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  1. Two examples where that has not been the case were the escrow announcement and the initial Western Union news. Both times XRP broke ranks. Now it is simply in lockstep with BTC and I see no way to break free other than a blow-the-roof off partnership.
  2. The key is a breakaway from Bitcoin - without that $3 would be a miracle (again).
  3. To hell with the banks - they have been milking it far too long.
  4. Brad didn't get on the plane this time...however, he has a new pet phrase "lean-in" Cory is learning the ropes and I think he has a great understanding of the Ripple ecosystem. Faux-pas will happen now and again. No big deal.
  5. Interesting take on matters. It feels like pressure is building - I would think by now most of the weaker hands have been shaken out and the die-hard hodlers are standing fast.
  6. Logic and crypto are hardly ever seen in the same sentence in this ridiculous mess.
  7. I have a crazy theory about this: the whale was drunk and fat-fingered it. The market was around .94 when it happened. Well, just a thought....
  8. Hodor, all they need to do in this circus is manipulate one coin (BTC) and the rest will follow. A 'market' begging for abuse, don't you think?
  9. Maybe, just maybe now - every comment on here is not specifically about you.
  10. That is a great point - I believe it is because burying yourself in ridiculous abstruse minutiae - the more complicated looking the better, is far more satisfying than simply saying "I don't know" - or even worse "It's out of my hands"
  11. There never was or is a 'level playing field' - nothing unnerves the rich more than the thought of ordinary people making a profit - they want it all and will destroy everything for another dime. I do believe that if opposition from the 'important' people was to take form, crypto would be gone in a heartbeat.
  12. Ah, true to form - the Great Vampire Squid smells money and will thrust its blood snout into anything it finds that might enrich its C-suite.
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