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  1. Unfortunately you do here - this site is ridiculously inbred and has a definite orthodoxy. Veer from that and the geese start honking.
  2. It did that last December uncoupled from Bitcoin. If XRP broke free from the Bitcoin death grip, then perhaps. If not, forget it.
  3. Well, I learned that May has a good chance of following April - and here comes June! lol
  4. Huge difference in the amount of capital it would take to raise XRP from .72 to $9.30 - if XRP hit $1.50 in that timeframe it would be a miracle.
  5. And the very real possibility that they will become ridiculously rich.
  6. This happens a quite a bit in this forum - it is a bit inbred here.
  7. Who knows, maybe some day the confidence in Bitcoin will soar - perhaps even to the point of accepting it at their own convention. lol Proof of Work is a dead end.
  8. The XRP are never on the Nano device - it is just a secure way to manage your private key to access the ledger where they are accounted for.
  9. Don't be too concerned with the IRS these days - like most of the US government, it can barely function anymore. It's mainframes are from the 60s and it is severely understaffed. Unless you are a big fish it isn't worth their while to bother with trivia like this.
  10. Indeed - what we should be hoping for is a far more mature market (if that is possible in crypto) and above all a break from Bitcoin.
  11. It works fine - I like it much better than Changelly.
  12. Not a clue what to chalk it up to and still pretty much tied to Bitcoin - probably nothing much.
  13. Maybe, however I think there might be the possibility of a snowball effect once a few of the braver ones begin to do things befitting 2018 rather than 1976 - in any case I believe Ripple is on the ball and will make this happen.
  14. Hodor, How about a big hand for Ripple hiring Claire Kart @peebo38 to liaison with the online community?
  15. There is also this unmistakable confident air about them - they just know they have the best thing-a-ma-jig and the top-shelf company behind it.
  16. The game is over when Minnesota Fats says it's over.
  17. My guess it will take a few brave banks to get started, then the sheep will all come baaa'ing in to get it as well. Courage is in very short supply now, but it will happen.
  18. I am getting spoiled watching Ripple execs give interviews. Compare them to the perfect idiocy of US political 'discourse' these fine days. They are all on top of their game and have complete command of what they want to say. Bravo!
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