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  1. It's simple, really. I inferred he either stole the ****, outright, or got the **** from a guy who didn't know his **** was bad ****. Now, in the latter case, I would have assumed that Ed woulda mentioned that the guy didn't know his **** - or complain that he'd paid for and hauled off a bunch of useless ****, from some ****-kicking broken-down ****-vendor - but I didn't hear that either. All I heard in the narrative was "I got some free ****; that **** didn't work for ****!" - then he got his **** all stirred up when I called him on that ****... Love this thread, btw. :)
  2. I wasn't trying to out-Texan you, I was appealing to the Texan in you. There's a difference. Your story read like someone stole a car and then went around town bitching to everyone about what a poor ride he got out of it after he worked so hard to steal it. If you can't see the humor in the way you told it... you ought to. Also, Austin - right?
  3. This sounds less like an ecological sob story and more like some horse farmer trying to keep his meadows alive got tired of local "helpers" coming to steal piles of fertilizer. Could just be the way I'm reading it, though. Doesn't sound like you asked before you helped yourself to the free ****, though. (You're lucky you weren't shot for theft.) Ya oughta apologize to the guy you robbed - not work yourself up into an eco-friendly lather that the fertilizer you stole from him didn't work on your yard.
  4. I feel like I've seen it before. In fact, I feel like this is maybe your 2nd or even 3rd iteration of some kind of "price derivative" market dressed up as a "game" site. I also feel like I've looked at your sites before and had the thought "guy's good at ripping off UI's and re-purposing them, but needs a partner w/business sense." Hope that helps. Personally, I'd delete all of your posts, if it were up to me. Good luck to you.
  5. This whole space is a confusion of terminologies, but if this 'sidechain' business helps anyone get clear, fine by me. What I read: "xrpl is a 'sidechain' capable of carrying btc, or any asset, for that matter (most often with higher degree of alacrity, utility, scalability, speed, whatever)..." In plain english: "hey, you can trade any other asset, including btc, over the xrp ledger (and then you don't have to wait for their hype to meet up with xrpl's execution)" A more smug way to say it might be: "If you trade BTC over XRPL, BTC can actually deliver all the utility and grand scale that it's been promising to deliver for forever" Of course, that then begs the question why one needs BTC... which is always the uncomfortable next step in this learning process.. but... hey... let's go for baby steps.
  6. Had some issues loading the blog ("This page is slowing you down and annoying you; beat the kid who wrote the script? y/n") but did finally get it sorta loaded and read the content... First time I loaded it, swear to god it just sat there saying "Irrational" in grayed out letters. I'm not sure whether it knows me too well or I know it too well - or both... Work on it, fellas.
  7. Yup. I've had the pleasure. Whatever he's saving them in hiring some competent people, he's more than losing them in goodwill.
  8. It's because she's explained the concepts to children, before.
  9. My question would be: "Why is Swell only once a year?" (In fairness, I have the same question re: Christmas)
  10. Yes, I'm sure that many of the lovely, tourist-friendly countries on the way will love that. Sorry we won't be seeing you; we'll pretend to send a search party. On the off chance that painting a vehicle "camo-pink" makes it bulletproof in, say, Pakistan or Afghanistan, you'll make a fortune selling the paint scheme... Nice knowing you.
  11. Huh... I went searching for the thread, but couldn't find it using the default search... however, if you type in the word "genies" (huh!), it does come up, but no video.
  12. That sounds like an engineering person has just discovered that there are not only a couple of big gatekeepers making money on fees, but also people making money on float. Don't take that the wrong way - it's an important insight to have - and it's not the first time anyone (even on this forum) has made that realization (I remember an old metaphor running around, maybe even by you?, about "the market for float") - and just because there are incumbents and it's not a "greenfield" - it's not insurmountable - as an obstacle - indeed, it's one of those "this giant inefficiency = huge opportunity" types of things... Always good to see people re-realizing stuff like that; that's the key to iterating solutions.
  13. You sound like a lovely, well-balanced, reasonable person.
  14. Wonder how many hands he's won off of "looking dopey"... (To be sitting at that table, I'd say the answer is "quite a few.")
  15. Here's the article he wrote: https://democracyjournal.org/magazine/52/economic-dignity/ I haven't processed it (stopped when he invoked Kant, as I knew then I'd have to read it all.) I do wonder whether he wrote the subheading, that "allowing people to lead dignified lives." Seems a little bit undignified... but I'll reserve judgment until after I've read the whole thing.
  16. Hah! I thought "Texas sailing yacht" was like code for "RV" or "1970's convertible Caddy with bullhorns on the hood and a horn that plays the first bars of Deep In The Heart". My hesitations about swimming down there, aside, I remember seeing this really cool (but stupid - but cool - but stupid) thing where guys would follow tankers or something out past a shoal, and the subsurface ocean terrain was such that, somehow, a sort of "standing wave" would be created in the tanker's wake, and they could surf it for like a mile.
  17. Mmmmhmmm... I've read her actual comments, and, personally, I think she ought to be treating anything which derives its value from a promise of being able to be redeemed for something that it, itself, isn't... as a security. That's, I think, why the CFTC has taken point on the pure assets which have no counterparties; a la Japan and "crypto-assets".
  18. Yup. Be careful; that "one with the community" thing has downsides. No worries.
  19. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I certainly hope they don't hand over a database of logins/emails/pm's to anyone... that'd be bad. The public content is on archive.
  20. Yup. I'm me, to some extent, by the stories that I can tell (and the way I tell them)... Now, if you want apodeictic certainty, you're not gonna get it. You can get close. But it's like the old lawschool joke about the guy who refuses on the stand to answer the first question, "What is your name?" --- "Well, your honor, my understanding is that hearsay is not an admissible form of evidence." Lawyer who asks gets thrown for a loop and looks to the Judge, who is ******: "What the hell do you mean, son; what do you mean it's hearsay?" "Well, I mean, my Mom told me she named me X and I admit she has called me by that name, for my whole life - but, you know, my Dad says you can't believe a thing she says..." [ETA: I'd insert a "too long" story here, about how when those "public record challenge questions" were introduced online, I'd apparently gotten a DMV employee who didn't give a **** - imagine that! - and coded my BLue car as BLack (BL vs BK - probably a dropdown) and what a nightmare that was... Got through most of them, once I finally figured out what had happened and began LYING ABOUT THE COLOR OF MY CAR, to pass the challenge Q's.]
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