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  1. "What is it good for, Absolutely nothing". Remember that song?
  2. Reading through some of the comments here, very childish/immature. Did you guys ask mommy before buying cryptos? Back to the topic.. Rachel Lee has been a controversial figure in the xrp community BUT she backs up her claims and her research. I believe she is someone with good knowledge on economics and the global financial situation.. The US dollar standard is coming to an end. Today Russian and chinese leaders are meeting and possibly discussing a way to drop the dollar between bilateral trades. This is going to spread like wildfire to other nations. The US dollar is causing problems in emerging markets, inflation and serious economic crises are unfolding globally. We are coming to a point where the IMF will need to step in to bring the situation under control.. (Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia, etc) The IMF can do this together with the G20 nations.. Somebody in this thread asks, wont the IMF create their own coin? No they wouldnt. They have the SDRs, they could use that but they wont. Why? Because just like fiat currencies, the SDR is backed by nothing. And we know the IMF + central banks are not interested in using gold and silver.. Lets just say the IMF creates its own coin. This would mean the coin would need its own eco system to support its value. We are not going into a new monetery system using the same old backed by nothing tactics. Also this coin would need to be equal to or superior than xrp. But why go through all that trouble to create a new ecosystem to support an iMF coin and find it some value? and still risk falling short to xrp if xrp reaches $500 or a $1000 ( which may i add is not impossible at all. Xrp is a utility token and supply + demand will determine value. Xrp you buy and hold off the exchange is considered out of circulating supply. The system cannot touch your xrp. Most xrp will be bought up and held in private wallets making xrp scarce). Ripple is building a solid eco system for xrp which will support its value and bring stability. As miguel vias stated, Ripple wont know what to do with the escrow xrp and they cant be a lender of last resort nor can ripple be the most financially powerful company in the world above global banks and the IMF. Do the math.. This is where the IMF would come in and collect the escrow. Why do you think doors are easily opening for ripple and central banks are falling to ripples feet? Ripple is the globalists company. Ripple is serving a greater cause. This is way bigger than chris larsen and brad garlinghouse. Take a look at ripples board of directors. 50billion xrp is more than enough for the IMF and xrp will be the new digital gold standard. Every nation can easily liquidify and trade with their xrp. Its universal and open tech. this may sound like tinfoil hat stuff to the uneducated but to those who have some education this makes perfect sense.
  3. First comes regulations then comes xRapid. So wait to hear about regulations first. Also, ripple would want the cobalt update done and dusted before going live with xRapid. So thats 2 things to keep an eye out for..
  4. Fake unemployment figures. Realy unemployment is much higher. Its all about the method they use to calculate unemployment. If you have given up hipe and stopped searching for a job then you are not counted as unemployed. Even Trump the dump called it phony before he was selected by his zionist buddies to do their bidding. Zions have always ruled america, this time is not special..
  5. All they are doing is creating fomo so they can play this market. Nothing will happen without regulations.
  6. I tip billion xrp at a time. Sad for the recepients the limit is 5
  7. Chris Larsen is an ex advisory board member of HSBC. HSBC went on to join R3 consortium. They could be using IMB and Stellar.
  8. Bitcoin will remain a bull trap until regulations are passed in the coming G20 meeting 30November - 1December. This is when Bitcoins fate will be sealed. The world powers will simply never allow a rogue currency to operate outside internatonal laws. Game over BTC, XRP will moon once regulations are passed.
  9. Theres no recovery. Its still down trend bear market. This is not a recovery. It is normal chart cycle movements. XRP is still headed lower as well as every other crypto.
  10. Listen to peter thiel. Hes an early ripple investor and bilderberg group attendee. Bitcoin was the experiment and it will will end. Theres no way they allow btc to operate as a rogue currency. International law will shut it down. Exchanges will stop hosting it.
  11. SWIFT is just a banking organization, not a company. The Swift banking system is being used by the US as a weapon against other nations like Russia, china, iran etc. The US can block nations from using the Swift system and this is one of the reasons it is doomed to fail when the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency. Swift has 2 options as we near the end of the petro dollar monetary system. They can die away or die away slowly. Swift will be useless in any new monetary system especially if competing against the likes of ripple. Swift is not really making much money to compete with ripple so they will just bend the knee to ripple and step aside.
  12. I think these lawsuits are staged just so ripple can have a public sort of case against its name so its on the public record and no one can say it was secretive and enriched a few. Lets just call it protocol. These lawsuits just sound childish to me
  13. Once upon a time there were only millionares and thinking about billionares was almost fantasy. Many thought that would never happen. But as we progress in life and with more and more currency being printed into existence, it is way over due for the worlds first trillionares. Millions are not worth as much as they once were and billions have lost their shine as well..
  14. In my opinion toast wallet is good enough. No need for nano. Also check out Edge Secure. Just make sure you keep your keys secure and back them up.
  15. I dont see why the entire world needs an account on the ledger. I believe this comment was made at the very early stages of ripple, long before mojaloop and onepay etc. With these kinds of payment apps, the end user doesnt need to be connected to the ledger. The service providers being connected to ledger should be sufficient. End user doesnt need to know how his money is moving, which ledger and what is xrp etc.
  16. Correct me if im wrong but what is meant by humanity level service is ripple working on the back end of applications, enabling faster and cheaper money movements 24/7. I dont see the wisdom in lowering the xrp reserve amount as this shouldnt affect the end user of apps like mojaloop and onepay etc. I would assume the reserves will be increased in time to keep xrp as an exclusive club asset. Meaning if xrp goes up to $500 or $1000 each and the reserves are set to 50, ordinary people would think a million times before opening a wallet. Xrp depreciates in supply over time which will result in perpetual increase in value + increase of demand which will contribute to value as well.. having ordinary retail investors holding xrp wouldnt make sense going forward. Big money is the target for increased liquidity. Lowering the reserves will open the door to small money time wasters who will just need to drop a few 1000 dollar in to xrp and cash it out after few months with a decent return. This would make the asset a cash cow.
  17. Thank you. Will have to wait to wait for that support. Too many 20xrp spread out
  18. Hey guys. So im sure everyones heard about the Edge wallet supporting XRP. I want to transfer my zerps from Rippex to edge without reserving another 20zerps for the new wallet. Is it possible to complete this kind of transfer and if so, how? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  19. Look at the bright side. 3000 less xrp in circulation means 3000 less xrp for xRapid means supply and demand will send value up later on.
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