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  1. Oh, that's really lovely. I like the uncle at the wedding, that's a nice touch. The bass is nice, as well, and the crescendo is just right. Pretty good stuff.
  2. The more I see of medical technology - and the 12 year olds dressed up in scrubs and white coats who "practice" - the more I miss old school doctors. These feedback loops of technology are sucking common sense and curiousity and intuition right out of these kids. They have no idea what to do when the computer can't tell them what to do (and not any way to know if what the computer is telling them is correct). On top of that, they tend to believe all of the idiots with MPH degrees who infest admin/bureaucracy and like to practice medicine, indirectly, by setting "guidelines" or "targets" or twiddling with "protocols" to hit numbers which make them look good, to politicians/insurers - but cause harm, you know, to patients. I'm seeing programs pop up lately where physicians (in surgical programs) are being financially incented not to treat post-operative pain. This suggestion is phrased like a "suggestion", but if you can do a hip replacement and BCBS will pay you 35% more if you torture the patient and give them a bottle of ibuprofen afterward - lotto! The idiots who design these incentive mechanisms are well-meaning, I'm sure. But, Jesus - they're still idiots. How do they not see that that kind of thing is a perverse incentive? I am of the Old Code... and I am about to start wielding the caduceus as a sword.
  3. Are you guys envisioning the "layers" as flat and on top of one another (stacked) or as spheroidal, with one roughly encapsulating the other? I can see it both ways, I suppose. (Why only two? Seems arbitrary.) (How do they stay in timephase?) I had a brief flash of something - it looks a bit like, say, 3 networks, each of which closes a ledger every 3 seconds, but running out of phase. Maybe I have just seen the LOGO you guys have been using for forever; darn fidget spinners; there's three, but they look like one, when spun. My poor brain... it needs a rest... I'm gonna go count some sheep... err... make that... lambs. (damnit: probably should have said "planar" instead of "linear" (v "spheroidal")...also think I'm struggling to zero in on definitional friction btwn the two concepts - not necessarily mutually exclusive - that are something like "concurrency" (planar) vs "concentricity" (spherical)... may i dream of Riemann!)
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metastability
  5. All I saw were like nineteen hand-wavey predications leading to an anxietal conclusion. If you saw something in there to either affirm or deny, you are a better reader than I. I do note that you hand-waved the double-edged sword, back at him, though... so...
  6. The only 3 words I saw were "based on XRP"... Good to see 'em, it's been a minute.
  7. Speaking for the Waffle House, I think there's plenty of cases/reasons to use XRP right now - real business cases. (I see your "thinking in the short term" and raise you a "thinking in the long term"...) There's a reason they build bridges from both ends.
  8. Do the other coins get imaginary future powers?
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