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  1. Who knew that ripping off Jean-Jacques Rousseau and selling him to tech bros could be popular? Well done, Professor Harari. Now, Voltaire!
  2. Sounds like truth.ebay.com - that's always the trouble with scaling up these "oracles." Here's a test question for this mechanism: "XRP is a security" / "XRP is not a security" Which one gets censored or annotated or labelled or whatever? Is this a "good idea?"
  3. There's some truth there! Without the contemporaneous news that FinCEN was proposing (potentially rushed, but I see why) new "wallet" rules, combined with some other things (like HFCAA and the EO's re: Chinese telco's/etc), it'd be very easy to just go "these guys are morons; they're just lashing out" - but within the mosaic, perfect sense. Whatever moves, behind the scenes, that are causing the "privacy" coins to be delisted here and there also add some further datapoints that support such interpretations... (I'm not a "managed decline" kind of guy, nor do I think the US has to become
  4. Well, you'll get no argument from me that if the SEC had been around before people began trading beads, coral, stones - they'd have tried to regulate those as 'securities'. ("Unga's stone is only good if Unga continue living, but if we hit Unga on head, Unga stone no longer good! So, Unga's stone is security; now we hit you with stone, too!") Bigger picture, I think it's necessary to help them figure out, present day, who is a threat to economic/financial stability and who could actually be very, very helpful.
  5. One way to look at where things are, right now, bigger picture, is that we're in a "hobbyists and lobbyists" stage. Both are incented purely by short-term profit. Nobody (except maybe a wise man or two) is thinking about this properly, in the context of Triffin - and how to solve for that, long-term, without creating a great displacement / starting a war. (Some don't care, others don't see, and a few really nasty bastards seem to be rooting for it!) The current solutions that I've seen popularly proposed are of the "gold or sdr" variety... Those proposals have been around for a long t
  6. Wouldn't you love to be able to tap a button and send a prop bet offer to some of these guys?
  7. I still like the sound of "The Ripple Test" - let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?
  8. Let me see if I can put avalanche in simple terms... or maybe a visual metaphor? You ever sit at a diner, bored out of your min(e)d, pouring out the salt into piles? It's kind of like that. Except you're doing it (over and over again) with a really precise stopwatch - and a(n x-ray?) camera(s) - and when the grain hits that causes the little pile to collapse, you note the time and take a picture of the pile... (or maybe just before/after collapse - and then you can scale that up into multiple piles and do some tricks.) (Ok, fine, maybe you need to have the cameras running the whole tim
  9. No, that would make it about "timing," more than anything else, now wouldn't it? (It also presupposes there is some threshold % or amt above which one "can't have - or else!") (These are the dynamics/mechanics that underlie the goalpost-moving operations of those who use the term "decentralization" without clear definition.) Keep thinkin' - nothing pays more!
  10. Heh... been doing that for years... bought a book once just because I'd come up with so many time-saving, bullshit-avoiding, reading-tricks over the years that the name appealed to me! It was called, I think, "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper." (Most of it turned out to be rather bullshit, as well - but there were a couple of nuggets.)
  11. The temptation to spend other people's money is great. I try to resist it - that makes it super easy for me to tell other people to **** off when they give me "suggestions." That's more than a catty statement; there's some deep wisdom there, if you think about it, and it's wisdom that carries over into a variety of fields, maybe even all of 'em. That said, if solving for "distribution" is really someone's problem, I can probably help out... It requires deep focus, though. It also requires them having to specifically ask for that help. These are not children who need care; t
  12. I think he hit on something, toward the end, that may be instructive to analyzing the "Bigger Picture" situation that they seem, to me, to be caught up in, collaterally, for now, though I don't know that they're necessarily the "target" or a very specifically chosen exemplar by which to set a clear standard for the future. I would expect them to fight, in either case, so, I don't think that whatever preparations to fight that they are making ought to stop - si vis paces, para bellum - but understanding the larger footing might be instructive, not about whether they ought to fight, but about w
