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  1. I sent them an email. They said "We don't know with whom you've been speaking, but we can assure you that we are not 'the' Central Bank - only the Central Bank of the United States - and there are other Central Banks with their own - sometimes cooperative, sometimes competing - policy agendas. Witness the recent foreign inflow to US Treasuries. Those poor ******** in some places in Europe, for example - why, they're charging for the privilege of parking money and making their banks lend out money at negative rates!" They didn't call me a "****" - not exactly, anyway - but I could tell they were slightly perturbed at my ignorance of global economics. (You'll pardon me for being a bit harsh, but these "can we have a painful global financial crisis so my XRP rises?" posts are just vile.)
  2. To channel Richard Nixon on PJ O'Rourke: "Whether you agree with him or not, Galgitron writes a helluva piece."
  3. In a concerted and exhausting effort to be more positive, I will say that I like the *title* of this thread.
  4. I guess that I find it to be an incredibly huge question with an inordinate amount of supposition and therefore find it to be one of those questions that certain types of teachers say do not exist: the mythical "stupid question." (This could just be because I have some sense of the scale and scope of the three tiny areas for which you want a forecast...) Frankly, also, it annoyed me that when I didn't go along with your "a recession is imminent" bit, you changed the question by proclaiming that "predicting a recession is a fool's game" --- but, hey, let's predict what the entire market, banking sector, and then Ripple would do, you know, in the event of one. Idjit.
  5. Tell you what: you figure out what your real question is - ask it in such a way that you can stick to your question - and you'll probably find your own answer and not have to ask.
  6. Personally, I don't think there's a recession in the US... and I think Goodhart's law applies to the yield curve inversion, due to all the funny business in other countries. We'll see. Meantime, I prescribe Douglas Adams' advice.
  7. Yes... There's certainly a problem with the last generation or two thinking that everything is "free" (or ought to be) - even though their idea of "free" is incredibly costly.
  8. Guess you should sell. Clearly, you don't want to do that and are looking for a reason not to sell (for some reason). Why's that? What do you know that you don't know?
  9. As tempting as it is to jump in to the fight, I'll just keep it light and say that I found it funny that this guy got all worked up ("Stop Ripple Dumping") two weeks after this:
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