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  1. I don't spend a lot of time listing reasons why things I'm sure won't happen - and that definitely don't scare me - surely won't happen and definitely don't scare me. But some people do... (They're called "shorts.")
  2. Think it was John Lennon who said something like "if Jesus returned today, people would invite him over for dinner to make fun of him." (1970's, pre-twitter - but the principle sure stands.)
  3. I don't think most people in "crypto" know that he's famous in the loan industry, since the 1990's... (I will spare you my usual "kids these days..." lament.)
  4. The natural audience for alternative content platforms / alternative monetization schemes, especially those which are censorship resistant, are those who are being censored. Unfortunately, the open source kids and the censors at Twitter/YT/etc both don't seem to like the people actually in that target market - and insist on marketing to "creatives." Meanwhile, others swoop in and capitalize on an Obvious opportunity:
  5. You were hacked, though, right? Remember? Damn shame. (That's what all the fly-by-night exchanges say, anyway.)
  6. As long as the forum is descending into future/paranoid hypotheticals, here's one for you: What happens when someone figures out how to get ASIC-level (or better) mining performance out of commodity hardware and becomes the pre-eminent PoW miner? No "quantum magic" is required for that one - just some translational math and then... *poof*
  7. I've been waiting for court rulings like this one...
  8. I thought that new Vascepa stuff was all just marketing. Huh. Learn something new every day.
  9. I never gave her a hard time. I gave her an ignore. Only so many "spit-take reaction gifs" and hard-hitting investigative Twitter-journalism pieces revealing that government and academia may have had something do with the rollout of telecom/internet/IP infrastructure that one can take. Similar to your own schtick, here, pooping all over things, without making any clear, declarative statements - with an obviously personal grudge about *something* which you won't come clean, and, now, about which no one cares. I suspect that others (from what they say in private) may just find her gratin
  10. Yeah, no problem... IoT + IoV = sure, sure... I mean, this stuff is actually *really boring* - it's stuff that isn't inherently sexy, for the most part, just some plumbing changes. But the reason I wanted to address "the crazy bubble" is that I think for a lot of kids (and some adults), "crypto" is their first introduction to thinking big thoughts at scale - which leads, in the absence of any other exposure to some sort of systematic, big-picture philosophy (or familiarity w/history) to some pretty out-there worldviews, as an artifact of their use of that "lens" to look at everything and
  11. Well, this is not going to comfort you, then, but... It wouldn't be much of a curtain if it were easy to see through.
  12. Well, I guess there are a lot of ways I could answer that, but, I think the biggest frame to break is the "it's a movie" (or a simulation) frame... That singular notion has lowered the global value of Life index more than anything I can think of in recent memory - and is a terrible threat. The people thinking that's true not only devalue their own lives - but how do they then think of and treat other people? Not well, I can say. There are many examples in history of the "technological and sociological engineering" worldviews becoming too dominant. (Never good.) (I don't k
  13. Same holds true for business entities conducting business over the ledger, ergo, the digital curtain had to drop...
  14. One, drugs are (usually) bad. I'm a moderatist - and I don't usually give personal advice - but I think you might want to at least consider cutting back on the drugs. Two - just to finish off the transhumanist rant - one big tell is that many wealthy-from-technology parents pay huge tuition for "no-tech"/"low-tech" private school. They're vicious about it, too - one whiff of an iPad, an Echo, a Nest, or a Home in a classroom, the Gaia-loving Earth Mamas and Engie SuperDads will cut a *****... Now, I'm not paranoid - but they sure are! (I don't think it's a surveillance issue,
  15. Always just a tad suspicious of people who watched Star Trek and were like "You know, those Borg aren't very nice - but their tech is cool." The current wave of "transhumanists" will be beaten back, just like they were in the late 80's. They're too blind to see the reflexivity of it... I will personally cheer when those who dabble in "consciousness" and "neuroscience" with constant reductionist tech references go away. "Your brain's just like your iPhone, so how about you let me put an iPhone in your brain?" (Anyone who goes "Oh, cool!" is certifiably nuts.) (OP's name ch
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