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  1. SWIFT has 11,000+ banks in its system - you really think that is going to disappear?
  2. Perhaps enough to accept their own sad-sack coin at their own conference next year?
  3. This nonsense where XRapid is the only thing that matters is tiresome. XCurrent is the perfect foot in the door and will eventually lead to whoever begins using Ripple's products to want the full boat. They know what they are doing.
  4. Yes, but if he gets everyone thinking a little bit that is some kind of left-handed service.
  5. And that is without SBI - I wonder if there is some advance anticipation.
  6. I have watched much money float up to money heaven these past few carefree months. Now it is a front row seat at the Crypto Circus.
  7. Is that the dream of what to do with new found wealth around here? Italian junk cars?
  8. I don't use cars - the scourge of this planet. I walk everywhere.
  9. Ah, got that backwards. Well, it was Constantinople until 1923 - with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The first empire in history founded on the idea of putting your feet up.
  10. I got a tip this was the place to go for balanced viewpoints on XRP. I once walked backwards from Istanbul to Santa Monica, Ca. - so I have the patience to wait out this mess.
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