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  1. NightJanitor

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Tangent: The guy at JPM who's touting JPM coin is named "Farooq". I think that may translate, literally, as something like "redeemer". Thought it was funny...
  2. NightJanitor

    Happy Valentine's Day from JP Morgan

    Did you read that 100+ post thread in the 2 minutes since I pointed you to it? That's my "newbie" objection. We've done this. I showed you where. You don't want to read it, you want to teach us all about it. I'm tired of that ****. Don't be offended I said you're a "newbie" because you don't want to do the work; just do the work. We're already way ahead - but you insist on dragging us back, with this tired "let's have a discussion about this; I really care!" bit... Well, you know, kid, if you really cared so much, you'd go do the reading.
  3. NightJanitor

    Happy Valentine's Day from JP Morgan

    1) Anytime some newbie says "let's examine our collective biases" (apropos of me not asking), that's flag #1. 2) Anytime some newbie says, implicitly, in their opening statement, "if you don't agree you have them, whatever they may be, you must be ignorant", that's flag #2. 3) Anytime some newbie says that and then adds "if you don't agree with what I'm, you know, 'as a fellow investor', about to posit, then that's confirmation bias", that's #3. So, that's some flags on your play. Run along - and have a nice day. ETA: Now, on the off chance that you're, you know, sincere - or have just graduated from (what passes for) college (these days) - here's a forum thread - from way before JPM announced they'd birthed their own piece of doodoo - where everyone here has already weighed in and analyzed "bank" /"stable" coins:
  4. NightJanitor

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    I stole the plans for JPM's "New Idea" project - and even got hold of some of their "counter-party risk-spreader" schematics: https://smallfarmersjournal.com/rebuilding-the-new-idea-manure-spreader/
  5. NightJanitor

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Just bumping this thread - which is filled with good information from a variety of perspectives - in light of JPM's announcement, today - in the hopes that people will learn.
  6. I can confirm this as true. If the "travel availability" part of your resume says "anywhere, so long as I can personally override the will of the nation's electorate" on it, that's probably not gonna fly. San Francisco, especially, is already quite overstocked in that department and loses way too many work cycles to employees playing politics, online, on company time... Bottom line: It looks like you've got baggage you want to carry-on and are unwilling to check. (As a "big tech" shareholder, that kind of thing is costing me money, now.) I hope you'll take that in the spirit in which it's intended - and not be offended...
  7. I don't have an eidetic memory or anything, but I could swear I saw stories, not all that long ago, saying that $1mm+ was being offered to Ripple employees to defect. Must be my darned imagination, again. Oh... wait... I remember where I saw one... https://www.wsj.com/articles/blockchain-talent-wars-escalate-hindering-product-development-1527006462 And here's one with a sample size of 445 (not 2, like the CoinDesk article which really dug deep for research): https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-and-crypto-in-the-labor-market-overview-of-salaries-taxes-and-the-most-in-demand-jobs
  8. NightJanitor

    SBI Cool X Wallet

    I'm getting older... I don't like new technology all that much, for whatever (mostly curmudgeonly) reasons... but, damn - that thing looks cool. The name is a perfect fit. I hope it actually works! The bluetooth symbol scares me, a little bit, but maybe it's improved since Moses and I were in short-pants and I last looked at the spec...
  9. There are two legislative bodies in Venezuela. The one which is CONSTITUTIONAL and was fairly elected (in a non-"vote for me if you want to keep eating" / the Maduro-controlled CNE rigged it -election) is the National Assembly. Guaido is the President of the National Assembly (after the Maduro regime chased Borges, the previous President of the National Assembly out of the country). This National Assembly is the constitutional, elected body that the Maduro regime has been trying to squelch for the last few years. They couldn't constitutionally dissolve it, so they created a competing "legislative body", a farce called the National Constituent Assembly, which is not provided for in Venezuela's constitution - and crammed it full of regime cronies. I dunno what crap you've read on Twitter and decided to repeat in snark-dressed-up-as-intelligent-commentary, but you do not want to **** with me on this one.
  10. Maduro regime exerts authority over crypto-remittances and institutes "regulatory" regime to monitor, cap, and tax: https://news.bitcoin.com/venezuela-regulating-cryptocurrency-remittances/ Sounds about as legit as all of the people signing the "We Love Maduro" petitions (attached to their ration cards)...
  11. NightJanitor

    There Is No Such Thing As "Dormant Funds" In Banking

    I suspect she has some sort of degree in one of the newly created "fields"... Emotional Math, perhaps.
  12. NightJanitor

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Yup, after Davos, I kind of expected a bunch of people to go home with the "we'll build our own!" idea... It'll take them a minute to realize counterparty risks and scale issues. Hopefully they don't waste too much time/money on that. Also, you might not wanna volunteer to be on that team, if you'll take the hit when he figures out it won't work.
  13. I'm considering spinning up a validator node in the next few weeks; who do I ask for permission? (Just kidding!) These look fine, especially since they're all optional; I'm in favor of starting out small, otherwise nothing is done. (I'd love to see the Bob Way notes of old, but I'd just get distracted / start thinking way past spinning up a node.) Thanks for asking.