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  1. 1. Nice line. 2. They've gotten remarkably little pushback on Biden's cancel of the Keystone Pipeline - and all the jobs destroyed - so that Berkshire's oil-by-rail monopoly chugs along. 3. Oil pipelines are "bad for the environment," the top hats say... but choo-choo's (if Warren and Charlie happen to own 'em) are somehow A-OK... Funny how that works.
  2. But... but... they hired Louis Freeh... and he said everything was just fine? (Also, funny how these realtime crypto companies are happy to willingly hang their heads in submission to the regs (while trying not to giggle) - and agree to *quarterly* disclosures, when their whole business model is predicated on *doing transfers almost instantly, for transparency*. Way to get played regs! ) ("Hurry fellas, move some money back into the Seychelles or wherever - we're almost at the end of Q2 and we've gotta fool the regulators, again, for a sec!")
  3. *peers into stroller* Oh, how charming! *strolls away, fast* You see that head?
  4. That's not what I remember... I remember money shooting out from between... some green parts... but I left shortly after the wokester-mods showed up and started policing the "tone"... For me, it was like the old Yogi Berra quote about what always happens to such hip spots after a while: "Nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded." If somebody wants to start a new one... what number are we on?... send me an invite.
  5. I dunno who titled this thead - and God knows I didn't read any of it - but I used to see headlines like this on Seventeen Magazine in the checkout line at the grocery. Why You Should Totally Hold Onto Your Scrunchies and Absolutely Like Never Ever Wear Braids I can only assume that the quality of the content is about the same. (But I guess I'll never know.)
  6. Well, he does live in Florida, now - just like Tom Brady... So, it's a mixed bag. (Like all of the other bags.)
  7. Aaaaaaaand... acquitted. Telling that Richard Burr - the guy with *known* SEC troubles - flipped. So, now that the impeachment is over, maybe the SEC can muddle its way through this Gamestop bullshit - I'm *sure* Maxine Waters will create some sort of dramatic distraction - I bet the Klan is somehow involved in Gamestop! - and we can get all of the political warfare (and partisans thereof) out of the SEC and get to clarity...
  8. I just plan to spend it later... I'm just a simpleton, I guess.
  9. Ok, I'll shed some light... this is important - everyone in corporate America and every investor, from the little guys up, should be watching this closely: Look at who's running Enforcement, now - and couple that with a public spat about how and whether it's right to play good-cop/bad-cop like they're contemplating. P.S. - I don't think this has much - or maybe even anything - to do with Ripple or XRP... ETA: Take Biden's WH Press Secretary - the "circle back" lady - gets asked a week or so ago about Robinhood/Gamestop hearings that are coming up in FinServ committee
  10. I recently FOMO'd into adding another ~10% to my existing position in XLU. I'll let you know how it turns out in about 15-20 years.
  11. @KarmaCoverage You might want to check some of these DPC players out: https://hackernoon.com/direct-primary-care-is-the-future-of-health-233ccc04425e
  12. Bingo. As to your Q, well, I don't know about the insurance side - but on the provider side, yes, there are a couple of ways to get back to "the good old days": One is concierge care, which most people can't afford. The other is direct primary care, which most people can afford, but which presents the same insurance challenges in more complex cases (I will also say that the insurance companies hate that model, as an office visit in which, say, a cut is dressed and sutured will cost probably $20 + $5 for some bandaids) - so, they've lobbied very hard to keep the public from discovering t
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