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  1. Perhaps this is what Coinbase is waiting for? Would this have any effect on the oveseas exchanges?
  2. Ripple needs a Popper Stopper to throw his junk into the Hopper. He should not be allowed to write these pieces when he has a financial interest in advancing Bitcoin. I am going to write the NY Times and point this out to the editors.
  3. Socks. Dozens of the best socks. All identical. Reclaim all that lost time trying to find a match.
  4. What if XPool is some kind of liquidity pool pegged to an important fiat?
  5. You are providing the initial XRP stake?
  6. Well, I would pay handsomely to have the last one stuffed and mounted in a playful pose.
  7. Hodor, Always helpful to be reminded of all this - it is far too much to keep in mind sometimes. An embarrassment of riches. ** I believe you meant to say 1st Quarter 2018 in the first paragraph....
  8. I have used Transferwise steadily the past 2 years and have noticed a definite improvement - from 5 days down to 1 day in some cases for international transfers. They are doing something different.
  9. This post is even better when read while listening to 'Thus Spoke Zarasusthra'
  10. It screams "Look how smart I is" - even better is satoshis, or for the truly hip, sats.
  11. Always loved that speech by Kennedy - try to imagine an inspirational speech by you know who... another world.
  12. I wonder if the bright lights at Coinbase realize just how irrelevant they are quickly becoming.
  13. Welcome - great info on this site but be selective.
  14. Their office in Manhattan will be better.
  15. One hopeful sign is Bitcoin dominance dipping under 40% finally. However, that is one pig that will be tough to push away from the feeding trough.
  16. The set of conditions that resulted in the wild increase last year are different now. That is what TA never seems to get.
  17. Well, you are rubbing up against the entrenched orthodoxy here. A 'forum' is useless unless it considers contrarians valuable. Thankfully the adolescents have their own sandbox to play in where bathroom humour and cartoons are the bill of fare. There is still valuable content on this site, but a healthy respect for alternate views is sadly lacking.
  18. The December phenomenon was a one-off. I still believe the catalyst was the escrow lockup - then frenzied speculation kicked in. The Koreans were all-in and I think that is no longer the case. Only in crypto do we speak of "only 600-700%" - other investments are thrilled with 15% I would love to see Ripple break off from crypto and go IPO. That is a more real scenario than playing in this swamp. Your DCA is 3.5 cents - you should be thrilled with the return of that savvy buy-in. As one of the more thoughtful members of this site, I would like to know what you feel is the point where you might think it was enough.
  19. Well, we recently hit .45 - ending the year @ $2.00 would be > 400% recovery off of that. Seems pretty reasonable. Crypto is not excluded from the laws of gravity. I think expectations are too high. A lot of folks were burned earlier this year. Of course, a meaningful unshackling from Bitcoin and anything is possible.
  20. Then there is this utterly predictable response. This site used to be at least halfway interesting.
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