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  1. I'm not the big guns, but I do think it'd be helpful to remind you that a number of the numbers involved are flexible/granular. (And that the current "lower the reserve(s) or do lite accounts" stuff is largely driven by an "adoption/spam v chicken/egg")
  2. I always wondered why Schwartz kept that Qualified Immunity tweet pinned to the top of his feed. Dude's got foresight.
  3. The thing I like to remember about the class that's forming is that it wouldn't necessarily be 'XRP Holders vs SEC'. There's already precedent in this shitshow of a case for going after people personally. I'd be much more inclined, circumstances arising that justify it, to go after the people who orchestrated SEC to do things for their own ends. (Just tuck that away in your back pocket, if things don't go the way they rightfully should, wrt XRP being cleared.)
  4. Yes... I can already see the chyron: "Discovery for me, but not for thee!" (It's a recurring theme in the overall domestic political situation, lately...)
  5. Didnt know if he'd do it or not, but it's good to get clearly on the record that the reason SEC used to freeze out the public from the case is the same reason they're using to now stall. They really do like to have it both ways. That's the problem. Glad he pointed it out; someone's got to cut this knot, because the SEC just tugs on whichever end of the rope is handy. I mean, I like casuistry, too, but, uh, c'mon, man... the stakes are a bit high for this kind of gamesmanship from the SEC... It's our asse(t)s attached to the middle of the rope these morons keep tugging back and forth on, so, a little relief'd be nice.
  6. For being the first exchange to list FLR - I believe before it was even "issued" or whatever - that's a little disappointing. On the upside, SBI recently indicated that they're going to support FLR, so...that'll bring some professionalism to table. Might take them a minute to get warmed up... On the other hand, maybe they're ready to go. (We'll see!)
  7. I haven't played with it. Something about searching around internet forums for FAQ's and swapping this into that and... dunno, but not dumbed down enough for me to play. Maybe I've missed out - but that's okay. I put a premium on time / severely dislike closed source wallets / won't install random shit into my phone (in fact, kind of dislike not being able to use a laptop/desktop for a lot of things, lately, as I don't have tiny hands and there's a 50 digit code involved in seemingly every step of every operation) / barely even bothered claiming flare due largely to having to stare at hexadecimal again for the first time in years. Long story short: It's all about interface, now... Maybe I'm just stupid and lazy. I guess some people could think that. That's okay. Now, dumb it down like your IQ was normal and you'll have a much bigger market share, says the grey-bearded moron. (Also known as "your customer.") Not everyone's a nerd. Some people got tired of it or grew up or never were one in the first place. They get to play, too.
  8. Bet you won't see this in the NYT: https://nypost.com/2021/10/19/israeli-scuba-diver-discovers-ancient-crusader-sword/ Lubin: "We made sure to get a piece of paper in our pocket..." (x): "This ain't Rochambeau, buddy, but guess what beats it?"
  9. Yeah, that's why I like the startup enviro more... I was that guy who'd just edit the live site, live. ("Oh, I can fix that. *thinks a while*. Fixes it, right, the first time, with second, third, nth order considerations factored in.) But, yes, in more complex systems/organizations, the old Morrissey line kicks in "These things take time" - and empathy is much more of a two way street. A little humor goes a long way, though, I will say. And always good not to panic - on either side... (Also something about carrying a towel?) (On The Right Stuff - and all of this talk about bureaucracy, layers, tickets, and 19 people - to do something that ought to be simple - that reminds me of an old book about Kelly Johnson & Ben Rich at LMT - think it was called Skunkworks. Lovely book. Came back to the top of my piles, within the last year or two. It holds up - and there are a lot of good lessons to be had from it. (Meta: I suspect that it's probably out of print in English - that, or nobody bothers to read, anymore - but that the book's definitely been translated into Mandarin and well-studied...)
  10. Ouch, indeed. I'm torn over whether or not to hit "like" on your response - sounds "fine" to you, but you won't feel it! Something about the entire situation reminded me of this scene, while I was trying to figure out which button to push: Remarkable how many times that scene comes to mind in tech-land. (Glad that's not the case with this bird, anyway.) Hope your kid's okay; when you inevitably start fiddling w/your phone at his first follow-up, update us on the sgb...
  11. I was waiting for him to say his kid made it through surgery okay, but I'll just assume that, I guess. Did call himself a dumbass, so, I'll give him a pass. These little edgecases are exactly why testnets are run, so, might as well do it - dunno what the scaling factor is or the sample size of participants, but probably not going to be an "edgecase", live. "Great work, geniuses. Now, build it all again with an interface for idiots, like me, who will henceforth be addressed, politely, as 'the customer' - and for newbie developers and for CS folks everywhere, who also will need an interface." I give them major points for running the testnet. Most super-techie types don't see it from the user-side/empathize.
  12. Looks like someone else has a memory re: Magistrate Netburn's reasoning for why Deaton can't (couldn't?) do discovery: I'd happily give SEC 3 months to get JD three days. (Let's all start working on our Christmas witness lists!) Ho, ho, ho!
  13. Oh, good. Another paper on philosophy, cosmology, and/or religion from someone not in that field. Just what nobody needs. Headline should be like: "Panspermia dressed up as new idea; old guys try to cash in." ETA: Something tells me he's been dabbing around in the chemistry department, too...
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