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  1. Thinkers vs Feelers. Shame they can't both do more of both. It'd be sweet.
  2. Always better to add a pop-up about the potential implications than to delete a useful feature. Great "unintended consequence" catch, btw. Quite delectable!
  3. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to bring the above back up.
  4. Well, without violating EquityZen's policies, I can say that the Common Stock is now fully subscribed and there's a waitlist. I did not see any Preferred Stock available, even at noon; maybe I just missed it.
  5. I got an email from EquityZen, yesterday, saying that they'd have Ripple shares available at noon today. No pricing information.
  6. NightJanitor


    I put in for an allocation of 589 Ripple shares on EquityZen once just to see if they'd exercise their right of first refusal and be like "we're all stocked up on crazy, thanks." Apparently, they were not all stocked up on crazy... though they may be, now.
  7. Everybody likes Wietse. Even the haters like Wietse. It's like the one thing everyone agrees upon... I wonder why that is...
  8. I know you're impatient, but I agree that would be sweet. The easier this stuff is to deploy and the fewer buttons to press, the better it is... (That said, it's been ~10 days since it rolled out of the skunkworks, so, I dunno, give it a minute to get bugs worked out before it goes up?) It's nice of you to point out the potential, anyway - and to note that things seem headed in the right direction, even if there's testing to do...
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