why I was waving at her and I explained this was the wave she’d see when I departed the berth on our biga$$ sailboat while she stayed onshore. Then she told me I should add relationship issues to my list. Welcome aboard the crazy train!
  5. I just made a 5 beer, 5 hours in the sun purchase. Uhoh. Do not tell my wife.
  6. I think there is no doubt we’ve had a hiatus of quality in certain groups. The summer doldrums. Where is everyone traveling this summer? I’m headed to Thailand, Jordan and Sri Lanka. I’d rather buy more XRP but my wife has spoken.
  7. I just offered my wife my twolips but she declined. Totally BS.
  8. Fair enough. We are both in agreement. Lambos suck and wild price predictions are worthless. I will even open up the good scotch.
  9. And yet he does while you continue to bring up valid points that offer no positive contribution to anyone other than yourself. I’m sure you are a great person - I’d love to buy you a beer and talk about life one day. Next time you’re stopping by Dubai, ping me and I’ll grill us a steak and we can shoot the sh!t, unless you’ll stop listening to me after I say something you don’t like. Just be aware I’ll argue with both sides of a brick wall and I get louder as the night grows long.
  10. Haters gonna hate. I never will understand the negativity people are willing to advertise against banal subjects. Seriously, there are so many other issues to waste time on, like emoting about separating kids from their parents during military deployments?. I’m no fan of Alex’s style, probably due to the age difference (I’m much younger in my mind than he is) but I absolutely appreciate what he’s accomplished. It is fascinating and a good thing for XRP because there is an audience for his voice. I would be willing (heck, I am willing) to say few people in the group have the intestinal fortitude to have started, yet alone continued, Alex’s journey. It’s not a journey for everyone but out of 7 billion people, there are more than a few wishing they were in his shoes who will never do more than wish. I applaud his drive and want nothing but the best for him and his and you and yours and they and them and zer and zeta. (And he’s got a dog - that’s cool!)
  11. I was hoping the one dude’s ball would drop during the program. Just for his sake. I know, I know. I’m insensitive. Mea maxima culpa.
  12. Can you whittle that 3 hours into 5 or 6 points of good, not so good and trajectory? I like hearing these types of stories to help me make my XRP sermon more righteous.
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