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    SanHolo reacted to LuoJi in How Much XRP do people here have?   
    I bought everything my salary allows me. I have 26k and no problem saying it.
    Pd.:  If you are a hacker please note that Viggo has 5 times my stack so please be smart and target him. 
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    SanHolo reacted to King34Maine in I’m out   
    I don't get why ppl do this!! Announce that they have sold some digital asset, token, etc. Sell and be done with it. You don't have to explain why, it's your money dude. It's almost like you wanted permission....LOL!! For the sake of completion, It's ok @Capone we forgive you for selling your XRP, no hard feelings my man....
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    SanHolo reacted to Bearmark in SCB Thailand will announce their XRP system "Soon"   
    Sir, be the change you want to see. 
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    SanHolo reacted to whiteout in Tiffany Hayden   
    I think it’s strange how all her selfies are from the same side
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    SanHolo got a reaction from Finesse in Zerpening Club   
    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    SanHolo got a reaction from WayneMoon in Zerpening Club   
    Oh, the irony..
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    Oh, the irony..
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    SanHolo reacted to 2ndtimearound in Here's What 3 Lawyers Have to Say About That Cryptic Tether Letter   
    Who cares about Tether any more - their circulation is down 30%, they were once 5th in the top cryptos, now 10th.   They're on their way out.  The FUD that they would blow up the market is no longer credible....Tether will fizzle out as people lose trust in its ability to peg to $1.
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    SanHolo reacted to Tripple in Ant Financial to use XRP/xRapid for micro loans?   
    This is actually a photograph of SWIFTs GPI service touching down after transferring value across the Atlantic.  
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    SanHolo reacted to BruceWhale in Top banks come together to build Trade Information Network with (Ripple Partner) CGI   
    Ripplenet - Xcurrent ?
    Madrid, 17 Oct 2018. ANZ, Banco Santander, BNP Paribas, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Standard Chartered have announced a joint initiative to build a digital “Trade Information Network” by the end of 2018. The founding banks have signed a corresponding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and have agreed to work toward piloting the Network. They will introduce the Network at the SIBOS conference in Sydney, Australia, on 22 October 2018. Once operational, it will become the first inclusive global multi-bank, multi-corporate network in trade finance
     In addition to the founding banks, more than 20 additional banks from around the world are actively participating in developing the Network and several corporates have already expressed an interest in participating in pilots. The Network has the potential to transform international trade.
    Corporates will be able to submit and verify purchase orders and invoices to request trade financing from the banks of their choice. By providing those banks with access to trusted trade information, the Network will help to mitigate the risk of double financing and fraudulent trade information across the industry. This enables the relevant banks to better assess risks and provide trade financing earlier in the supply chain, including for small and medium-sized enterprises who have traditionally experienced difficulty in accessing trade finance. Banks will provide financing outside of the Network using their existing systems.
    The Network has open architecture and standardised connectivity based on a governance model similar to SWIFT to achieve maximum adoption across the supply chain ecosystem. Corporates will use a simple one-time registration process which will allow them to connect with all banks on the Network.
    After an extensive selection process, the Network selected CGI as its technology provider due to their combination of deep trade finance, technology and business consulting expertise, and global presence. The pilot version of the Network is now complete and CGI will continue to support the development of the “Trade Information Network”
    CGI from 2015 : https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-and-cgi-team-up/
    source : https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/es_ES/Corporativo/Sala-de-comunicacion/2018/10/18/Siete-bancos-se-unen-para-transformar-la-financiacion-comercial.html?leng=en_GB&linkId=100000003789381
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    SanHolo reacted to Amigo in (Official) J.P. Morgan, Ripple, SWIFT and Marsh & McLennan together in a Panel @AFP Chicago 2018   
    That was actually only 1 year ago ?
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    SanHolo reacted to TinyRick in Inside RIPPLE Headquarters With Cointelegraph   
    He is a machine, he doesn't need eyelids!
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    SanHolo reacted to aavkk in Ripple and FIS are working together   
    Yea, seems like a staged debate designed to educate.  Should be a huge net win for Ripple. For the entertainment factor though it seems to be a likely disappointment.  Maybe they will bring out Nathaniel Popper right after for a debate- that I would pay to watch.  