  13. Made a huge mistake burning all that XLM. (Other mistakes largely due to impatience.)
  14. [cut out some things in the middle, that were in my way - for now... appreciate the layout] The Q I am considering/pondering/drinking-coffee-over is one of: "How to design/structure the fuel expenditure, over what time frame, whether a sort of "SRB sep" is truly necessary (I'm not so sure on that one - I can still see it a couple or three ways), what forces have to be overcome to vector, and what can be accomplished along the way?" I'm thinking, though, that very small course corrections, almost "OMS burns", may work... (There's actually realworld precedent for lighting up OMS
  15. Yeah, I dunno about that. If you think you may need an IOV warchest, you might. (And the way US crypto regulation is starting to turn out, I think they were right.) I didn't see BG or CL "take the money and run"; I see them standing up to fight... (One of us may need new glasses, but I see vision - and you seem near-sighted.) You think about it... ("Disruption must often precede construction, but most men stop at the former.")
  16. I've never wanted an "Aha!" button, before! Very, very clever... Thank you... ETA link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Work_(physics)#Path_independence Did anyone see anything in the manual about how the force field works? The line is "I watch the ripples change their size..." - and that is true - BUT! I always liked it the way I heard it: "I watch the ripples change their signs..." Have to think about that... but it seems like there might be some utility in it. (a small amount of coffee later...) and: https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/46f5e8f0-1daa-40f0-8f1c
  17. I don't know the guy - or what he's doing - though I suspect he's trying to make his Erdős number zero, from some of the things I've read - I just hope he's using his powers for Good... Of course, "trust but verify" comes to mind, as soon as I say that - and that's a very strange phrase to parse through a logical operator - or even an illogical one! (I have a conjecture that super-intelligent socialist sympathizers are just sort of lonely, probably because they're super-intelligent in one arcane field which they believe has universal transform to all other fields - but I think they may b
  18. Twitter gossip is that there's some massive Discord chat group called Big Pump Signal with like 150,000 of the world's 15 year old crypto experts being told what to pump and dump - and that they've been at it for a while - and that XRP has been their target for quite a few days now. I didn't bother to check if it really exists - but that is the "rumor"...
  19. Well, to be fair, had he gone to college, these days, he'd have probably come out an angry, in debt, Marxist youtuber instead of a momentarily down, probably solvent, capitalist youtuber... Besides, it ain't over yet.
  20. Glad you've chilled out. It's obvious that you're a sensitive type and that your heart is with (usually starving) artists - I almost get an art dealer vibe from you, over the years - or maybe a collector - so it's nice that you're no longer worked up that someone, somewhere might have made more on (or paid less for) something than you did and that it'll work out, one way or another... ETA: What's that old line? I want to say it's Walter Pater, or at least that's where I first heard the story, but I can't quite pull it out - the retort to the Lady who got mad at the artist who pain
  21. I was being sarcastic... I meant "I'm sure (that tweet was) totally unrelated" to me getting the feeling that more lawsuits were coming in the industry (not that more Ripple lawsuits would be coming). (Sorry, I forget this is the asparagus / non-native-English-speaker internet; I assume that people can read the implied "/s" in most that I post. For those who can't, for whatever reason, my sarcasm meant the opposite of what I said, namely that: "I bet this guy's tweet IS related somehow to my suspicion that there would be more legal action in the broader crytpo industry.") As for the thr
  22. Actually, WrathofKahneman (smart guy, usually right - though I disagree with him on that very minor point) is the one who introduced discussion of "treasury management" (or batching/netting) vs "direct" payments, into this thread - putting a couple of puzzle pieces together that I don't think fit, or that I don't think fit the way he thinks they do (as "treasury management" can start out big and get smaller, over time (with increased granularity / just-in-time-delivery), but could still be called "treasury management"). That minor tangent/quibble aside... Here's how I read the press
  23. He doesn't want to read it. It's against his financial interests to understand it.
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