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  1. IIRC It's not that they hadn't had one before, but they had to switch up their tactics, which resulted in xRapid.
  2. I thought BGarlnghouse said xRapid went from an idea to a product in just one year. How could anyone be testing it before that? Or does that website combine 'testing xrp' and 'testing xRapid', perhaps?
  3. You’ll have to wait a month, when the next escrow is ready for release. @Sukrim made a topic once with instructions how you can do this.
  4. First part is from JFK speech: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_choose_to_go_to_the_Moon escrowrelease can be done by anyone, not just Ripple. So it might as wel be someone else who wrote this.
  5. If you’re alluding to the tps mentioned, thats about ILP, not XRPL.
  6. What about the large bagholders in this scenario? (Especially Jed)
  7. I thought it was Stefan Thomas who said ILP has unlimited scalability (due to it's light coding), but XRPL has its bottleneck(s).
  8. but which one is it? yellow > I'm hungry. or yellow > makes me think of McDonalds > I'm hungry.
  9. You remind me of a recent Twitter poll ‘Where are you from? America, America, America or some other country?
  10. I’m just passing on the word from a friend of mine, but he’s nearing 30 and still enjoys them. He also has colleages 7+ years older who still drink it. So you’re in the clear.
  11. Please don’t and you could only be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Holding in the beginning is easy cause you are nowhere near your goal yet. All or nothing. But when a 10% loss equals a house you would buy for your mother (for instance), it may be harder to not cash out in a bear market.
  13. If you think holding gets easier when it’s worth more, I have news for you...
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