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  1. @BobWay (or anyone who knows) could the xrptipbot be used to handle rippling IOU payments?
  2. @BobWay I am intrigued, where do I go to learn about integration with regard to writing a front end?
  3. The idea of Rippling payments as social currency (I may not have used the correct words there) reminds me of the Irish bank strikes in the late 1960's and 1970's. All the banks in Ireland closed their doors and the people of Ireland transacted with IOU's within the trust networks they had established with the social lives. I don't understand how much of this ability is built into the XRP ledger today or how it could be used today. Is there a back end solution in place waiting for front end software?
  4. I wish that David would have just said, "Thank you for strengthening my case by failing to make yours", dropped the mic, and just danced for a few minutes before walking off stage.
  5. Build a tutorial that I can follow to get a smart contract running on my Codius host. As part of the tutorial have me make a micropayment to you for your efforts.
  6. I don't know of any yet and haven't had anyone use my host yet, but I am actively trying to figure out how to write a smart contract to host. That was my main motivation for putting together the codius host, I want to learn how to write smart contracts but don't want to pay someone else to host my experiments. Anybody here know about the details on putting a smart contract written in language xyz into a docker container and then hosting it on a codius host?
  7. I just went through Nicholas Scheetz's setup instructions and now am running a Codius host. It was very easy to setup thanks to the great walk through. I'll admit, I'm not sure what to do with it now that I have it running though.
  8. I have setup a VM running Ubuntu and gone through the installation process as detailed here. When I try to run the self test it fails with the following: Is anyone here actively developing with Codius? If so, an you provide any insight as to what I did wrong setting this up? For context, I own a small software consulting company so I'm not a complete dumdum, but I don't develop on Linux and I don't use javascript so I'm learning as I go. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. 1) A super realistic goat costume 2) A plane ticket to San Francisco, first class 3) San Francisco
  10. Thank you, I will check that out. I will show my greenness here by asking what may be a simple question, what exactly is "rippling"?
  11. I want to learn about the technical side of XRP and I read that it is relatively simple to create your own token on the ripple ledger. Could someone point me to a resource or two that could help me get started?
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