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  1. Also, Ripple reached out to the press that leaked the article. Hence, the reason why you can't find the press release anywhere. They contacted everyone to take it down, not just Alex I was fortunate enough to screen shot the entire statement when Alex was live streaming, although it's a bit blurry. 😂
  2. I completely understand your reason for doubting. Most ppl would. As an XRP investor, Im about the facts, and have no time for riddles and rumors.. I watched the video. He clicked on the Ripple Twitter account and then proceeded to click on the Ripple message icon. It led to the conversation that he had with Polina. He scrolled up and down the convo.. And you could see said dialogue. He closed and repeated this a few times to establish authenticity for his viewers. What I saw in the video, I'm certain cannot be fabricated. The FACTS are, BOA news will come sometime this year, and they may or may not be ODL enabled. I am almost certain. Have a good one sir.
  3. Polina from Ripple messaged Alex and asked if he could take down his post, that they were planning a larger campaign around the announcement soon. Many On Twitter called this image a fake, so yesterday he released a video going through his inbox and clicking on the Ripple conversation and scrolling through it. (Undeniable proof) video has since been deleted. Was skeptical initially, but this is no scam or fake news. As to if BOA will be using ODL, I think that's still a bit unclear.. We'll find out once the official statement comes out. Remain Blessed..
  4. Take it for what it's worth. He called the Canada post news to be released on Friday.. And was CORRECT. Now, he says Ripple acquired moneygram.. Just using deductive reasoning to come up with the most plausible scenario and motive. With 10k followers, Manipulation of XRP is highly unlikely IMO. It's a toss in the air for me.
  5. Posted June 5th.. Canada post and moneygram news drops today. June 7th. We'll see what next week brings. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. So as a consumer, the perks we get from using coil is supporting content creators and ad free content? I'm interested in knowing what changes will be implemented as it scales to the masses, $5/month doesnt seem like much going to the content creators. Its still the early stages, but I guess that would mean the coil team will be donating a TON, hopefully as they grow theyll find ways on becoming highly profitable.
  7. woah.. imagine the possibilities! thanks for this.
  8. Thanks for your insight CC1. It could be anything but hey..... its still very much appreciated.
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