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  1. Thinkers vs Feelers. Shame they can't both do more of both. It'd be sweet.
  2. Always better to add a pop-up about the potential implications than to delete a useful feature. Great "unintended consequence" catch, btw. Quite delectable!
  3. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to bring the above back up.
  4. Well, without violating EquityZen's policies, I can say that the Common Stock is now fully subscribed and there's a waitlist. I did not see any Preferred Stock available, even at noon; maybe I just missed it.
  5. I got an email from EquityZen, yesterday, saying that they'd have Ripple shares available at noon today. No pricing information.
  6. NightJanitor


    I put in for an allocation of 589 Ripple shares on EquityZen once just to see if they'd exercise their right of first refusal and be like "we're all stocked up on crazy, thanks." Apparently, they were not all stocked up on crazy... though they may be, now.
  7. Everybody likes Wietse. Even the haters like Wietse. It's like the one thing everyone agrees upon... I wonder why that is...
  8. I know you're impatient, but I agree that would be sweet. The easier this stuff is to deploy and the fewer buttons to press, the better it is... (That said, it's been ~10 days since it rolled out of the skunkworks, so, I dunno, give it a minute to get bugs worked out before it goes up?) It's nice of you to point out the potential, anyway - and to note that things seem headed in the right direction, even if there's testing to do...
  9. In general, "news" ought not be of the form "IF, THEN." (That said: IF they go to sell, THEN they'll get caught.)
  10. The Classics never die...they just get better all the time.
  11. No play yet with payid - can't help you there. But did see that it might require a dns record, ergo, a propagation delay? Have never played with certbot, but quick goog says check /etc/apache2/sites-enabled and /sites-available to see if there are any more unexpected rewrites being dropped in (000-default.conf or 000-default-le-ssl.conf) that would be a problem for you whenever you attempt to address the www/non-www stuff (and make it the way you want) again, later on. Tapping out for now - but I'll revisit.
  12. Liked the story. Is your grant proposal behind the paywall? :)
  13. What's that supposed to do, exactly? Even if it made sense to intercept both the version you seem to prefer AND the version you seem to not prefer (for rewriting), that L flag means "LAST" (which tells RewriteEngine to not process any further rewrites). (Also, you're forcing a rewrite even when it's "not necessary" - which may make things loopy...) Just comment out anything you did, anywhere, having to do with www/non-www and go from there... (and if that doesn't work, doublecheck docroot and consider a rewritebase statement... but, please, eliminate some variables of "what it might be," if you want continued at-a-distance-haven't-really-done-this-for-years diagnostic help, for which I surely hope luxury will be my punishment.) (Another thing to keep in mind with mod_rewrite is that one usually needs to use the [NC] flag to cover case mismatch - just in Case.) IF you want to try the following code (regex) to handle the www or non-www redirect/rewrite, here's a version that looks for NON-SSL: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.payid\.org$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.payid.org/$1 [L,R=301] I believe - but do not guarantee - that you can safely strip out just the three W characters to force the opposite behavior, that is: to force www.yourdomain.com to be rewritten as simply yourdomain.com - this code is perhaps more safely dropped into .htaccess in html root, where it will only affect that directory and any subdirectories, rather than its being applied globally (and the L flag will be appropriate if it's via .htaccess and 301 is just shorthand for "permanent" redirect). It might wonk out, on some flavors, when the WWW is stripped from the second rewrite condition (and then loop). There are a million ways to do www/non-www rewrites/redirects, which is why I suggest handling those only after you've stopped handling them however you're currently doing so (such that it is possible to see if that's what causing things to go sideways). (Also, if it's not clear, these days I talk a lot more about coding than actually coding... so, I wish us both luck and hope I don't break anything too badly.)
  14. This explains why Facebook has been trying to demand that registrars turn over domain information, despite it being none of Facebook's ******* business. ETA: Also explains some certificate authority acqs, last year, now that I think about it... (was wondering why Francisco Partners wanted to buy Comodo...)
  15. Someone will come along with proper regex, but my pre-coffee glance tells me that the difference btwn your install and Matt's guide's install is that you've switched around ServerName and ServerAlias (www vs non-www)... I usually handle forcing www/non-www rewrite conditions within htaccess, not httpd.conf, for reasons of permissions - precisely to avoid these situations. (I wonder if Matt's version is likewise broken, but in the opposite way, or whether he has a redirect setup to force non-www to the www (or perhaps his regex is so good that he handles the www/non-www AND the forced non-ssl to SSL (http -> https) in the same rewritecond?).) Which is to say, as well, that httpd.conf and .htaccess (hidden) BOTH handle these type of rewrites - and can often conflict - and should be checked for harmony. Apologies, no
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