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  1. I dunno, but I bet Joe Pesci knows... (He ain't talkin'... but he does sing, on occasion!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpgOK_iPLGc
  2. Ok, assume that your assumptions are true, here's my response to it: *looks around* "I seem to be missing some uranium..." *hmmmmm* Must have been one hell of a wedding, required 30k+ emails to plan!
  3. Yeah, well, I didn't know he could be on the government payroll AND the payroll of a private company at the same time. It's a big, corrupt FU for him to just jump ship straight over there - Clayton did the same thing, but jumped to One River. If you really want your mind blown with corruption possibilities, consider that Gensler actually has an identical twin.
  4. Well, you know, constant struggle to remain polite / keep things light. Thx, interpreter!
  5. Nope, they "officially" hired him! Do not adjust your TV set; you are seeing correctly.
  6. no, no... guy i was thinking of is just a myth... made the us energy independent! I mean, that can't be real, right? No way... we gotta import that shit; "always have" So glad the ice cream man came along and put a stop to that bad trip on day one... I musta been dreaming; so glad i'm woke up from that horrible independence stuff!
  7. Yep - suspect we'll be testing that feature out, again, soon, to make sure it's working, right, again... (On a lighter note, I realized this morning, in something of a hilarious dawn epiphany, that Mark Milley is actually a walking, talking Sam The Eagle from The Muppet Show! I suspect some other people noticed that, as well - and took advantage of his natural tendencies for "order" just a tiny little bit!)
  8. fwooof... I get the urge to cancel my Chase card and leave bag of flaming shit on Jamie Dimon's doorstep, already, like once a wk, now you wanna tell me I gotta install Consensys software to be able to use FLR? I find that unacceptable... Guess it's not ready for me to play.
  9. There was once a man who called certain places shitholes... that's all I'm sayin'.
  10. It's on my to-do for next week or two. (Wanted to play around with Sparkles - yeah, yeah, whine all you want about "NFTs" being useless, kids, but you see all that licensing data at, say, the bottom of every youtube video? - and get more familiar.) If Bifrost doesn't allow imports via key - and support multiple addresses, as well - then they're missing a very big market... We'll see.
  11. You're kidding me. I was just about to start playing around with Bifrost - but have a ton of SGB addresses/keys and did not **** around with "recovery phrases". What the **** are they thinking? That's some half-assed bullshit, if I'm reading right.
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