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  1. You didn't ask me, but since you did ask - a couple of bits of context: One, having a tiny bit of a problem with lower court judges wanting to even hear evidence. That goes two ways, as when they just flat out rule against, without letting anything be presented, that speeds up the appeal process to up the chain to higher courts - but it also gives the media another "see, nothing!" bit to feed to viewers... Two, having a tiny bit of a problem with the media engaging in censorship. I won't go into what they're doing to Trump or Republicans - it's easier just to show this hit, recorde
  2. on housekeeping, doj took a sudden interest in old-school book-making in philly, today... arrested 15 guys w/funny nicknames... timing and location are certainly interesting. biden-land busy jockeying for positions - that'll keep the best and brightest busy. speaking of best and brightest (vomit) - get a load of this, out of kennedy school: *raises hand* "Trump would have downplayed it, worked the medical aspect, to avoid going to global war, but insist that we remember where it originated - for later - then he'd have been attacked at every turn by domestic political e
  3. The calculus is a little different when dealing with people who think like this: What's that guy want, do you think? Does that say "civilized negotiations?"
  4. The Constitutionalist version of events: Election integrity undermined, largely via hasty and illegal voting rule changes, due to biological weapon attack originating from foreign power(s). The U.S. Constitution provides remedy.
  5. WTF is "MoKredit"? I have some familiarity with the Chinese p2p/microloan industry, but have never heard of that one. Goog tells me its model was extending ~$5 or so lines of credit to people buying video games. "Play mario, pay later!" That can't be real... can it? It's got to be some sort of iphone farm scam - right? I haven't touched a video game in years - and I know asia is nuts - but buying candy crush on credit is just a mindblower - who thought *that* was a good idea, if it was even real? That's the real question... "moKredit is a Chinese credit service provider of mobile g
  6. Perhaps if we began referring to the middle class and small biz / entrepreneurs as "micro-founders" the moronic socialist cult of the valley, who all worship "the founders," might get the picture... It's not enough just to say to them "don't bite the hand that feeds you" - they've no experience with such homespun wisdom, it's not on wikipedia - and for such groups as those who so revere "founders", they've absolutely no respect or reverence for the founders of the nations whose archaic "ideas" led to prosperity heretofore unknown in the course of human history... but it was messy and they'd l
  7. Call me paranoid if you must, but I don't see a currency controlled by the CCP and based upon an algorithm which is probably 70%+ reliant upon Chinese computers (which have the power to completely rewrite the BTC ledger) as a "store of value." I suspect that there's a reason or two beyond mere domestic political suppression (and financial control) that they don't want their own populace buying it, but are rather laissez faire, as with so many other CCP exports, about letting other nations buy into it as a hedge.* That's not to say they love their own people and are "looking out for them" - i
  8. Yes, it's almost as though the journalist class - locked in their apartments in NYC out of fear, living off of Amazon and GrubHub - don't care that real people who do real jobs are being destroyed. I've seen that movie before - and those people locked in their apartments are the ones in the "third world" countries who wind up banging pots & pans, making noise out of their windows, because the deliveries - reliant on the real people whose demise they have cheered on - have stopped and they are all literally starving... They have a hard time believing that, however, as it's "an inconve
  9. Here's a follow-up on that nurse video Ockham posted - shocker CNN/MSNBC lie: https://www.wired.com/story/are-covid-patients-gasping-it-isnt-real-as-they-die/ I am all for "heads on pikes" - the more they censor the metaphor, the more literal. * The media is making people unhinged - and it's way beyond "an honest mistake"... On the upside, though, absolutely LOVE these people standing up for themselves:
  10. Stories today about how a couple of newer (and on patent) anti-arthritis meds "may" be protective / effective for treating the ole Smith-corona virus. Let the countdown clock begin on how long before someone goes "wait, wasn't that nickel a pill drug that the media told us would never work also a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis & inflammation?" (Yes and so is the generic dexamethasone they're trying to replace now!) https://www.ft.com/content/4cd142d2-2922-42ac-bcd7-593a1d730a66 These people are so full of shit.
  11. The kids don't know who that is... but I do. (His wikipedia page probably says he and little nicky are swell guys who love their people.)
  12. There is no dumber take than "if you are not panicked, you are a 'denier'." You may shove such guilt/shame attempts - and your anecdoctal videos - right up your nose.
  13. Well, well, well... Catching up on my reading - and the some of the "smart" people are catching on... Some pols love this because it's basically "dial-up-a-pandemic" / "fear gauge" knob... But what are all these lockdown deaths? Doctors who see a positive don't bother investigating (much less treating) any further - also explains all of the strange, non-standard panoply of "symptoms" which co-occur with Covid - because some of these people aren't dying from it, but, rather, from being labeled with it and left to die of whatever's really killing them... When such is
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