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  1. Not really (on the tech side at least). They were happy to settle in an hour!
  2. YeAh, guess so. So OP, can you elaborate what has been said?
  3. How did you conclude that out of my statement? I’d like 200 banks/MSP saying it out loud even more than one!
  4. I'd like them loud like Currencies Direct's statement, instead of silence.
  5. Apart from liquidity, do you guys expect a large price bump from being added to CB? I think it wouldn't be as big as BCH's because, well, let's say BCH launch didn't go by the books and went high due to those circumstances.
  6. https://thenextweb.com/conference/live You'll have to scroll back in time though, DS was on around 12.00 PM IIRC. I see there are multiple streams. Don't know which one it was, sorry.
  7. We can’t know. But your sentence reads that it certainly isn’t the case because Ripple said so afterwards.
  8. How do you know Santander is not using/building on xRapid? It could be a simple mistake. It could also be true, but wasn’t supposed to be announced (due to NDA’s) and was therefore deleted from the video afterwards.
  9. Must’ve been a lack of oxygen, what you say makes sense now.
  10. Or they could just adjust the fee rate for that kind of transactions
  11. Da da da da! It's the motherf***ing X R P
  12. What @Theone01 said. ‘Via’ means road in some languages, it’s a road connecting to a highway.
  13. But they could be integrating it in the future. Nevertheless I personally like to wait for official announcement before I celebrate.
  14. @mars75 has made a thread about DWOLLA, good read (as anything from @mars75).
  15. You can call me smart *** all you want, but I'd rather have people not spread unconfirmed rumours as truth.
  16. Have you actually read the article? I quote: Which to me seems, they based their article on a picture that says the FIRST transaction has zero fee, Not all transactions. As someone who's name is Dutch, you would expect he could understand the dutch language . That said it could be possible that the app uses Ripple tech, but it is not very likely IMO.
  17. And how many have you seen asking basic questions on Reddit?
  18. You might think that if someone is an insider, it's a knowledgable person having read much about the tech your company is doing business on/with. As Tron seems to have a history with Ripple (I believe Ripple even invested in TRX) , he asks a question he should know the answer of already, and even if not, Reddit would definitely NOT be the place for an insider to ask that.
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