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  1. For anyone interested in experimenting/learning about Interledger, the original issue is here: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/40-interledger-protocol-discussion/ (I will mention that a TestNet is available - and you'll instantly be given 10K of TestNet XRP - so that devs can play around with ILP / Web Monetization, "risk-free".)
  2. https://medium.com/interledger-blog/use-interledger-with-moneyd-gui-21dee0dc8ba0 "Moneyd aims to make it as easy as possible to join the Interledger network. Now, Interledger is even easier to use thanks to the Moneyd GUI." Additional Tutorials are at Interledger Blog: https://medium.com/interledger-blog
  3. NightJanitor

    XRPTipBot for xrpchat.com?

    Is there any status update on this? I would love to see an integration, here. I see the popularity of the XRPTipBot on Twitter; forum software support seems like a natural next step.
  4. NightJanitor

    Possible Walmart sighting...on the Moon

    Don't let the accents fool you; Bentonville is smart as a whip.
  5. After 300+ years, nobody knows - my guess? This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRoMjoxK5v4 There have been many variations on the same ode.
  6. A HUNDRED YEARS HENCE. [Elided; duplicated in below.]
  7. NightJanitor

    ChainLINK as roadblock for XRP

    Instead of "ChainLINK" they should have called it "BarnDOOR" --- the horses have already bolted.
  8. "...we just toss that in for free, when we sell the ad - you know, like when you guys sell an F-16 - and throw in radar..." (Well, I can dream of making CSPAN more interesting, anyway... It's pretty snoozy when they speak diff languages.)
  9. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    Constructive? What was that thing people used to say... "Depends on what you make of it." Also, you seem to be on the opposite extreme of Mr. Needy - one chooses to be "annoyed". Something, something, pearl -> oyster... something, something, creative disruption. TL;DR.
  10. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    Nah, but wouldn't it be nice if they had granular control over which subforums or whatever they are show up on the main page as like "new news" or whatever? Put "New Members" in that - nobody just saying a polite "Hello" would care - I certainly didn't - but I was looking for information, not attention, so... maybe that's why I was ok with the initial restrictions, up to a point. BTW, am I supposed to be jealous that this guy now has more "Likes" than me or whatever, just because he needed babysitters? I'm not, so, maybe that shouldn't necessarily kick in so fast, either... Luckily, I'm not here to write like the world's most advanced forum software, so, I don't have to care about that stuff. (Thanks!) This does inspire the idea of some sort of spam-control measure, though, which places a cost on "babysitting". (If only there were some forum where that'd work.)
  11. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    Oh, well, maybe the other "new" guy has a point, then. I'm here to learn; shall I get lost?
  12. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    Well, I dunno what you experienced, but I just, politely, told Ripple to shove their A share offering on EquityZen where the sun doesn't shine - and nobody's yet said I'm a "bad person", so... Maybe it's just a matter of learning how to be nice/polite, not some matter of compromising one's principles or being "programmed" to think like everyone else (not my idea of "thinking").
  13. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    Oh, I never even looked over there; the "title" that the forum applies, based solely upon # of posts? Not high on my todo list, given that I never noticed it in the first place. (Perhaps a lesson in there?)
  14. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    I've only been around here for a week or so, so, that wasn't me - but I do look forward to not getting to know you, too.
  15. NightJanitor

    Truth or Fud? The Echo Chamber.

    You seem very well balanced and not prone at all to taking the exchange of ideas personally. Saying "Hi, I'm a sockpuppet" was also a brilliant opening move, for your credibility on the matter.