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  1. NightJanitor

    SystemD Desktop Wallet now available

    I - I mean 'we' - are happy to announce that we have just created my - I mean 'our' - first fork of SystemD. I have properly done a find/replace and changed the name, in addition to removing all wallets which I don't like or which aren't mine, plus I've .. dammit... we've just figured out how to change the version number, you know, so there's no "confusion". Please download and install m--- our--- dammit... Please download and install this wallet app. (No.)
  2. I'll tell you what's "eerily similar": these ******* posts.
  3. NightJanitor

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Let's kick the "crazy" up a notch, shall we? (It's already "high", but it seems to me that the shorter path back to normal might be right through the top...) Since someone mentioned Bohr/Einstein debates (thanks a lot!), I'll go with a physics metaphor (and it's ONLY a metaphor - put down that pipe, dude): Imagine that all available XRP are bought up, proportionally, by 100 different entities. These entities deposit ALL of the(ir) XRP into a single exchange. (Don't ask stupid questions like "Why would they do that?" - it's beyond the scope - maybe they want to "capture/kill XRP" - or maybe they're all stoned.) All (or none) of the trading of XRP is thereafter undertaken on/via this single exchange, which, let's also say, doesn't report any trades to third parties... So, all (or no) "price discovery" is done within the event horizon of the exchange (among the customers within the exchange) and is therefore invisible. (Unless, of course, you're really high - or you "know a guy" - or have figured out a way to peer past the event horizon - or you are just selling fairy tales...) (What then, eh? Shouldn't we analyze this situation? It's possible, in theory. It's also possible that all the air in the room will be sucked into the corner.) "That'll keep 'em busy," the author thought to himself with a smile.
  4. NightJanitor

    Neat, huh?

  5. NightJanitor

    How It Works: Consent & Validity (working title)

    "Validators" = "Sequencers" That takes care of like nine of those first-order terminology confusions/questions, above - not to mention making all that time I spent listening to the below music worth it. God bless the Musicians and the Dreamers of the Dream... (Not least for not making me feel so damned old!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZfi6G7vOuE&list=PLNu6lp2KBC7KKu5bumjj7ANFPrfx9CTFL&index=10 Good change!
  6. NightJanitor

    Chris Larsen latest blog post

    @xrpmommy Are you sure that article is legitimate? (I don't think it is...)
  7. NightJanitor

    Russia Bitcoin & US Sanctions

    Oh boy, oh boy... if ever there were a catalyst to focus all the natsec people on BTC's demise, that's it. (Unfortunately, I don't believe it; I think it's just more grist for the "BTC isn't dead or dying; buy!" mill...) (There's some serious desperation when your coin needs rumors of Putin buying into it to keep it up!) "Orange man bad. Concerning/dark/serious crisis. Russia, Russia, Russ - oh, Putin buying BTC? Cool!" Funny how that works... and I thought all the lovely BTC folks were libertarians interested in freedom.
  8. NightJanitor

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    Sometimes, it's not about making money, so much as it is about not losing money (or time). The same reason some clubs have cover charges; it's not about being discriminating (in a bad way), it's just about making sure that people who can't afford what is served don't wind up inside and throwing a fit at the pricing of service. As you said, you're a consumer. Ditto. I wouldn't sign up with an Export/Import bank as a consumer, myself, either, so, I'm not concerned about their fee structure...
  9. NightJanitor

    Pseudorandom Insight

    Discovered by accident (and much to my chagrin): Writing things in cursive script apparently an effective form of encryption against large percentage of those under ~30yrs old.
  10. NightJanitor

    Proof-of-Work Crypto Will Be Left Behind

    Strange pronouncement. What shall we make of this? Are you saying: "I fear that... such and such... please tell me why my fear is unjustified." "I am uncertain whether... such and such... please relieve my anxieties." "I have doubts concerning ... such and such... please, restore my faith?" (I'm not picking on you, personally, but this future if/then bit, generally.) "IF no PoW-coin, THEN cbdc AND NOT xrp = 'you should sell your XRP'" As for me and mine, however... Well, we'll see - but I'm keeping my XRP. (The 'negative indicators' are just piling up at this point; I bought more.) (FYI: "a coin controlled by different governments" is a 'curious phrase'.) (That's not (necessarily) a description of CBDC; it sounds a lot like xrp!)
  11. NightJanitor

    Proof-of-Work Crypto Will Be Left Behind

    For whatever it's worth (nothing), here's how I see it: Starts with "let's burn it all down and build it, again!" --- moves into "huh, there are these rather discrete and more manageable problems, which do exist and can be solved."
  12. NightJanitor

    Ripple XRP Groupthink

    Here's an old joke for you, since you want to play: There was once a 2nd grader who wanted to quit school. He approached his teacher and told her so, to which she replied "But you are only a second grader, what will you do?" "I'll teach first grade!"