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  1. I dunno, but I bet Joe Pesci knows... (He ain't talkin'... but he does sing, on occasion!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpgOK_iPLGc
  2. Ok, assume that your assumptions are true, here's my response to it: *looks around* "I seem to be missing some uranium..." *hmmmmm* Must have been one hell of a wedding, required 30k+ emails to plan!
  3. Yeah, well, I didn't know he could be on the government payroll AND the payroll of a private company at the same time. It's a big, corrupt FU for him to just jump ship straight over there - Clayton did the same thing, but jumped to One River. If you really want your mind blown with corruption possibilities, consider that Gensler actually has an identical twin.
  4. Well, you know, constant struggle to remain polite / keep things light. Thx, interpreter!
  5. Nope, they "officially" hired him! Do not adjust your TV set; you are seeing correctly.
  6. no, no... guy i was thinking of is just a myth... made the us energy independent! I mean, that can't be real, right? No way... we gotta import that shit; "always have" So glad the ice cream man came along and put a stop to that bad trip on day one... I musta been dreaming; so glad i'm woke up from that horrible independence stuff!
  7. Yep - suspect we'll be testing that feature out, again, soon, to make sure it's working, right, again... (On a lighter note, I realized this morning, in something of a hilarious dawn epiphany, that Mark Milley is actually a walking, talking Sam The Eagle from The Muppet Show! I suspect some other people noticed that, as well - and took advantage of his natural tendencies for "order" just a tiny little bit!)
  8. fwooof... I get the urge to cancel my Chase card and leave bag of flaming shit on Jamie Dimon's doorstep, already, like once a wk, now you wanna tell me I gotta install Consensys software to be able to use FLR? I find that unacceptable... Guess it's not ready for me to play.
  9. There was once a man who called certain places shitholes... that's all I'm sayin'.
  10. It's on my to-do for next week or two. (Wanted to play around with Sparkles - yeah, yeah, whine all you want about "NFTs" being useless, kids, but you see all that licensing data at, say, the bottom of every youtube video? - and get more familiar.) If Bifrost doesn't allow imports via key - and support multiple addresses, as well - then they're missing a very big market... We'll see.
  11. You're kidding me. I was just about to start playing around with Bifrost - but have a ton of SGB addresses/keys and did not **** around with "recovery phrases". What the **** are they thinking? That's some half-assed bullshit, if I'm reading right.
  12. This is a "hard problem" (I think the solution is not trying to do it, mostly) in a variety of fields. "Predictive analytics" is great for a few things that are very literal and one-dimensional, but, when there are a variety of factors involved, hard. Complicating that is that, quite often, the people who are doing the manual or automated "intent derivation/divination" often aren't the brightest bulbs and/or are quite literal and one-dimensional, themselves. This was a very old "search" problem, divining intent... Google spent a lot of time (trying) to figure out, for example, whether a query used to probably fall into one of three categories (navigational/informational/transaction - called it "picking nits", as there was ridiculous amount of "nit-picking" involved in figuring out whether someone who typed in, say, "McDonalds", wanted a location map with directions, the corporate website, or today's stock price - oversimplified, but, you see the problem)! [For fun, try searching: "that website named after a south american river" - and you'll get some idea of how "smart" google and/or other magic AI/buzzword/semanticweb/etc stuff is or isnt'...] Depending on the day, I could be looking up a politician because I *don't* agree with them and want to know wtf they happen to be on about, a drug that I *don't* take because I want to know wtf some idiot in the news was on about, or - beginning to get the picture? And with all the ridiculous "contextual" factors that they use now, that kind of stuff gets used to **** up - I'm sorry, "personalize" - my results or categorize the user as a fan of xyz politician and xyz drug. Almost all of these companies cast a wide net - and many of the newer ones don't even realize that they're doing so... Then you've got like "non-professionals" doing - I don't know what to call it - "surveillance analysis"? - now, like with a couple of teachers in CA who got caught trawling the search histories of their kids' Chromebooks, very naively, to get sign-ups for this or that affinity club. Some 8 year old searches for "LGB" to figure out wtf they're talking about in the classroom that used to be about reading, math, science, etc - and they get all giddy and are like "ooh, we found one - let's save them and put them on the list for the pride club" - meanwhile, I'm like, "ma'am, curiosity about something != subscription to that concept; people who've never run across a term before because they're 8 are likely to look it up." Further confounder is that maybe the kid is just wondering what "LGB" might mean because his parents use the term, exasperatedly, when Johnny comes home and still can't read/write at grade level - and they mean something entirely different by... "LGB." So... in crypto, that sort of stuff pops up in badly-thought-out "distribution" schemes, but, in a more general form, the problem has been around for a long time. I think the best solution is usually to realize beforehand it's a problem to be avoided - and that the best schemes for distribution are those that avoid trying to use any intent divination process... Eventually, this kind of stuff turns into a form of censorious curation - which makes more marketshare for unbiased or truly ideologically diverse products, whether in search, discussion, comms, shopping, etc... The blending of algos for "search" or "surfacing" content with algos for "prediction"+"recommendation" has led to an unhealthy tech paradigm - but hey, every time some FI or Twitter or whatever "bans" an accountholder for "viewpoint", that's more marketshare for competitors of the large platforms, which, these days, are largely in the new tech/web3 space, so, it self-corrects over the long term... but, just like with you, in the short term, it catches a lot of false positives and pisses people off...
  13. Heh, well, a little harsh, but, uh --- yeah. You pays the fee, you've got as much right as anyone else to do whatever. Think people have gotten a little too used to whining "but I don't like what you're doing with your money"; well, tough cookies! (Or hotdogs, as the case may be.)
  14. I may not have gotten all of that, but I takes me blessings where I can. (And I return them when I'm not too stupid to forget to do so, in time.) Happy family and holiday wishes to you, as well; think I know the cat! (That cat is understimated! Nobody ever expects it to tunnel out! )
  15. It's a good start - but, uh, you know, "banker's coin" worked a treat when they used it against XRP. And you think this admin is going to step in and defend anything that's screwing over the working-man, virtually, with "high gas prices?" No way in hell... so.. game on.
  16. You think he's gonna make it that long? Huh. Dunno. Vegas have a line on that one? Looks to me like the SEC might be being re-shuffled a bit... the new guy will tell us a lot. ETA: I just got to thinking about it, well mostly, after seeing this shot Emmer took at GG: It's sort of like... Who's going to rush to Gary's defense? Musk took out "Senator Karen" - Joe's certainly not going to go near a guy everyone in tech/crypto hates and support him before midterms - who's Team Gary? Then you see Roisman move... I dunno... something's up... and it's not Gary's chances for Treas! Maybe he should consider not being a total *******, but this admin, like most, seems full of 'em. (I was promised "no ********" - but when Ron Klain's enforcing that, uh, conflict of interest???!) (It'd be like Harris trying to enforce a "no airheads" rule - like, how's she gonna know the diff!?!) Who knows...
  17. "You're outta focus... few steps back... little further!" *splash* "Perfect!"
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