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  1. Greenwich meantime + Wherever you are + Whenever it happens
  2. Partnership with a capital injection in return for equity. I.e you can use our 50m dollars but in return we own a % of your company. Depends on what that % is...
  3. ********. I invested my first £1000 on the 4th Jan 2018. It got 505 xrp or summat equally as ****. I held. It lost 95% of its value. I've bought all the way down to bring my dollar cost average down. Just keep adding to your stack in small increment of what you can afford to lose and you'll soon add to your holdings. Its a marathon not a sprint!
  4. It's investment advice from someone high on ketamine.
  5. Long story short... Parked next to a lamborghini aventador on a retail park near me today. Saw the registration plate and wondered if the owner was a crypto millionaire. Googled the registration plate and pretty sure he is minted through crypto trading, his social media mentions that dragon chain is something to invest in (as well as many others including xrp). I'm not too well versed on eth tokens as I'm currently 100% xrp (as well as the ALV airdrop). What do I need to be considering if investing in anything like this? Feel free to tell me its a scam or absolute *****
  6. 'Compile more data' from a heavily loaded question in xrp's favour. Seems legit. Just post a gif of a rocket launching and have done with it!
  7. I've just verified my cb account. Thats uphold, gatehub, cb, revolut and wirex. If there's ever another fomo bull run it's going to be much much easier for new money to pour in. I first bought (fomo) at the top in January 2018 and it took me weeks to get verified and I ended up buying above market price via cryptomate.co.uk
  8. I'll just put on record that I'm out too. But not until we hit £25
  9. So you're out but only if we near enough 5x will you sell. So you're still in.
  10. I use revolut in the UK. Originally got it for my holiday to Italy last year and it was great for using abroad and transferring EUR back to GBP. Then they added crypto and xrp. They have a vault function that rounds up spend to the nearest pound and you can save that into any currency or their crypto. I top up for daily train tickets and coffee etc. and have saved quite a bit of xrp this way. Once they have a full current account offering I'm switching to them as my main bank. PS if you have no fiat in the account but there is xrp it will let you spend the
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