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    SanHolo reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Ripple Presentation Prepared for Fides   
    Fides: https://www.fides.ch/en/
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    SanHolo reacted to slinuxuzer in A chart of aggregate XRP holdings by the BearWhale   
    Im talking about the other 6 billion that may be unrestricted, and as far as dumping, yea, I do call a single entity selling 750M XRP from Jan - March dumping - IMO BW single handily shut down the run for XRP in Q1
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    SanHolo reacted to Atomic1221 in A chart of aggregate XRP holdings by the BearWhale   
    Actually my thoughts exactly!
    Chris Larsen supposedly donated 7bn XRP to RippleWorks
    1) Address that activated BW account:
    This address was activated with 6.60Bn. 
    Of the 6.60Bn; 5.09Bn was spent activating two accounts, one of which was BW:
    BW account (with 1.089 Bn)
    Secondary Account: (4.011 Bn)
    2) The account that funded 1) with a 6.60Bn XRP balance was:
    The account that funded the 6.60Bn account is one of the “ x.distributor.1 “ accounts who’s original holdings totaled 27bn XRP = around 70% of circulating supply.
    3) The exact account that funded the 6.60Bn account (which in turn funded BW) is called  x.fortknox.6 and had originally 9bn in holdings (one of 3 accounts each with 9bn XRP)
    What does all this mean? Well 3) started with 9bn and spent 7.1bn activating secondary accounts back in 2013. This was quite a while before the RW donation announcement but I still think it’s possible.
    7bn has actually never been “spent” from a single account except from this account. Only 3 accounts have over 7bn and this is one of 3. The other 2 don’t ever have transactions that could equal 7bn
    Also given the amount of circulating supply = 39 Bn ; that means that only 12 Bn of circulating didn’t belong to one of these 3 accounts at any given time. 
    Given that there’s the following accounts:
    5.1bn for Ripple Holdings accounts (rMQ9...)
    1bn Bittrex (rPVM...)
    Basically if you add up all the known accounts you’ll come to the conclusion that the ONLY WAY that 7bn was donated would have been from one of the 3 Fort Knox accounts based on supply. There’s just no other way for it to happen. What I’m saying here is, with the exception of the x.distributor.1 accounts,  even if a all the top 50 accounts with still unidentified owners pooled their balance together, it wouldn’t come close to funding 7bn XRP.
    Please keep in mind, for extremely large accounts there would be a trail of account ownership relationships for such a large transfer. Meaning, even if 7bn came from multiple accounts; it would still need to be linked to the top 50 or so accounts for it to have been possible at all. 
    So given my original post and the information above, I think the conclusion is obvious. IF Chris Larsen did donate the 7bn it would have HAD to come from one of those 3 accounts. And fact one of those accounts activated two accounts for an amount of around 7.1bn XRP (and only two accounts), I think we can safely guess that CL indeed did donate 7bn and BW is in fact related to RippleWorks.
    Also, x.distributor.1 was a genesis account that was “given” XRP before ledger 32580 which is the beggining of Ripple Ledger history. This 27bn likely belongs to 3 Ripple Founders. 
    If someone can prove me wrong here, I’ll delete this but this my best conclusion given the data at hand. RippleWorks was founded in 2014 and these transactions are from late 2013. Announcement was much later but I bet CL wanted to make sure Ripple was a smashing success before donating a large stake of his net worth to charity.
    And like I said before, charities will generally use a trustee to sell at times of high-volume in order to complete their obligation of a “best-effort”.
    Edit: It would really reinforce this idea if RW made an announcement in the coming months with project timelines or something along these lines since it has completed selling off the entire stack in its only active account....well, that’s assuming everything I said above is correct
    Some further evidence:
    1) If CL did donate 17.5% or Circulating Supply of the security he co-founded; it would be obligatory for RW to use a trustee to avoid any accusations of price manipulation or impropriety. 
    2) Bitstamp is also use for Jed’s cashouts and I believe most of the Ripple Exec’s selling is done on there. Minor evidence but true.
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    SanHolo reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Polysign website up: Ripple co-founder Arthur Britto is Founder/Pres, VP Product was Ripple's first product manager, David Schwartz is board member   
    Institutional-grade custody for digital assets:
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