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  1. If I can read between the lines a bit that says to me that even though XRP went through a god-awful bear market and net worths at Ripple took a big hit, this company still believes in what it is doing. Very reassuring.
  2. Well, since you showed up yesterday XRP bumped 12% so you are good for morale here....
  3. I know you are new but what is your sense of the energy level and morale at Ripple these days?
  4. As easy to decipher as a Jackson Pollack. TA is such a ridiculous joke.
  5. Like him or not he forces better discussion/commentary than most threads. Max is the type that revels in the agent provocateur approach. Not a bad thing, even if you don't happen to agree with him.
  6. You will notice as you click around here that there is a LOT of ink spilled on rumour and idle speculation. It would be great if you could moderate intelligent threads about what Ripple is up to.
  7. I'm always amazed when I watch a documentary about the rural poor in the world, that just about everyone has a cell phone. That is the key to inclusion and putting these remittance and payment predators out of business.
  8. Ripple is impressive enough, but caring enough about these communities to actually hire a liaison is truly extraordinary.
  9. There is nothing I am more interested in than the inclusion of those who cannot participate in the current bank-centered financial rackets. Welcome indeed!
  10. What is your background, chungsie?
  11. That's the same good manners club as someone generously sharing their nut-licking?
  12. In 5 years they will be calling Ripple El Pulpo 2.0 (United Fruit was the original) - it will have spread its tentacles everywhere.
  13. Wait 10 years - by then the US dollar will be used as hankies. XRP will be the world's reserve currency. Everyone will have a meaningful job oiling factory robots.
  14. It is an admission that everything is Bitcoin now and they have to have something truly big to break this god-awful stranglehold.
  15. Indeed - it screams "There are complicated and important calculations behind this number"
  16. The tax season stupidity once again - it has nothing to do with when you buy/sell. Nothing to do with capital gains whatsoever. It is a filing deadline and those with refunds probably already have them. This is far weaker tea than CNY or the Wall Street bonuses.
  17. Exactly - now compare him to Zuckerberg who inspires ZERO confidence and is definitely hiding something.
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