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  1. NightJanitor

    Ledger recovery

    I only glanced at the tech when some 15 year old kid made the news for breaking a hardware wallet with some alligator clips and an oscilloscope or something. I don't know. But what set off my radar, initially, was that the one I was looking at had "flash" memory and people were downloading and executing "updates" or "patches" or whatever. I stopped reading at that point. I'm sure they're fine. (Which is to say: I'm not at all sure that they're fine, but I wish all the users good luck.)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD51fVMiqzU&feature=youtu.be&t=24s
  3. NightJanitor

    A Journey Of A Thousand Miles: XRP

    One of the funnier aspects of the advent of the "second-mover advantage" myth/stuff being taught in bschool to unsuspecting kids who don't know any better is that many of them sit around and wait to go second (coming soon, third! hell, why not fourth or fifth? let's get ahead of the crowd!). *fires starter pistol, then stares at kids standing at starting line, looking at one another to see who'll move first* Guess they don't teach much chess, these days... must be passe... everybody sitting around waiting for "Go!" Winning is probably not a good idea, either. Mustn't win. That'd be awful. How would all the other kids "feel"? Though... winning is the supposed rationale that one should wait around to go second... hmm.. a bit circular...
  4. Strange that you throw around the word "lying" so loosely. Blinking rapidly can mean "a host" of things, everything from "I want to slow down time / reduce input" because of the complexity or importance of the question/answer to "I've got to hide the truth by stating the exact opposite". This was just a bunch of guys tossing the frame around, a bit - I don't think "lying" is right... But you're the expert cold-reader... so, don't get nervous - or everyone who's taken body language 101 might think you're lying - or holding something back - or working near your capacity.
  5. Depending upon how short-sighted you are, it might mean I enjoyed really expensive desk paper-weights, decades ago. Then again, it might not.
  6. NightJanitor

    I just had to smile at this :)

    I'd kind of like to know which books they named when arguing about books - but I'm not gonna burn an hour to find out. ETA: Which, upon reflection, neatly summarizes both of their issues, both personal and professional.
  7. Aww.. just ignore it. Some people have a very short historical perspective. I've got computers in the closet that are probably 2-3x the age of the guy who asked that, but I ain't walking my old ass upstairs to "prove it" with a pic. (Kids these days...)
  8. LN ("well, it Looks New, anyway! How long do you think that'll play?")
  9. Right... I got that.. thusly why I said you were talking past one another. XRP = commodity, ding an sich - in and of itself... Anyway, I bow out. Take it up with Lucky. You're both sort of right and both sort of wrong / both 100% right, relatively. No dog in this fight.
  10. Think you're talking past one another; one talking settlement, one talking substrate. Me? I just hang out with Humpty Dumpty: https://www.bartleby.com/73/2019.html
  11. NightJanitor

    Another "embarrassing" chart.

    I move that the word "chair" in this thread's title be replaced with the word "thread". (Made you look.)
  12. Bingo. You can stand at the refrigerator with a pad and put down a hash mark for every bottle of milk you've got in there, but kitty will scratch your eyes out if you try to feed it that paper. "No, kitty! Bad kitty!" - Eric Cartman