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  1. One thing that not many people have mentioned is that MGI has last-mile (including KYC) infrastructure at tons of locations in 200+ countries. I don't think the importance of that can be overstated - all of these "KYC" or "ID" startups that are raising millions of dollars on whitepapers just got leapfrogged by a company that can check ID, in person... So, there's some useful data and utility. Not to mention controlling input selection (interpret "input selection" however one may wish) on cash-for-crypto-with-KYC onboarding at all of those "corner stores" (workin' on it; mucho trabajo!). We've seen how excited the BTC crowd gets when they place a single ATM at a gas station in Topeka... Multiply that by 200+ countries. Just sayin'.
  2. Interesting first step in non-streaming traffic monetization. Add in a referral/revshare component and it gets more interesting. Of course, have to figure out how to not get robbed - beyond having people do one-time sign-in w/iOS or the like (credentialing in)... but you're on the right track as far as incentivizing traffic over the link graph, widely.
  3. I just like thinking about MGI... from the structure of their 80 year old business, to the finance side, to the regulatory side, all the way to the distinction to be drawn with a more "modern" experience for the customer, I think it's instructive. If there's a deal done with Ripple - or anyone else (maybe Justin Sun will convince Warren that MoneyGram is an undervalued global "railroad" - Warren loves railroads!) - that'd certainly be interesting, too, but, looking at legacy remittance companies, analytically, beats "when moon" posts. The people who get bent out of shape fall into two main categories: short term trader types and then those who wish to save all the rest of us by warning us all to be careful - neither of which add much value... De gustibus non est disputandum.
  4. Yes, something will have to replace the Deutschmark...
  5. Don't know, but would guess that is prudent. (I remember the same verbiage, re: deletion, but I always made a note when I shared any ledger address skey with GateHub - or anyone - just in case.)
  6. 0) Don't be offended by the nerd reference. 1) Can you point me to a wallet interface I can install on an airgapped computer and punch pretty pictures to set a ledger address up for multi-sign and then submit the tx? (And all I'd have to type in, maybe twice each, to make sure I didn't screw it up, is the keys?) It was really depressing/disheartening reading the post-GH hack threads and nobody being able to recommend anything non-technical enough that "normal" people could set multisign up, without "make sure you've got ripple-lib installed and, etc, etc..." If "setup multisign for dummies" exists, great. If it doesn't, there's clearly some market demand.
  7. Look, this is just people being freaked out, after Gatehub - it's not about cryptology, cryptography, 2fa, hashes, salts, peppers, or herbs and spices. The methods already exist: We still have the problem of no "user friendly (and secure)" wallet... No pictures, no buttons, no GUI - whatever. Nerds don't get this and don't think it's important - "just install node.js and then build this binary thingie off github, you rubes!" - I'm sorry, but that's just the ground truth and someone needs to say it, because that's what most people hear. Wietse Wind has come closest to user-friendly multi-sign thingie, but even that attempt - from like a year ago - was not simple enough and required people to use the testnet - like they know what that is - so that they could familiarize themselves with it such that they wouldn't **** anything up. Anyway, point being, LACK OF USER FRIENDLY TOOLS.
  8. Not the only way, but certainly seems like it'd make the aqueducts fill up faster... and it comes with a lot of legacy benefits that are ... useful... in a compliance heavy world. These "id" startups, for instance... what a bunch of good those do you in the first-world, much less the third-world... but if you've got a physical location... old, but still there. Then you've got just plain old cash-for-crypto sales - no fx or transmit involved - you know how crazy those btc people get when they place one atm? X 200 countries full... etc, etc... I think it's a fun idea, for all kinds of reasons.
  9. You're assuming some sort of txtbook/wikipedia-for-m&a tender offer or a proxy fight situation. For that, your textbook info is correct. But MGI is mostly held in controlco's w/very concentrated/large stakes. So, diff... The open mkt tndr offer scenario you suggest would only cover the public float - in this case, that's too small to *gain* control - hell, the guy with the .01% that makes up the critical difference might even make more than the other shareholders. Lordy, would that be fair? Some might call it capitalism. On debt - this is just some rando on twtr - but: All I'm saying is... it's *possible*... None of your bschool 101 objections make it not so.
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