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  1. "Accidentally?" I didn't read past the headline, because of the mind-reading and intention-divining --- who is running the J schools, these days? (Poli-sci majors, in disguise?) This is how someone who hates you has to grudgingly admit the truth! Ohwell, at least they're admitting it.
  2. That's what he said after they had to pause using it... a smart ceo would not advertise otherwise... Remember when the CEO of Western Union did a half-assed test with like 4 total transactions and then declared in public that it "didn't work?" I choose to read between the lines - especially when reading statements from executives in very competitive industries, who maybe don't want to advertise this that or the other thing - that they can't use at the moment - is the "better way." Both have non-US competitors to worry about, as well, and those foreign competitors aren't hamstrung by a slow SEC. We'll see!
  3. This guy is representing everyone holding, trading, using XRP/XRPL (and for free). Love this: https://www.crypto-law.us/the-hinman-deposition-a-review-of-what-we-deserve-to-know/
  4. I read that same story in the same magazine in 1952. huh.
  5. Some of you can't seem to separate out that some of us are having a discussion about, roughly, the zeitgeist, and some of us are talking (or taking every comment) personally. I'm pretty good at reading the zeitgeist, I think... have you noticed that every protest slogan AND every commercial slogan are almost all largely false equivalency based? Wittgenstein always a little iffy on those "be" verbs like "is"... for some very good reasons. When the kids start asking if there's maybe some reason the revolution has a nike swoosh-tika on it and the corporations are "on their side" - well. Even the protesters are ******* morons, now... Why, in my day... blah blah blah... uphill both ways - and in the snow, too! In other news, I think I just realized why generation skipping trusts were first invented. Some of you will realize that later. What is it that the Japanese say? "Fix the problem, not the blame"? Wise. We tend to get stuck on "blame" arguments... That gets old.
  6. why, there was some older fella in Pennsylvania just today - think his name was Joe something? said "from Scranton."
  7. and then one of them figures out how to run his own twitter account - kicks all the kids asses - and they have to ban him. funny, when you think about it like that. the kids are a bunch of haters, man. watch this old guy politely say "all the kids know how to do is punch buttons - so, uh, shit": Think about how many banking and finance (and other critical stuff) still run on fortran or cobol or the like... that has its good points and its bad points, but even there, the knowledge is being lost - and the guys in the kremlin, who use *typewriters* so we can't spy on them, kicked our kid's ass, the kids who use the newer, off-the-shelf, cloud-based bullshit... probably outsource the security against russia to some subcontractor who claims it's being done here but is actually in guangshi... it's a fuckin' mess, all around. you little bastards start making us oldtimers worry about needing a food-taster every time our grandkids give us a cookie and we're *never* gonna trust you with the keys to the cool cars, the deeds to the house, or the fat retirement accounts you wanna spend.
  8. Yup. The real money is in the "I knew your Grandfather..." market. Tough nut to crack.
  9. now do de novo tease out the subtle distinction btwn de novo and ab initio (seems to me that some of the san hedrin seem to think "nothing new under the sun" is *their own* line - and that their laws, rules, regs, what have you, have pre-contemplated and can contain - without modification! - anything truly new...) (on the other hand, one has to balance that against most things they see not being truly new, which may be why some of them seem a bit jaded) (think they may be confusing with ex nihilo) g-d help us all.
  10. Love it! That kid's a natural and has a great sense of humor, too. He will go very, very far.
  11. This is the thing that's all predicated around that "STRIKE" thing - the thing that doesn't even really use bitcoin - but is actually based on tether or something? Sorry - haven't kept up - only so much bullshit I can sort through, higher level.
  12. 2 is the big deal, I think. Having a vote by users to issue themselves a user token is the main thing - the rest is quibbling over %'s and timing. As the vote is still happening, I think I'm cool with it, however it plays out; the vote qua vote counts. I'd counsel, meta, the exact opposite on "listening to the crypto community" - I read news at least one tangent out to get more "crypto" news than anyone in "crypto" seems to be able/willing to deliver. Everyone reads to me like they're CNBC - with some rare exceptions - and if I listened to or tried to keep up with that, honestly, I'd be dragged down/need therapy. "Community" in crypto is not exactly refined culture - it's... it's the BTC Miami meetup - with a bunch of vain narcissists in one place, with one religion, but many sects - and they meet up and find that not everyone who is greedy is exactly so in the way that they, personally, are... So... giggles from me - and back to reading non-crypto news and piecing a mosaic... 90 something percent of the people bitching about this think it's 90 percent about taxes in the US - and it is, to a slight extent, but not really - and I can't take anyone who thinks so seriously. It's about robust, defensible design. That's what I see, anyway. Everyone else is free to disagree and, my, do they avail themselves of that freedom... *shrugs*
  13. A lot of complaining on that other thread; I think you're pretty close to the real answer... I'd have done it at like some tiny, ~0.1% initial, THEN vote/ratify further distribution, but that'd probably be insufficient and/or considered as being de minimis, maybe. Either way, yes, I detect a tradeoff btwn short-term certainty and long-term certainty being made (and I like that option)... (And that thinking - which has more to it, utliity-wise, than just tax minimization - though I don't know how many realize that - and, if this is done properly, then we don't even have to talk about the other utility it also may have.) The rest of it is engineering or arguing over percentages, but, in general, I'm impressed w/this, as a first step.
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