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  1. https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/off-topic-6/collection-lucas-jokes-21723/
  2. Your slogan should be "Leading Question Everything"... Maybe for your next blog, you can analyze why the people who say "question everything" always seem to want to provide answers to the rest of us. Pleasant dreams.
  3. Ok, let me try to rephrase... because I'm not being condescending just to be condescending, sincerely: The approach of "you just dont get it / you're old / you're out of touch / you don't understand the tech" is an incredibly clumsy approach to bridging two domains. (And, on metaphors, no... the ability to select an apt metaphor or think analogically is practically key to high level meets low level understanding... Have you ever heard the old saying: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Because it's true.) A lot of this comes down to idiot young people who are immature and short-term focused, because they're 12 years old and fresh out of college and greedy - I can't count the smug little ******** who have told me (even though I'm maybe on their side, if they weren't sociopaths) things like "your generation is just gonna have to die" or some formulation of that, with absolutely no self-awareness that they, too, will be older, one day (unless they keep saying **** like that, in which case, hey, maybe they won't be old one day)... Know what I mean? There's a disrespectful little vulgar punk youth vibe to tech - and that infects all kinds of things - and turns the mature people into natural enemies... And if you don't think there's an element of "I brought you into this world ("I invented a lot of the technologies that allow you young whippersnappers to write 3 lines of high level code") and I can damn sure take you out of it ("and don't think I don't understand it all better than you")... The impertinence of youth... that kind of thing. It's an obstacle. Let's avoid it.
  4. Hey, no need to "nice tie" me... Just pointing out that, if you're a guy who likes greasing the wheels ("lubricity") btwn govt/regs and tech, you gotta learn the language of both fields - not just tech. That's why I mentioned the "data is the new oil" thing... Those kids (in tech) actually stole that phrase from an old guy who knew something about branding and now they use it (debating it endlessly) as a way to explain highly specialized technical concepts to regulators. Ahwell, I guess if you want to be offended, that's your choice. But it wasn't an insult - you said you enjoyed learning about how this stuff works --- and I took you at your word... Merry Christmas, anyway.
  5. I stopped reading when you poo-poo'd the "series of tubes" description of the internet as "technically unsophisticated" - because you could not be more wrong. It's an apt metaphor for the underlying physics of the thing (and it was certainly politically sophisticated, for the time, as Stevens' rhetoric resonated - with lawmakers who knew oil). Save your generational angst for the kids who write all of these "data is the new oil" thinkpieces... I know I do.
  6. At this stage of my life, I may have that printed on cards.
  7. I knew I made the right decision, keeping the carrier-pigeon guy on retainer all these years.
  8. Quantum Supremacy is racist and sexist. The goddamned idiot vulgarians will be along, shortly, to make sure that no further progress is made in this science. No worries.
  9. This thread would have been better off if it had been started by someone who read their 57 line original post - consisting of 19 formulations of "he's not high profile enough, I worry" - and then done the adult thing and deleted it, instead of posting it. But that's just my opinion. Change my mind that you're not high profile enough to entertain further.
  10. What's your beef and who's your horse? Clearly, you have a burr under your saddle. Out with it.
  11. Oh, that's really lovely. I like the uncle at the wedding, that's a nice touch. The bass is nice, as well, and the crescendo is just right. Pretty good stuff.
  12. The more I see of medical technology - and the 12 year olds dressed up in scrubs and white coats who "practice" - the more I miss old school doctors. These feedback loops of technology are sucking common sense and curiousity and intuition right out of these kids. They have no idea what to do when the computer can't tell them what to do (and not any way to know if what the computer is telling them is correct). On top of that, they tend to believe all of the idiots with MPH degrees who infest admin/bureaucracy and like to practice medicine, indirectly, by setting "guidelines" or "targets" or twiddling with "protocols" to hit numbers which make them look good, to politicians/insurers - but cause harm, you know, to patients. I'm seeing programs pop up lately where physicians (in surgical programs) are being financially incented not to treat post-operative pain. This suggestion is phrased like a "suggestion", but if you can do a hip replacement and BCBS will pay you 35% more if you torture the patient and give them a bottle of ibuprofen afterward - lotto! The idiots who design these incentive mechanisms are well-meaning, I'm sure. But, Jesus - they're still idiots. How do they not see that that kind of thing is a perverse incentive? I am of the Old Code... and I am about to start wielding the caduceus as a sword.
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