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  1. I got caught? Lol. I’m not the one who takes “journalist” price predictions as promises, you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining here about “the july turn” that hasn’t happened. If you choose to believe every superbullish and probably baseless article, You better be prepared to be disappointed. Welcome to the real world.
  2. As far as I can tell, no one can predict these markets, even JK admitted the market behaved different than he expected. Ripple never made any price prediction with deadlines.
  3. Who are you listening to? Fortune tellers? Kitao’s social media employee retweeted a bullish (but based on nothing) article with a valuation and you perceive that as a promise?
  4. There’s a difference in being a (knowledgable) critic and an overly emotionally attached negative nancy. not saying that’s you per se, but they’re definitelly here.
  5. Don't let SuperTronk hear it, he might even report you for XLM FUDDING. This is xlmchat.com, after all...
  6. Post (and user for that matter) has no relevance to XRP, please delete thread.
  7. I think they don’t care if they don’t do business in USA. Just because the US Health department prohibits the sale of Coca Cola doesn’t mean they can’t sell it in other countries.
  8. Many people on here seem to forget that SEC doesn’t have worldwide jurisdiction. US is a minority in XRPLedger volume.
  9. This. to me, is only an option when we've just had a big rally, like in january. Not when we're already 6 months deep in a bear market. But even then it's still a gamble. I don't like gambling.
  10. Best case was summer of last year. I think a year of delay is enough.
  11. You don’t have to convince me, his (now deleted) reddit post history told me all I needed to know.
  12. Believing in the possibility that someone could be an insider and believing his predictions are not the same thing.
  13. That’s an assumption, some might have been. I think every rational thinking being knows that noone can predict future value of complex things. It’s dreaming, just like lambo’s and moons.
  14. $589, the moon, lambo. What’s the difference exactly?
  15. You would see it if it was on all corridors on full scale, not a trial in one corridor. Although I don't believe it's Ripple until they announce it.
  16. Who says SC had any input in how the tech would be set up? if AliPay asks SC if they want to help setting up their own tech, why would SC not do it if it makes them money? Costumer is king.
  17. IIRC exchanges need special licenses to trade securities. So it would have a negative impact on liquidity as long as exchanges don’t have those licenses.
  18. From now on, everybody should run every possible lead to be bullish by you, you then can decide if it's a good reason for FOMO, and after your OK, we can post it on the internet? Sounds like a great plan! DO you have an email for FOMO requests?
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